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Nature’s Variety Issues Voluntary Recall of One Batch of Instinct® Raw Organic Chicken Formula for Dogs & Cats

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  1. Liz Bennett

    Now these guys are good. I have dealt with many manufacturers over the two years in business and Nature’s Variety are the best in food and ethics. I sell a lot of their product, have seen it help many, many dogs mainly with allergies, scratching and real bad skin issues. You do not have to twist their arm to issue a recall.

  2. Daniel Podobed

    While that may be true, I hope you wouldn’t have to twist anyone’s arm demanding a recall when they found plastic inside of the food. I also don’t exactly agree with all of the companies calling a situation like this a “voluntary” recall because had they not done so, the FDA would have issued a mandatory recall, and they would be paying for some serious vet bills via lawsuits.

  3. Dragon77

    I had to complain to them about the RAW 5lb slabs last summer (specifically the Chicken), because it had HUGE, SHARP chunks of bone in it. I sent them pics and everything – some were larger than a dime. I’ll buy their cans, but not their raw anymore.

    It almost seems like no company is safe these days.

    1. Katcha

      I agree, there’s No Dog Food Company you can trust anymore,I try to make my own raw dog food,with Dr. Pitcairns’s book..but still buy comercial raw diets, like Natures just can’t win!!! Is there any company out there without problems??

      1. Dr. Amy

        I have been very happy with Answers. I have found them to be a very ethical company. I use their food in my five dogs. Please read my blog entry where I talk about why they started this company. These folks are “for real”. No, I am not “on their payroll”–I have huge respect and trust for them. Check them out for yourself!

  4. Gabrielle

    It appears that we cannot rely on any pet food that’s on the market. Although I am now feeding my dachshund NutriSource chicken and rice kibbles, which has so far not been recalled to my knoweledge, I am seriously thinking about starting to cook her food. I can’t really afford to buy some of the very expensive raw food that is on the market, nor do I trust any. Susan, is there a cookbook that you would recommend I could buy? I am seriously considering becoming a dog food chef!

    1. Pacific Sun

      Susan has co-authored with a Vet, a cookbook featured here on her website titled: Dinner PaWsible. It is highly recommended with easy, easy recipes for dogs and cats! A wonderful way to get started home cooking for a pet! Happy reading!

  5. Annie

    Not to mention carving up their intestinal tracts if smaller ones bypass the swallow…

  6. Dr. Laurie Coger

    Recall aside, I have big issues with them calling this food raw — it is high pressure pasteurized! As Dr. Amy pointed out, this plastic may have come from that process. It’s a shame they went the HPP route, allegedly caving to the pressure of Petco who would not sell a true raw food. Once this company was about the principles of natural feeding. Clearly now, they are about something else…

    It’s really not that hard to feed your dog real, whole foods. And you are far less likely to find plastic shards in those foods!

    1. Gabrielle

      Thank you Drs. Amy and Coger. I will definitely purchase the PaWsible cookbook and start cooking my Dachshund’s food. I make a mean Chicken Pot-au-Feu, so it will not be difficult to be the chef for my little dog.

    2. Kelli

      I agree with Dr. Coger. It is actually easy and fairly cost effective to feed your dog real whole foods. One of my Jack Russells (12 years of age) is second generation on this form of diet. He is a champion racer and still plays with my 2 year old jack on a daily basis. Every time my sister sees me prepare their food (it takes about 5 minutes) she says “those dogs eat a healthier diet than most kids in America”. She now feeds her cats the same type of diet, with wonderful results.

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