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Know the Radura

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  1. Pet Health Plus Inc

    I know I have seen that symbol before. But I think it was on food for humans. I will be aware now if I see it anywhere.


  2. Sharon

    When I was young dogs living to 18 years old was very common, now it seems they have a 12 year expiration date on them. We fed them table scraps and canned American made dog food. We got them vaccinated, for rabies and distemper. For some reason they lived longer. Now we feed them this “Perfect Food” that seems to be giving them cancer and other diseases, spaying and neutering before the have fully developed. Giving them a multitude of vaccines that don’t seem to be making them live longer. It all comes down to greed, the greed of corporate America, the drug companies, the big name food companies. The quicker they kill off our pets the quicker they can start the cycle over again. What a shame that this is what America has become.
    Thank you for all the information you provide to us, if there was no you we would never know!

    1. Ellen Robison

      I agree. The shame of corporate America in there so called fight to save our pets has turned into such greed….Heartworm prevention is something that really frustrates me. Going back many years, it seems to me that the presence of Mosquitoes were in more abundance, and we never gave our dogs heartworm tabs. I had a dog that lived to the ripe age of 18 in the 70’s and another that lived to 19 yrs in the 90’s. Neither ever had heartworm tabs given to them. I worry about the dogs I have now. Even though they are on a 3 year vaccine regimen, and I see very few mosquitoes, and my dogs live indoors, my vet suggests they remain on a May through November heartworn prevention. I hate it. Chemicals.

  3. Regina

    So, they can just stick some new symbol on a food, and not even TELL US WHAT IT MEANS????????

    I’m sorry for shouting, but this is really upsetting. They come up with a very pretty symbol, which I’m sure they paid some PR firm a hefty chunk of money for, all so they can avoid using an actual word?????
    Those evil creatures are due for a comeuppance. (which of course, with all their greedy money, they’ll just buy their way out of it as usual).

    This just makes me sick.

    I gotta turn off my computer now.

    1. Teresa

      Regina, you can’t buy your way out of KARMA… hope it comes round to get ’em sooner rather than later!!

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