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OC Raw Dog Recalls Turkey & Produce Raw Frozen Canine Formulation

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  1. Hope Williams

    Hello HPP! Many raw food companies vow to never use High Pressure Pastuerization but have to wind up adding it to their manufacturing process to please the regulators. And I’m always skeptical of who sits on the regulatory agency boards such as folks from BIG, and crappy, pet food. Such a shame.

  2. Christine

    You’ve got that right. It’s so telling that there were tons of complaints about Beneful and no follow up testing was mandated, yet one customer complaint about Primal Raw food and they jump on that…

    1. Cheryl Mallon-Bond

      Yea! How can we believe that the FDA is doing the right thing by our pet’s, when their actions speak louder than words!!!! How many sick & dead dogs over Beneful & even w/ a ton of complaints, they wait & wait on investigating & pulling the “food” from store shelves, yet Primal gets one complaint & they are on them like white on rice! Seems to me they are “in bed” w/ the big manufactures. Furthermore, Primal is much more of an ethical co & cares about a potential issue & doesn’t let an issue fester. Big pet food co’s do NOT care about our pet’s, they pretend to….but all they care about is the Almighty dollar!!!! If they took a meager % of what they spend in “fluff” advertisment, & spent it on quality ingredients & quality control they would have a much better product. They can run…but they cannot hide, because Susan Thixton & all of us, mad as hell consumers will be right behind, exposing the TRUTH ABOUT PET “FOOD”!!!!!!!!!

  3. Susan Thixton Author

    What I found concerning with this recall notice is the sentence “This recall is a result of a routine sampling program by the Nebraska Department of Food and Agriculture which revealed a presumptive positive to Salmonella.” I will be sending questions for an explanation of “a presumptive positive”. It is unclear to me how a presumption of Salmonella could result in a recall.

    1. Dr Amy

      I also wondered about that phrase “presumptive positive.” Most of the Salmonella screening tests are PCR and do NOT distinguish between live and dead bacteria OR strains of Salmonella bacteria. NOT all strains of Salmonella cause illness in dogs, and there are over 2,000 strains of Salmonella. Salmonella illnesses in people occur from raw fruit and vegetables as well as undercooked meat. God forbid if the government starts prohibiting sale of raw fruits and vegetables! My dogs are fed raw. HPP is not raw. Dr Amy, Veterinarian

      1. AD

        Not all salmonella screening tests are PCR, there are also antibody based lateral flow and ELISA tests being used, as well as NEAR technology for screening. Referring to the test result as “presumptive positive” just means they have not yet completed confirmation testing. You’re correct in stating that not all strains of Salmonella cause illness in dogs, but humans handle the food. Pet food is theoretically supposed to have a zero tolerance for any Salmonella, and that’s all down to the human contact issue. We live in a litigious society, and companies want to avoid lawsuits. Unfortunately that means most of them, and regulators like FDA/USDA are going with the assumption that the average person is not smart enough to wash their hands or food contact surfaces after handling raw meat. Dry kibble, like Beneful, gets tested for Salmonella as well, but the extrusion process at high temperature acts as a kill step, so the likelihood of finding it in a bag of kibble is statistically much smaller than it is in raw foods – be they meat or vegetable.

  4. Peg

    If I understand it correctly, a presumptive positive for salmonella indicates the presence of salmonella.
    If that occurs, there should be a confirmation charge in which a 50 g minimum sample should be tested.

    Really gets my goat too that all is fine with pretty bag Beneful, but anything raw gets raked over the coals

  5. Josh

    Dry food actually has had more and larger salmonella recalls than any raw food recently.

    When Diamond had a salmonella recall a couple of years back it affected dozens of brands and thousands of tons of pet food. I consider kibble to have just as much risk of salmonella or more than any raw food.

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