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More Rabies Vaccine Controversy

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  1. Peter

    In many states, rabies vaccination is mandatory. This means that your vet cannot treat your animal unless you first brings him up-to-date on shots, even if you are opposed to “over-vaccination.” Pet guardians who are opposed to ordered vaccinations should have the option, to have blood “titers” done to see if the antibody levels still exist and are sufficient to provide protection. Some studies have indicated that the antibodies are present for many many years (particularly in cats) and in that instance, repeated vaccination is unnecessary and unhealthy.

  2. Maggie

    The law is wrong; it’s also unconstitutional. The govmt doesn’t have any right to force any substance into our bodies or the bodies of our animals. We own them and have the responsibility to protect them even from stupid vets, govmt or whomever. My advice is to lie or do whatever need to protect your pet. There’s decades of evidence on how damaging and deadly these poisons are. There’s no denying it. I suggest changing to a homeopathic vet, too. They understand about this and tell you to not vaccinate. Never again will I submit to the destruction of vaccines – for my family and my pets. Thank God, there are plenty of groups online to turn to for help on this, too. We’re not alone is the fight against vaccines.

  3. Debra Swanson

    My 18 month old GSD started having seizures after he got his first annual rabies vacc and now takes 2 meds to control them that cost almost $100/month. He is now almost 3 yrs old and will probably die early from liver failure as a result of the medications.

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