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Speaking to Consumers through Pictures

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  1. John Stone

    I also think any pictured animals should ACTUALLY be eating the foods in question. You can tell when a Purina model is actually on their food…

  2. Connie Chauvel-Gomez

    what “gets me” is a client of our pet-sitting business who still feeds her precious dog BENEFUL. I have printed documentation of deaths, etc. She states money is the issue!?! There are many foods (inexpensive ones) which have not caused documented deaths! And, this person goes on vacations; yet she cannot feed her dog a decent food….!!!! I do NOT “get it”!!!

    1. Laurie Matson

      They honestly don’t believe that a pet food disaster will happen to them!! “Oh that will never happen to my dog” Then when their dog is dead they are mad and sad beyond belief!!! You can talk till your blue in the face to these people!!!

    2. Regina

      I also cannot understand how people who drive expensive cars, wear expensive clothes and/or jewelry, or as you mention, take vacations and pay a pet-sitter . . . yet they won’t spend more money on their pets’ foods???? I see parents who will buy their kids the most expensive “fashionable” athletic shoes or whatever, but still buy cheap crap for their pets.

      Is it just that they don’t love their pets as much as we do? Or are they just so ignorant of the differences in pet foods/feeds being sold today. I have tried to tell people that their pets will eat less of the “more expensive” foods, but they just can’t grasp that concept. Even after explaining it in detail, some people just don’t want to hear it! Denial is a very strong force that is keeping crappy foods in their pets’ bowls.

      1. mahoraner

        completely agree, i was at My daughters friends house and she as 5 pairs of uggs and 4 leather jackets (shes an only child) and i was in the kitchen and saw the food bowl, the food shape is beneful!

  3. Teresa Reid

    Think that the photos are MORE misleading than the words because of the simple fact that the majority of people who buy pet food are too busy, rushed, distracted, etc., to stand there and read pet food labels. Not until one of their beloved pets dies from being on one of those horrible foods. So, they see a photo of a delicious human steak and scoop it up and don’t think about it another minute.

    Most of us love our pets like we love our other family members – maybe even more. So, why shouldn’t we read the label and find out what exactly is in it? Most people will say because “I saw the photo and it looked great.” They don’t realize that it is not human grade like is shown on the front package. Same thing with human grade “hot dogs”. Every time I think about those big vats with that sludge being stirred around in them, it makes me want to hurl. Then you see people giving their KIDS that at a sports event, etc., GROSS!!!!! The point is that so many people just don’t have time or want to read labels about anything. They solely rely on the photos and then in their denial, tell themselves that it IS that thing they saw on the front package that they and their animals are ingesting. Maybe it’s just plain laziness that they don’t investigate further. One thing is for sure though, when there is a recall or their pet gets seriously ill or dies, you can bet they read the labels then but sadly it is too late. Those pets have to suffer because of that.

    Whatever the reason, it is so wrong to put those photos on the package. Hope you, Susan, get to discuss this at the next meeting in August despite them telling you “no.” If there is a way to bring it up, know you will take that opportunity AND GO FOR IT!!! Those stupid laws permitting those false advertising photos should be stopped NOW.

    Thank you for all the tireless work you do every day to keep our pets safe and healthy. You are such a hero to all. God bless.

  4. Pat P.

    The deceptive pictures on pet foods is VERY significant. As has been stated, many people, inexcusably, don’t bother to read ingredients or do any research, at all, into what foods their pets are consuming. Some are lazy, some are ignorant, some are gullible, some just don’t care. Whatever the excuse is for many, it is so tragic. Pets are dying, sometimes slowly, sometimes acutely, because of so much garbage.
    While in the grocery store, last night, I saw a women purchasing a huge bag of really cheap cat food, with the delicious meal pictures on it. It disturbed me considerably, especially, since I know that anything I could have said would go on deaf ears or be consider NOMB. She was in a big hurry, which everybody seems to be, nowadays, (to an absurd degree) too much of one to consider the health of her pet–or, often times, her own.
    What bothers me even more, though, is the people that complain about the price of the crap they feed them. Granted many are overpriced (more than they realize), but for some people, it seems even a few dollars is too much to spend on their animals. I watch and talk to people in pet food stores, and are amazed at the concern often voiced for the, even minimal, expense on their supposed beloved pets. Oh well, that is another issue.
    Of course, these large corps. know the habits of their customers and depend on them to fulfill their profit goals. Sadly, it seems to be working really well with most.
    I guess, Susan, all you can do is keep trying to get through to these thugs. I realize their reason for not wanting to discuss the pictures in the meeting, but how do they justify being so adamant about not doing so? Are Dr. Becker and Dr. Alinovi regulars now, or anyone else? Maybe all of you could broach the topic, with urgency, at once. Attack those monsters!! Those food pictures should not be allowed, especially since the real McCoy’s have to jump through hoops to obtain permission for a written claim. It is really criminal for this to continue.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Dr. Alinovi is a regular at AAFCO now – this will be Dr. Becker’s first meeting and we have another holistic vet coming (her first too) Dr. Judy Morgan. I am going to beg and plead to try to convince them to come back – each meeting. Fingers crossed. The FDA has agreed to meet with us privately and I’ve asked for the chairs of the Pet Food Committee to attend this meeting too. So…the best we can do is share with them our concerns and hope they will listen.

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