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Reality Check

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  1. joan

    Yuk. How Awful. I refuse to feed my babies that crap.

  2. Patti

    We continue to post these findings on our pet wash bulletin board and work to educate our clients. Thanks for all the great info. It really helps us target and blog about these things. Hooray for you to report all this.

  3. Hanna

    This is such a disgrace. I feed my little dog only food you approve of. Your “LIST” is a blessing and well worth the $10.00. Thank you for all you do for the welfare of our pets

  4. kris

    that is why i feed and have fed raw for 10+ years..

    1. Connie

      Good for YOU!!!
      As a breeder in Canada, of the Spinone Italiano, I can ONLY say positive things about the raw diet!! With what I have seen before when using bagged dog food to now the raw diet, it has made a tremendous different to my dogs and LITTERS!
      I hear it all the time when I talk to people about them just losing their companion, crying because their dog just died of cancer and other ailments, When will they realize it is because of the crap they put inside the dogs body that THE ARE NOT MEANT TO EAT!!

  5. Peter

    Cooked. Then dried & ground into a powder. Then cooked again. No, I am comfortable with taking the position that much “bulk pet food manufacturing” is bad.

  6. Dr. Laurie Coger

    Food should not come in a dump truck, that seems pretty obvious! Wonder how many bugs and such are included as it looks pretty open to the world…

    Many thanks to whoever provided this photo — seeing is believing.

  7. K.Tanabe DVM

    I have already shared this information with readers of As Dr.Laurie Coger states, any foodstuff or ingredient should not be treated in this way, I mean under unsanitary conditions. Many pet owners in our country will be shocked by this unquestionable evidence. Let’s work together to expose misdeeds in pet food industry. Beloved pets in our country are for the remarkable work of Susan and her supporters.

  8. […] Do you know what this is a picture of?  Take a guess.  Hint:  it has something to do with pet food.  One picture is worth a thousand words.  No judgment, just reality. This is in your pets food […]

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