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Smallbatch Pets Inc. Voluntarily Recalls Frozen Dog Duckbatch Sliders

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  1. david vogel

    We are terribly sorry to inform you that we are voluntarily recalling one lot of our frozen dog duck batch sliders with the expiration date of 01/27/17 for potential risk of salmonella and listeria. Regarding the lot in question, no illnesses have been reported in either people or their pets. If you have a bag of dog duck sliders with the sell by date of 1/27/17 please discard the product properly and contact us directly or the store where you purchased the product for a full refund. At smallbatch, the health and well being or you and your pets are our greatest concern.  We will always work to provide safe, quality products and speak openly and honestly about them.  If you have concerns or questions, please reach out to us at    We will be updating our website and social media with answers to frequently asked questions about this issue in the coming days. 

    When handling raw foods always wash your hands with soap and warm water afterwards. Always wash the surfaces that come into contact with the raw food such as bowls and utensils with soap and warm water as well.  Feed your pets on surfaces that can be cleaned well.  Also, always wash your hands with soap and warm water when cleaning up after your pet’s waste. Again, no illnesses have been reported regarding our affected product however, these are precautions we always urge our customers to take when handling raw foods. Additionally, no human cases of salmonellosis or listeriosis have ever been found in connection to handling raw pet food. 

    Over the past 12 years, we have been asked what measures we take to protect against recalls.  Our answer is two-fold.  To begin, we use only the highest quality, USDA inspected materials.  We never use mechanically separated meats where bacteria risks are inherently greater.  Secondly, we operate under the strict guidance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures (SSOPs), and a Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points program (HACCP).  These are the top of the industry standards where it comes to pet food manufacturing.  Despite these standards, recalls happen.  Recalls have happened to nearly every quality manufacturer of raw pet foods, some multiple times. We source the highest quality available ingredients from USDA inspected farms and ranches, the raw materials may contain “acceptable levels” of pathogens.  These “acceptable levels” are established for food for human handling and consumption meaning the food you buy to prepare and eat yourself can have more salmonella than the food you buy for your pets.  Once the ingredients cross over into pet food under the FDA’s jurisdiction the acceptable levels change to zero tolerance.  Zero tolerance is nice in theory, but effectively impossible in practice.  Many manufacturers have implemented HPP steps in order to help reduce the occurrence of salmonella or listeria in finished products, but we have seen through recent recalls that this isn’t a guaranteed solution.  

    As the raw food market has grown and matured, so has the scrutiny and testing for pathogens. Starting immediately, we will ramp up testing on our raw materials, finished products, and processing environment in an effort to produce an even better and safer smallbatch pet food product.  We will continue to adopt interventions and technologies to prevent the possibility of pathogens being found in our products.  We will continue to source only the highest quality ingredients available to us like we always have done. The lesson here is no matter how great our sources and no matter how much we test the presence of microbes in raw meat products is inevitable. We will do everything in our power to keep delivering a well sourced and well made food for your pets. Thank you for your continued support. 


    David, Michael and Diana
    smallbatch pets inc.
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