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Merrick Pet Care Voluntarily Recalls Limited Amount of Good Buddy and Backcountry Treats Containing Beef

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  1. kelsy

    I was actually looking to buy raw food, dehydrated food and treats with thyroid gland.
    As most pets are severely deficient in iodine as dogs and cats no longer eat whole wild animals, and the dogs and cats would eat the thyroid gland for health. Cats eat a whole raw mouse including the thyroid gland. Wild dogs, wolves, coyotes all eat wild animals and they eat the thyroid gland, brains, heart, liver, kidneys, everything. They all actually eat the organs first, because the organs contain the highest level of nutrients.
    Of course, in the usa, most animals are poisoned with vaccines, and chemicals, so industrial raised animals do not make good pet food ever.
    Look for naturally organic raised animals that are not vaccinated or poisoned with chemicals, for healthy pet food.
    Add an organic raw egg, an easy way to add raw to your pets food, for both dogs and cats
    But if your pets do not eat raw organs, then you must supplement with a kelp iodine tablet daily.
    The iodine helps prevent hypothyroidism in dogs.
    All pets that do not eat whole raw animals or seaweed, will need a kelp iodine tablet daily.
    My real truth health holistic vet saved my pets lives by showing me the path to natural true health.
    My current pets are now so super healthy as they are on mostly natural and natural alternatives instead of chemical poisons.

    1. Casey

      I would be hesitant to add thyroid or kelp or anything that can increase thyroid levels in a cat.

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