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Purina Says “Nonsense” to Bacon

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  1. Gitta

    I think only an onslaught of similar law suits will force change. Hell is going to freeze over before laws are going to protect pet parents from deceptive marketing aka lies.

  2. D

    I am sure Purina will contend the dog is saying Beggin not bacon and the ingredients are clearly listed. They will get away with the deceptive advertising.

  3. Regina

    I have a friend who, despite being of a Jewish family, well, he LOVES bacon. We quote this commercial in jest, because he is such a fan of bacon! That commercial is clearly about BACON!!!!!!!!!

    Of course, neither of us would feed our pets anything by purina, but we just amuse ourselves about the silly commercial.

    This right here is a prime example of “UN-Truth in Advertising”

    Just when you think they can’t go any lower, purina proves you wrong. Ugh.

    I’m just waiting for the day the entire company, all the marketers and especially lawyers, all have their trousers burst into flames.

  4. Debra

    Headline: “Consumers say it is “nonsense” to believe that Purina would actually put real meat in any of their products.”

  5. Jill Copenhagen-Greenan

    Honestly, if you haven’t learned to read the actual ingredients which I admit are not so plain as they might be, let that be a lesson to you. Very little if anything that is good for you or your dog isadvertised

  6. James Wallace

    It says on the front of the bag “bacon and beef flavors” and “made with real bacon”, Bacon is the 8th ingredient. No where does it say made with 100% bacon. So if you would buy it thinking that, would you buy orange soda thinking that it was made with 100% oranges?

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