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  1. Casey

    Safe to say that Purina likes to play dirty. It’s all about the $$$, everything else be damned.

  2. Ann

    Here is the supposed skinny on all this…(from BB rep meeting and business speculator). BB named Purina’s President as new CEO that was end of last year, news release didn’t name him as former Purina, but as Purina???
    Over the past 3 months has been rumors of BB going on auction block by summer. Then SD did lawsuit, now Purina…this is devaluing a company before a sale. Leave the rest up to you….

  3. Craig

    And then there’s another angle, published in the Trades, that the Motley Fool is reporting a rumor that Blue Buffalo is preparing for an IPO.

    Whatever the truth turns out to be, it will be an interesting circus to follow.

  4. Angela Himmeroder

    The pot calling the kettle black! Purina is one of the WORST foods on the market. They should be ashamed to even call themselves a ‘pet food’, more like garbage in a bag

  5. Debbie Daniel

    It IS true and BB has filed a counter lawsuit.

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