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OC RAW DOG Voluntarily Recalls Limited Number of Raw Frozen Dog Food

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  1. mina

    Hi, I want to ask someone to help me, I have a cat, he loves weruva pumpkin licking chickens, it called cats in the chicken, he ate that for 5 months, I don’t know why he started vomited after eating these foods, it’s happened about one months ago. When I stopped feeding weruva foods then no problems at all, when I gave him home foods that I cooked for him then no vomited. Yesterday, we tried again with weruva for breakfast he did vomited again immediately after eating his meal. Is there something wrong with the foods, any recalls happens now that I don’t know. My husband very upset and we agreed that we should stop feeding commercial foods from now. I don’t know what to do, it’s hard to find grains free without carrageenan, and chemicals in Australia. I don’t like wellness canned foods it made my cat vomited a lots last year. Is weruva a quality human grade foods as they told us on their labels, I did email the company about the problems but the company didn’t responded. Now I can’t trust any of commercial cats foods anymore, whatever they said it’s all about selling and making profits, now I feel very sick when I walk in the pet stores and look all the pet foods I felt sick and tired. It’s boring with all the toxic foods that killing yours pets everyday. It’s better not put it in the mouth. We stopped feeding all pets foods from now.

    1. Lisa


      Weruva uses human grade meat in their products. Your cat may have a food sensitivity or intolerance to a specific ingredient. Some cats are sensitive to gums in canned foods, e.g., guar or xanthan gum, locust bean gum, cassia gum. These are thickerners that can cause digestive upset in some cats and dogs.

      If you are home cooking meats for your cat it is critical that you supplement the meals properly with a premix for home cooked meals for cats or a properly researched recipe with the individual supplements added.

      This is not a choice – it is a necessity. Unbalanced meals can lead to serious problems, e.g., blindness due to the lack of taurine, an essential amino acid cats must have in their diet, as well as other important nutrients.

      You can investigate commercially prepared raw food diets or gum free canned diets, (Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore or Nature’s Variety Instinct) if these are available to you in Australia.

      One site that may be helpful:, written by a vet who specializes in feline nutrition.

    2. Christine

      Check out for great home prepared diet instructions from a veterinarian

    3. Sage

      Hi Mina

      I’ve been feeding various Weruva and Soulistic* foods for years and none of my many cats have ever gotten sick from them.

      *Soulistic is made by Weruva and sold at Petco in the US. Weruva and Cats in the Kitchen is at specialty stores.

      I agree with Lisa that your cat may have a food allergy to something in the Pumpkin Lickin Chicken OR possibly something is WRONG with the batches currently stocked where you shop. Definitely don’t feed it anymore AND contact Weruva to let them know about this.

      The US number for Weruva (and Soulistic) is 800-776-5262.
      Weruva is owned by David and Stacey Forman and alternately you can email
      I’m sure they would like to know about your cat and especially which of their foods is causing a problem. If not too late, SAVE a can or pouch with mfg code and expiration date.

      I also make and feed a variation of TC Feline’s Raw formula and they have other recipes plus a variation where just the meat is cooked

      Dr. Lisa Pierson at the referenced has lots of information plus directions for her raw formula which is quite similar to TC Feline.

      I hope your cat is much better!

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