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Request Sent to FDA for Public Meeting with Pet Owners

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  1. Karen Jones

    Yay Susan…good for you. Thanks for doing this for all of us pet owners!

  2. Teresa Johnson

    As much as I hate traveling to/through DC I would love to come to this. Hope they accept the invitation (and challenge) of meeting consumers face to face!!

  3. Diane Timmons

    Susan, Thanks so much for doing this. Will they agree to the meeting – I have my doubts but, can only hope.

  4. Dianne & Pets

    is there a senator or congressman who could also attend who can make sure the FDA shows up?

  5. samiswan

    I hope they respond promptly. I wonder if the idea of being televised will spook them? It seems that this particular agency prefers to act in private, where they can’t be held accountable. Doesn’t it seem that they’ve forgotten that their purpose is to PROTECT the PUBLIC, not to enable corporate crime?

    As always, thanks for everything you do, Susan, and for keeping us informed.

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