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Response from White House

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  1. Dr. Laurie Coger

    Looks like a form letter to me…what does that say about the responsiveness of our government?

    1. Mari Whitmer

      You are right about that. Can you say FORM LETTER!

      1. Sirena

        I agree that sounds like a form letter. It would have been better to not respond at all, IMO.

  2. cherie holverson

    Our president doesn’t know how to make a decision concerning anything in our country. Very sad!!

  3. Lucy K

    How sad. I seriously doubt the President even saw your original letter. Just a typical form letter reply.

  4. Dalmom

    All that is, is a political propaganda of nonsense! Not only does it not address your concerns, but basically, like a typical politician, it states nothing too! Really sad that idiots like this run our government…and I’m not singling out the president, even his assistants are lacking in intelligence!

  5. Connie Collum

    It’s just a form letter. No reply would have been better.

  6. SJC

    I guess it would be better to focus on whoever has congressional oversight of the FDA??? Might be easier to get to. But you’ve probably already done that as well.

  7. Marsha

    Maybe we should all copy that FORM LETTER and send it back asking for a response to the letter that was sent by Susan. Where in the world does it say anything about DOG FOOD or TREATS? NO WHERE!!!!!! And ask if the President even saw the letter.

  8. Debi

    How nicely and formally can he/they say, “We don’t give a damn”? We are poisoning the people of the U.S. with our G.M.O.’s, water and flouride, why the heck should we care about what goes on with your pets?

    1. jb


  9. Concerned

    I’m kind of glad the USDA approved China to process and return America’s chicken. When humans get sick (or even die) from the chicken processed in China, people will pay attention, listen, and make drastic changes. Unfortunately, animals for many people are not considered as important. I doubt all these voluntary recalls for salmonella are in the best interest of our pets rather than the worry that a human will get sick.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      One of the huge problems is that I am hearing one of the first places this chicken will go is school lunch programs. Children will be the test subjects.

  10. Pacific Sun

    From Food, Inc. (a documentary) I can tell you the chicken production industry has always been suspect with me. One of the things that originally kicked chicken production into high gear was the introduction of the Fast Food industry including KFC and McDonalds and all those to follow. Those kinds of companies created such a huge and instantaneous demand for poultry, that the industry found ways to “fast track” the entire agribusiness, including slaughtering chickens not even reaching natural (or normal) maturity. Obviously by force feeding them chemically enhanced nutrition and using growth stimulants. The last straw for me, was in the packaging of poultry, by pumping up the product (to increase weight, and therefore profit) with liquids. I am gluten sensitive, so any type of water based starchy solution (or thickening agent) that is not declared, seriously affects me. When I (used to) eat certain brands of chicken I got very sick within a short period of time. Then I found certain brands of chicken weren’t even agreeing with one of my dogs either. Now I buy only organic (Coleman’s) from Costco which is compatible with our diets. I think it is a travesty that a very normal and fundamental protein source such as chicken has been so exaggerated by the industry. And it is very interesting (perhaps even coincidental) that as the FDA has begun to approve the import of chicken from China, certain companies such as Foster Farms of California (and Purdue) farms are trying to “distinguish” their product by claiming the chickens are “humane certified” (whatever that means!) and have “no artificial additives” (whatever that means!). And yet, you can bet your bottom dollar these chickens are being fed the kind of diets to protect them from contagious diseases and other problems the result of mega-production practices. Otherwise they would never survive. Frankly I think the Pledge to Quality and Origin ought to apply to human grade food just as much as it should to pet food!!! Manufacturers have a right to do what they want to their products – but consumers have an even bigger right to know exactly what it is they are doing. To then be able to make informed choices!!!!

  11. Tammy Baugh

    Susan that to me is sad. You ask a direct question full of love for the pets most all of us have, and just get some paper that has off the wall BS in it as a response. How like a politician our own President is. I say I doubt very much if our own President cares an iota about any one of or our beloved pets. Why don’t you email the same basic letter to an organization called PETA? If there were a petition going around (the internet would be an excellent place to start) then I bet a lot of people would sign it and changes would begin to be made. AS it is nothing positive is going to get done as long as those who don’t care are getting and then ignoring your very important message(s). Good luck! And if I get an invite to sign a petition like this I sure will and pass it on and on and on!

  12. Michele

    what a joke!! but typical… and sad… but I guess when you’re the president you don’t have to care about “other peoples pets” because your pets are fed petfood prepared by chef’s, daily… I bet his dogs eat more grade A meat than my family does.

  13. Michael Jones

    No one I hope actually believes that a letter like this gets read by the President. It’s a staffer response and a low level staffer to boot. What needs to be done is use a simple vote form, send it to all on this web list, have them vote and have the forms sent to the various Reps and Senators. There must be 150 million pet owners in this country and if enough signed the petition there might be a positive response. Quit blaming the President for every little thing. The Congress provides funding and right now if they have their way you will have less involvement of the USG in any regulations in food or anything else. The more mass you have behind a cause the easier to persuade.

  14. Interested Pet Owner

    This isn’t the place to spout politics necessarily. However, since the subject does have to do with a WH form letter and guess-timating the effectiveness of the President regarding the cause of PF safety, I think it’s pretty evident by what’s already going on in Congress and the Senate right now, that we’re not exactly seeing independent, decisive “action” from the top down. In fact, whatever one’s personal persuasion towards involvement or none happens to be, divesting one’s self of immediate responsibility (regardless of it’s popularity or public opinion) suggests ambiguity and waffling to curious observers. No, I was never particularly fond of the previous administration, and disagree with inappropriate conflict. But I do have to give credit where due, that at least a decision was made, and that decision held solid, and all the responsibility (whether favorable or not) was shouldered (and never apologized for) by the Leader of the Country at that time. What we need now for “our” own PF Advocacy cause is a passion for the truth, a demand for transparency, adhering to unwavering principle, and the tenancity to keep pushing against impossible obstacles in order to be successful!! So, do we see much of that happening in Government today?? Talk is cheap.

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