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The Last Piece of the Puzzle

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  1. Carol D.

    I am not at all surprised, because I have been following this sort of thing on the foods and medicines for people. People also die from the lies and lack of enforcement for the large agricultural companies and of pharmaceutical companies. Our Federal government is largely corrupt and many are in it just to gain power and make money and care nothing for the people they are elected to serve. The higher you go, the worse it is. I’ve seen very compelling reasons to believe that many of the wars that are fought are fought to make rich men richer and for them to gain power. I am an animal lover and want to do the best for my pets and my family and its darn hard when the regulatory agencies are so corrupt. Thank you for your work!

  2. Holly

    Susan, I’m exhausted just reading your article. I can only imagine how angry and frustrated you must be having to deal with this every day. It seems like the cat’s out of the bag, though. Hopefully people will take note and not buy ‘foods’ that contain adulterated ingredients. But I’m not holding my breath.

  3. Valerie

    It’s ALWAYS about the money.

    1. cathy

      but we allow them to get away with it.
      we elect these people
      we pay these people.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        I agree Cathy – that’s the difficult part of this for me. My tax dollars are going to pay the salaries of the people that do this. It’s unacceptable to me.

  4. Robin

    It isn’t just the government….well, maybe it is…….but SOME vets are complicit and it’s sickening. Last week I had a potential client contact me about a home placement. We chatted for two hours and I really thought I had opened her eyes to some of the issues with most commercial pet foods. I had already approved her to adopt when out of nowhere, she declines the adoption. Said she spoke with her vet about my stance on kibble, and her vet told her to NOT EVER adopt from anyone suggesting fresh or raw alternatives, that what I was suggesting was quite possibly illegal and definitely harmful to the pet… they MUST remain on kibble to stay healthy. Scream.

    1. Shirley

      You mean so his wallet stays healthy……sickening…so much conflict of interest in the goverment…and how these matters have been allowed to exist all this time…..they do whatever they want so long as it doesn’t cut into their “take”..!!!!

    2. T Allen

      That is so incredibly sad! Vets are not ignorant people. It just shows how big and good this propaganda machine is we are fighting. Now imagine trying to get ordinary people to stop feeding this stuff….. Especially when they can’t afford real food for themselves never mind their pets. But we’ll keep fighting and it will happen. Organic food is getting to be mainstream, someday healthy petfood will be a reality as well.

  5. darlene

    Robin, I share your frustration with vets….most are clueless regarding nutrition. They get one course on nutrition in vet school and it is taught by one of the big pet food companies. Not to mention the brainwashing of vet students by Hills and others providing free pet food , textbooks, sponsoring events etc for vet students…vets don’t stand a chance to look at this industry objectively…sad….

    1. Edith

      Susan what did Maggie eat and who made the diagnosis gor her disease?

      Darlene, The big pet food companies are not the ones that teach nutrition courses for the vet students nor do they give us free food. We get a discount on the food just like we get a discount on any other bedding or product. Those are just perks of being in the industry. By the same token, people that work in the hospitality industry get discounts on hotels, restaurants, etc. it’s no different. Classes are taught by our professors, not sponsored by any pet food company, and we do not get any free textbooks, trips, payments of student loans, etc. I do not know where you guys are getting that information but it’s frustrating to hear it time and time again when it is not true. Please stop repeating misinformation. If you have a vendetta against Hill’s and Royal Canin find other things to back uo your claims but lies.

      Your statements contradict themselves. If veterinarians just wanted to make money, and raw food was so good, they will be selling it in their offices. They do not sell it because it is absolutely horrendous for the pet health as well as posing a threat to human health

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Edith, please provide your evidence that raw pet food is “absolutely horrendous for the pet health”. If you have a vendetta against raw pet food either provide science to back up your claim or don’t bring that message here.

        What difference does it make what food Maggie ate? There are dozens and dozens of brands that contain illegal ingredients. They are illegal – its very simple. And they are illegal for a reason (I’m guessing you can figure this one out). Consumers do have a right to be angry when veterinarians recommend a food that contains illegal ingredients. Are you aware that many prescription pet foods contain these same illegal ingredients? Would you yourself recommend an illegal pet food?

        1. Tiffany

          Go get her Susan, super great reply. I feed raw and my two dogs have never been healthier (4 and 5 months old) and just love love raw food and bones. I guess they’re lucky they have me (an informed pet food provider thanks to you) vs. some low information pet parent. Sometimes it seems like an uphill battle, but I’m up for the battle and you always spur me on!

      2. darlene

        Sorry Edith if your experience was slightly different, but big pet food DOES teach nutrition, write textbooks, and give many perks to vet students ( same with pharm companies and med students). Here is a quote directly from Hill’s own website:

        Nutritional Research and Innovation

        Hill’s® employs more than 200 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists who work every day around the world to create new products and improve existing ones that will help your pet live a long, healthy and full life. Hill’s scientists author more than 50 research papers and textbook chapters each year and TEACH ( my emphasis) at leading schools of veterinary medicine all over the world so we can put our knowledge and expertise into every Hill’s® pet food for you.
        Here is the website I took this from:

        Here is another:

        And another holistic vet saying the same:

        Also, I used to deal with vet students myself and know big pet feed brainwashes vet students, esp at teaching hospitals. You are hearing this information repeated over and over because it is true…sorry…
        I will not stop repeating the truth.

        1. Robin

          Keep up the good work trying to inform people about dangerous pet food. Unfortunately most people don’t even eat healthy themselves.

      3. Ruth Thomson

        Edith, you are so sadly wrong!!! If feeding dogs a raw food diet is absolutely horrendous for a pets health, then why is my rescue dog so healthy right now, after being so sick for so long?? I did not know that I was feeding her “poison” in her food that was making her lethargic, sick & almost dying!! Thank God I found a natural foods dog food store that brought her back to excellent health, through a fresh & natural raw foods diet. We have ruined our dogs health for far too long & lost too many dogs because of unhealthy, toxic dog food & dog treats that literally contain ingredients that make them sick & kill them!!!!! Yes, kill them!!!!!

        It is ignorant & careless to say “raw food is absolutely horrendous for the pets health as well as posing a threat to human health.” So untrue in so many ways. It’s frustrating to hear it time & time again when it is not true!!! Sound familiar? It is you who is repeating misinformation & seem to have a vendetta against pet owners who have researched, tried & literally saved their pets lives. We have brought them to excellent health, by feeding them an alternative to the toxic & unhealthy kibble & poison treats that has sickened & killed them for so long!!!

        Most vets are brainwashed, just like most pet owners. They mean well, but do not research to find the best diet for their furry patients. So, talk to the many holistic & natural treatment vets who have changed their position on big name pet foods & moved over to the side of natural, healthy, fresh food to keep their patients healthy & alive & thriving!!!

        Sincerely, Ruth & Miss Kitty, our rescue dog who is still with us after 8 years & who is now healthy & happy with many more years to come!!!

        Susan, thank you for your tireless efforts on our furry childrens’ behalf. Without having seen your website, I’m afraid our Miss Kitty would not be here now & our hearts would be broken instead. It is you who first made me question what we were feeding her & that it might be what we were feeding her that was making her sick to the point of almost dying. We are forever in your debt. Keep up the amazing work you do for us all. Many, many thanks!!!

      4. Mary Marseglia

        Edith you are so wrong! I have seen what they teach veterinarians including myself getting certified as pet nutritionist back in the 90’s from Cornell University which was all taught by the PFI. Yes, they had a professor teach, but that professor was brain washed by the PFI! The WORSE foods on the planet to be feeding your poor dogs& cats! If veterinarians had any kind of brain, they would realize that a “complete” raw diet IS actually the best thing to be feeding your dogs & cats(even ferrets) and it has been around for more than 40 MILLION years. If you are a vet, I also know that many many vets get FREE food and yes, they get discounts too and the SCRIPT diets are the WORSE made on the planet! if that is even possible :)lol but it is true. If you studied our pets “true” ancestors, the gray Wolf & African Wild Cat(heck all wild cats) you would come to realize(& yes, I have studied them for 30yrs! observed wolves in the wild & sanctuary as well) that their bodies are designed as “carnivores” and when you study the anatomy, physiology & biology of dogs & cats to their true ancestors, you will see that their digestive system is identical and works identically! Their bodies “require” to live vital & healthy lives a complete raw diet made primarily from human-grade better yet grass-fed(but most people can’t afford these types of meats)herbivore/ungulate animals, not tons of freaken poultry, pork or fish. And complete means feeding them like they were “alphas” or “head” of a pride(or all the wild cats that hunt & feed alone) lean muscle meats/organ meats including liver–no more than 5%(no more than 6%)/raw fat/green tripe/raw meaty bones. And to be sure you get enough calcium in the diet, you can feed “natural” calcium of powdered egg shells. THIS IS BY FAR THE BEST DIET YOU COULD EVER FEED YOUR DOGS & CATS and they would live much longer(yes, small breed dogs & cats normal life span on raw diets & not over vaccinated/fed toxic HW pills/no toxic flea tick & mosquito products—not spayed/neutered TOO young—is actually Mid 20’s—oldest raw fed cat was 28 on record(buy my own neighbor’s cat lived to 30yrs!!!; medium to large breeds is late teens(many medium raw fed live to early 20’s); X-large breeds early to mid teens(you won’t see them live that long on Garbage dry kibble & most canned foods(they are still over cooked & loaded with synthetic vitamins/minerals) I know several breeders and some friends that lost their Mastiff & Great Dane in summer 2014 at ages 15 & 14! NEVER vaccinated ever, always on complete raw diet at weaning, never on the other poisons that vets & BigPharma Mafia push with ads.

        If you need to know how ALL dry kibble is made, I can give you the whole process and its long, but it will teach you something and know that MOST of the animals used in making Commercial Pet Foods(even some raw which those I do not recommend to people) are diseased downed animals including euthanized dogs & cats from some shelters which are NOT on the labels. I can also tell you how all canned foods are made as well and although these are not as bad, there really aren’t many that are really well made. Remember the pre-mix vitamins & minerals added 95%-98% come from China & India, which China’s pre-mixes have killed thousands of dogs & cats and make thousands more sick and of course, the FDA did jack shit about that as well.

      5. Teresa

        Wow, if raw food is horrendous for a dog’s health, we better not let the wild dogs know this…wolves, dingos, etc. If you look to nature, it tells you what a dog’s natural diet is. Wake up vets! Do they feed kibble to wolves in the zoo? No? Why not? If that is the healthiest option. Think about it.

      6. regina

        Edith, I think another reason vets want us to feed the brands they push, is because once I put my dog on a more natural diet, my vet started losing money. My dog stopped getting sick all the time, so no more vet visits to fix what was going on.

        ANYONE who knows anything about cats knows they are carnivores. Some of the cat foods vets push don’t even have meat in them. I’m sorry, but corn and soy proteins just do not provide the right kind of proteins and amino acids that they get from REAL meat.

        I think that with the wealth of information out there, vets should be able to look at info from more than one source and realize the best way to feed animals. Instead, they want to stay in business, so they keep pushing the crap foods that keep our pets sick. It is simple economics to them.

  6. Deniese Ann

    Question for Susan: I was curious to know to know with the political race coming up in November if you are a Democrat ir Repubilican?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Before I respond, can you tell me why you ask? What difference would it make what party I am registered with? (Because who I vote for could be different from my party affiliation.)

    2. Holly

      Why in the world does that matter?

      1. Pat P.

        Although I am not defending Deniese Ann’s question re Susan’s presidential choice, my main contribution to this discussion is that, generally, one political party has a much better voting record in support of animals. With some exceptions, the Democratic senators and reps have very good records, while the republican ones are abysmal.

        If you are an animal lover, I will assume that you are concerned about the voting records of your individual state senators and representatives on animal welfare issues. FYI, Each year an annual record of state senators and and reps can be located as a Humane Society list.

        Of course, if you chose to elect someone that has never been in Congress, than the list will not be as helpful, but I would think it may still be useful information.

  7. Anthony Hepton

    University research , for example the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell has research conducted on pet food and animal illnesses (Chronic Enteropathies in Dogs), but the research leader, Dr Kenneth W Simpson is on the Purina PetCare Advisory Board.The results of this research were presented at a symposium at Cornell, sponsored by, you guest it, Nestle’s Purina.
    In another instance, UC Davis School of Vet Med conducted research on endotoxins in pet food. All samples were found to be positive for endotoxins with some samples fifty times higher than others. That should have raised the question, “How high can endotoxins levels be if you go out looking for the really bad samples?”, instead, the results were not published and research results detrimental to the pet food industry were often not published.

    1. Mary Marseglia

      You are so correct! I’m so sick of the brain washing by the PFI & veterinarians who know absolutely nothing about nutrition for our pets other than the 2hrs they get taught by the PFI! And they have so called BS scientists telling people that they know “better” than NATURE! which nature shows you that our pets are actually true carnivores which thrive on a complete raw diet primarily made from herbivore/ungulate animals just like their true ancestors. And not all this poultry with arsenic in it(yes, the FDA finally told the truth behind their original lies about how 70% of human-grade poultry has arsenic in it! And other articles(not FDA) on how their skins are also “bleached”

  8. Mary Marseglia

    It’s always been about making MONEY!! They do NOT care about your pets, brain wash the public and leave it at that. There is NOT one quality commercial dry kibble on the market today and only recommend 10-12 grain-free but “as low in starches as possible” canned foods. People have to realize and start either listening to the people that have done the research or do their own, and realize that a “complete” raw diet made primarily from herbivore/ungulate animals is what your dogs & cats “require” to live a vital & healthy life to stay away from your allopathic veterinarian office. Stay away from feeding toxic poisonous Heart Worm Pills, flea tick & mosquito chemical products. Complete Raw feeding is “not” something new and has been around for 40 Million years for our pets wild ancestors; 30,000+yrs for domestic dogs & 16,000 yrs for domestic cats. Its the way God created them or if you are not a believer, the way Nature Intended. Our pets are “true” carnivores and require to be fed that way. We all have been brain washed, many of us have learned by our mistakes & would be nice if people would just stop and think. Yes, complete raw diet takes a little more time to make (or buy a high quality pre-made) from human-grade herbivore/ungulate animals instead of pouring some garbage hard pieces of highly processed, over heated, over cooked dry kibble & even most canned foods, but as long as you “don’t/haven’t” over vaccinated your animals(indoor cats shouldn’t even be vaccinated for God’s sake), etc, then you keep them out of the vet’s office and they live “vital & healthy” and years aren’t taken off their lives either. Remember early spay/neuter also causes problems to the joints, ligaments, can cause obesity and does cause some cancers as well.

  9. Terri Janson

    Very well said Mary! I homecook for my 5 dogs, going raw on occation, and have been for 3 or more years. Yes it takes time. Yes I feel better for it as I know what they are eating. The same thing I am. I try my hardest to go Organic and grow some of the ingriedients in my organic GMO free garden. I go the Holistic route for Heartworm treatment and luckily do not have trouble with fleas. If I did I would use Neem Oil and Coconut Oil on their coat as my group has suggested. I also put Organic Coconut Oil in their food. Thank you Susan for all your work and keeping us informed.

  10. Jeneane Ferguson

    Thank you Susan for bringing to light what we are not aware of. The evidence is clear and I support you 100%. I have sent letters to Governor, State Representatives, and Congressional Representatives for Illinois.

  11. Grateful

    When I first started raw feeding 4 years ago my vet was actually supportive and interested. Sadly, since then she’s been to a number of conferences run by the PFI and can only spout untruths at me about the “dangers” of raw feeding. Then with eyes glowing with pride, she speaks of Purina and the “great things” they are doing with pet food. I sighed and rolled my eyes at her.

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