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Not true Hill’s Science Diet

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  1. Regina

    Susan, I would LOVE to see what kind of response you would get from Hill’s if you confront them on their misinformation.

    I’m just sitting here shaking my head. I can’t believe these folks are allowed to say such ridiculous things!

  2. Chris Javier

    Yes would love to see what SH has to say about this. Thank you Susan.

  3. deeann

    If you notice on all of Hills packaging it does not say for all life stages. It is specific for nutrition for puppy, kitten, Adult and Senior. One big brand that is all life stages is Natural Balance.

  4. Amy

    I love it! The various departments of agriculture scrutinize the “trouble maker” pet food companies and their websites. Now, you are scrutinizing the “in-crowd.” Touche!!

  5. FurkidParent

    I am SO glad I have a vet that is educated in nutrition for cats and dogs. I “graduated” from canned (NOT the RX junk) to raw a few years ago.

  6. Rochambeau

    Could you please give me a link to the page you referenced?

  7. Reader

    I agree, websites are a total sham. Because they’re no legal liability, it’s a free for all.

    So real questions instead:

    From the bag itself, the product says “therapeutic dog nutrition.” (Webster’s definition of Therapeutic is “relating to the healing of disease.” Also, “a treatment, therapy, or drug.”

    From the same bag it says, “AAFCO Statement: Use only as directed by your veterinarian. Animal feeding tests using AAFCO procedures substantiate that Prescription Diet z/d Canine provides complete and balanced nutrition for maintenance of adult dogs.”

    QUESTION: How do I interpret the above statement? And if it is a violation, what’s the best thing to do?

    And just for contrast, from another non-prescription brand, is this statement: “[This brand] dog food is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO Dog Food Nutrient Profiles for all life-stages including growth of large dog size dogs (70 lbs. or more as an adult.”

    QUESTION: What feeding trials are they referring to, and under whose authority?

    _ _ _ _
    p.s. – I know enough to feed pure human edible, whole pieces, of chicken and beef. Adding one of the above products, is used as a binder. I also rotate the diet by feeding Vital Essentials raw.

  8. Judy

    Is this fake news from Hills ????

  9. Eve

    Susan have you thought of exposing the pet food industry on media night talk shows, like we have here in Sydney Australia: ACA Current Affair, 4 Corners, Landline and 60 Minutes. This will grab a larger more direct target of pet owners who sit down during or after dinner ‘with their pet/s-who would have too just been fed, and will see the truth exposed. Have you thought about ELLEN Show or Oprah? I believe these Pet Food Industries will only change once exposed on National TV. What A Great Idea 🙂

    1. Reader

      Unfortunately in this Country there’s a crisis of “truth telling” (and conscience).

      Meaning an absence of it!. There has been 10 years of history regarding this issue of deceit in the pet food industry (PFI) and no one (except Susan) has been willing to raise awareness. And push for reform. Regarding “Show Business” and “Celebrities” they already understand who sponsors what. Pet Food business is rolled up under a mega-corporation umbrella. And if celebrities want work (and sponsorship), then they need to stay in check.

      Right now, if the laws of the land, aren’t being enforced (also for other reasons) meaning corruption sinks down to the lower levels. Everything (whether for profit or motive) is self-serving. Gone is true investigative journalism, for its sale alone. Everyone is much too self-interested.

      It will take awareness and a movement by the people (consumers) to change anything. But education (as demonstrated here, on this site) is the key! Don’t give up. And keep spreading the word. For the pets, who have no voice.

  10. Chris Sollers

    I don’t like their products and now I don’t like their advertising.

  11. Trouble

    Heh. Hill’s. They crack me up, they really do. They cracked me up when I went to a ‘conference’ of sorts, hosted by Hill’s when I worked for a different company with in the pet industry (I was a dog trainer at….a place of business that may or may not sell products for pet owners and such….) and one or two specific employees from each establishment within the district I was in was invited to this ‘conference’ where we would get to learn about… guess what? Pet food. The truth. The real deal. I think I was really the only one either brave enough to confront the Hill’s employees with what I knew was the truth, confront them on their lies and their total BS…or I was the only one with the knowledge to do so. Both of those make me really quite sad, to be honest. It was sad even then, being the only one to…hmm…fight the good fight, despite the fact that everyone sitting in that room with me at the time (give or take about…20 people, not including the 3-4 Hill’s employees) claimed to want the best for pet owners and their pets, claimed to want to know the truth, and share that truth with pet owners. It was fun watching Hill’s squirm and wince under scrutiny… having to find ways of dodging, avoiding, or stealthy answering-but-not-answering my questions, because all eyes were on them, all ears were tuning in to what they had to say. It was fun for me a bit, I did enjoy making them squirm. 🙂 I despise Hill’s with a fiery passion, because they are one of the worst out there. Why? Because they’ve contaminated the one place, the one source that a lot of pet owners seek out when they need help, when they have questions, concerns, when they turn to someone who they think has their pet’s best interest and health/well-being at heart…… their veterinarian. I can’t even count how many times I’ve had people – just people I’ve helped, or….friends, family, loved ones, etc. – tell me, “it’s a food my vet recommended!” which I follow up with, “Oh…. is it possibly Science Diet? Or Hill’s Prescription Diet such as I/D? Or W/D?” And they’ll say, “Ohh yeah, it is!! The vet highly recommended it!” …Of course they did. Heh. I hate it so much. A friend of mine had to recently say goodbye to his white highland terrier…. she had been on a Prescription Diet food, I believe.. for all of her life. Allergies or some sort of ailment that required a very strict diet…..she died somewhere between 11 yrs – 13 yrs… because of a huge tumor on the lining of her stomach. And I’m fairly sure the food was specifically for some issue or ailment relating to her stomach/digestive tract… So, coincidence? I’m not buying it. It makes me so sad when things like that happen. And HIll’s….they go to bed every night with their pockets padded, feeling good about themselves. I wonder sometimes if they simply tell themselves, “Well at least we’re giving pets food to eat… at least thye’re not living off garbage, or not having any food at all…” I would rather give my dog the garbage… than the s@*$ that they put into their bags and cans that sit on store shelves.

    That conference I went to was one I’ll never forget. I learned a lot about the company….and how far they’ll happily stretch the truth, or stretch outright lies…in order to make sales. Hill’s can quite frankly stick it where the sun doesn’t shine. 🙂

    1. Reader

      Disclaimer. I’m not a defender of Science OTC. But I know from experience Hill’s Prescription has a purpose. Anytime a comment is made here with such vehement emotion, there’s motive afoot. Fake news (information) is rampant right now, which isn’t substantiated by facts, does originate from anonymous and vague sources (feelings). It’s opinion on steroids, often passed around so many times, its widest dissemination just seems to validate it alone.

      1. Clients automatically assume a PF suggested by a Vet is best or better, frankly because it’s “easier” to ask than to figure it out for themselves. But owners have a responsibility to do just that. Meaning research!! They should know corn is not an optimal ingredient (even for people!). So why would they pay double to a Vet Office for a product using corn as a number one ingredient? Who’s at fault; it doesn’t make sense. What should the Vet office be “selling” instead. People reading TAPF can’t even figure it out, in terms of a commercial product. I refer them to the 2017 List all_the_time! But optimal is pretty darn specific. And pricey. And volume accessibility can also be an issue. Vet Offices find convenience and compatibility by “mainstreaming” certain offerings.

      2. The answer is, Vets do not have time or bandwidth to research PF products, particularly as Susan has. Much less to carry products that will serve every interest! Give me a break. Yes, they should always encourage whole foods, home cooked, raw, and refer clients to educational services (TAPF). (Mine does). But Vets spend THEIR time reviewing research/studies/treatments to help cure illness. Their job isn’t to make your pet “better” than it ever was. Just to bring him back to his normal. Sounds harsh. But if Vets don’t specialize in medicine, then they don’t progress in their field. And benefit your pet, in that way!

      3. Vets deal in science, proven studies, etc.. That’s how they apply recovery treatments. What works, or doesn’t, through the numbers / percentages / experience. Hills offers nutritional consults to Vets. Their formulas DO NOT cure. They support healing, recovery, or temporarily stabilize a pet. It isn’t the product, it’s how it’s used. in a relative fashion. As in, better than encouraging the use of Purina, Beneful or Ol’Roy’s for example. Or any other “wild card” diet with which the Vet isn’t familiar. The use of which, will only complicate an overall treatment program, and possibly lead to another ailment or setback.

      4. Clients who accept Science diet (based ONLY on the Vet Office selling it) are lazy! They’re going to find an OTC product somewhere. Why they can’t get to an Independent Pet Supply dealer for more information and a wider choice, I don’t know. But they don’t. Before the internet, over 18 years ago, I had NO knowledge in PF diet nutrition. But in conjunction with my breeder, I was primed to learn even more, and I did, through my IPS dealer! So by the time TAPF came out, I was ready! And haven’t stopped.

      5. In this day and age, with a wealth of information available at people’s fingertips, frankly there’s no excuse for any pet owner not being informed. How many times is TAPF just recommended, and yet it’s ignored. Generally they don’t care (or believe it) until a pet health crisis arises. So don’t blame Vets (alone) for having settled on a brand, that offers supportive services, in conjunction with their own oversight. No, and Science should not be a singular, life-time diet. Hellow! Actually no commercial diet should be But don’t blame Vets over owners. I know the kind of people with whom they deal. They want assurance, convenience and relative value.

      6. So you attended a Meet & Greet on their “dime” (or your employer’s). And proceeded to make them squirm. How lovely. How did you exchange facts and independent studies, or was it just by anecdotes. Did they refuse to document claims. If it was only a “meet & greet” – why would the company spend their money convincing you (in particular) they were ONLY telling lies and wanted to make sales. Seems like a poor business model to me. I know (for a fact) a bit more is offered to professionals (Veterinarians) when they attend. Although “any” scientific paper (of course) can be self-serving (in human or pet medicine).

      7. For the record, are different feeding formats. Whole food, human edible ingredients, raw, dehydrated, convenience (kibble and canned) and feed grade. The only pet food that can be measured in terms of balanced and appropriate nutrients (for the pet’s condition) and for the purpose of other analysis, is the specific brand with which Vets has chosen to work. They try to eliminate all other potential variables.

      1. Regina

        There have been a number of times I have posted comments very critical of vets on this site. The reason is, I deal with people who are told things by their vets that make me want to blow my stack.

        So many vets just push the Science Diet, and the RX foods, when if they really cared, they would NEVER recommend such awful feed. There are SOME vets out there who are starting to wake up and realize that giving our pets real meat, and no corn, wheat, soy, byproducts (if you can’t tell me what it is, I don’t want it!!)

        But so often, so many vets just go right for the RX foods, instead of trying something simpler like checking for a specific allergy (corn, wheat, soy, food colorings being prime suspects there, even certain animal proteins). Instead of going right for the RX food for “allergy control” they should try an elimination diet, cutting out common problem ingredients.

        I was talking to someone recently whose cat would wolf down the dry food, and then immediately throw it up. The vet insisted the cat be put on RX food for gastrointestinal issues. The first thing I would have done was prevent the cat from eating so fast!!!!!!! That idea is FREE, not $80 for a bag of grains and crap.

        Also, there are people out there who will feed a pretty good brand of food, but still get the cheap crap treats. If the dog has an issue, the FOOD gets blamed, and not the treats, or as one person I talked to, I asked her if there was standing water in her yard (it had rained a bit). I didn’t have to go to vet school to ask a simple common-sense question to realize the FOOD was NOT the problem, the vet was just too lazy to ask a couple of questions, and instead put the dog on RX food.

        And I have talked to plenty of people who feed RX food for the rest of the dog’s life because of one episode of gastrointestinal distress. I’m sorry, but I think that is just wrong!!! When I have any gastrointestinal “issues” I don’t change my entire diet for the rest of my life to eating the same RX crap for the rest of my life. So many times, vets put pets on RX food, and advise the people to stick with it, for fear of “the problem coming back”

        So yes, I do speak out vehemently against vets that push Science Diet, and any RX food in general, when just being more careful with what the pet is exposed to is much simpler, and costs a heck of a lot less money. And yes, I admit there is emotion involved. As much as I care about our furbabies, damn right I’m gonna get mad when there are still vets out there with their heads in the sand.

        1. Reader

          Then you should take that “emotion” and apply it against the offending and unethical Vets. But do not generalize. My Vet respects what I feed, and has worked with me (in terms of my dog’s recovery) in the very best interest of my own dog, which (we, together) extended his life for almost 17 years. And he did not die of cancer. I will reaffirm, it is the responsibility of the owner (not the Vet) to be aware of pet food, all it’s issues, and alternatives. I elected to feed whole food instead of prescription. With the Truth About Pet Food being SO available, it does take time and interest, in terms of doing the right thing. Once again, pet owners want the “easy” way out …. oh if I feed this (whatever the Vet is selling out the door) commercial food …. then I don’t have to do anything else. Wrong! What would you like Vets to prescribe instead? Pick a food … it’s a tough decision. For mass application.

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