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Radagast Pet Food voluntarily expands recall

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  1. spinrah

    I have been feeding from these lots of food for the past several months with no issues. I appreciate Rad Cat being transparent. They are still a great company in my books and I will continue to purchase from them. Plus their food has been a life saver for my cat with kidney disease.

    1. DK

      i agree with you spinrah!!! A cat’s digestive system is very acidic for bacteria to survive. I believe this is big government FDA looking for any and all avenues to curtail the raw pet food industry.

  2. TheresaK

    I used to love this cat food, until my cat contracted listeria from contaminated Free Range Chicken. Not only did my cat become seriously ill, Rad Cat is seriously downgrading the risk. Listeria is related to salmonella and everyone in the household is at risk (people and pets). It’s a significant threat to the very young and elderly (my cat is 14 years old and also has kidney disease). And, it’s a nightmare project to make a home listeria-free again. Rad Cat claims, “there have been no reported illnesses in people or pets,” which is untrue. I reported the illness and provided proof of purchase/return and vet records in July 2018. They punted me to their insurance agency with little more than an apology. I posted messages to RadCat on their Facebook page and answered questions of concerned pet owners. They promptly deleted my comments and blocked my ability to post on their page. And, I’m guessing I’m not the first person they’ve done this to. This company is not being transparent, they’re being misleading and putting profit before pet and pet owner safety.

  3. Lesa

    10/15/18 – from a local pet store in St. Louis, MO

    All of us here at Rad Cat are saddened to announce we have had to make a business decision to stop production and close our company. As you know, we have recently had a very large recall, on the heels of another recall. No, FDA did not shut us down. The expenses of this event, along with slow reimbursement from insurance and some distributors withholding thousands of dollars in payments, have made it economically impossible for us to continue…for that we are very sorry and we promise we tried our best. We know that this event will be shocking to everyone. There is nothing like our products and we feel this loss deeply – for ourselves and for the kitties that may struggle to find something else

  4. Peg

    You all should go to the website and read Theresa’s blig about CO Dept of Ag and the FDA
    Their behavior is beyond criminal.
    There must be some way to hold them accountable
    Is this the big PFI afraid of a little competition from raw food manufacturers?
    Raw food as opposed to crap in a bag feed?!

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