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Just Food for Dogs Pet Food Recall

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  1. linda scheuers wi


  2. Pet Owner

    All Companies should prove to be as diligent and concerned as JFFDs. How interesting to pick up on an ingredient also affecting the people food chain. I wonder if FDA will step in an examine the plant processing the green beans. I also wonder if some of their product was imported (across the border). Interesting.

    Right now there’s a problem with Romaine Lettuce. At least on the West Coast.

  3. T Allen

    These things happen. I am highly impressed by the openness and truthfulness of Just Food For Dogs. Listeria is a serious pathogen and the fact that it was found in Human Grade green beans is truly alarming. I hope the FDA takes action immediately and although they won’t be as truthful or forthcoming hopefully they can identify the source of the contamination and stop it before humans become ill. I would certainly choose this dog food if I need to supplement my homemade!

  4. Ms. B Dawson

    Wow! That’s how a recall should be handled!

  5. Pat Dunay

    Impressed with how this company is handling the issue. Makes me trust them even more.

    1. Tryniti

      I agree. They clearly are upset that this has happened, and are offering multitudes of ways to contact them with any questions. Most companies do their utmost to keep these things on the DL. Transparency is key.

  6. Janie

    The ingredients in these products don’t even come close to what is needed in dog nutrition!!! There appears to be a lot of carbs and I don’t see any mention of ground bone in the recipes. Also, the only organ meat I noticed was liver. Dogs need various organ meats in their diets. I also noticed that they refer to their vitamin premix as FDA-regulated nutraceuticals. FDA does NOT regulate supplements. There is something fishy about this company. I wonder what the truth is…

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’d have to disagree with you about there being “something fishy” with this pet food company. They use eggshell calcium – there is no need/requirement for ground bone. JFFD completed the first ever AAFCO feeding trial on dogs in homes – and the dogs were on the diet for a full year (instead of the 6 months as required by AAFCO – and not performed on laboratory dogs). They have always been more than transparent with me. Never ‘fishy’.

    2. Pet Owner

      The company didn’t say “their vitamin premix as FDA-regulated nutraceuticals.” See the correct quote from their website below:

      “Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Blend – JFFD’s Nutrient Blend is formulated specifically for each recipe to meet NRC RA recommendations. The blend is compounded from 100% human grade nutraceuticals sourced from a facility regulated by the FDA. It is also available for purchase as a DIY homemade recipe kit.”

      Am sorry but I didn’t notice the credentials mentioned behind expressing the comment made. No worries. If there is any company (in addition to THK) which puts forth the correct thought, analysis, and quality of best practices into an operation, JFFDs is the one! NO COMPANY would go to all the trouble they do, turning out a balanced fresh food diet, and to be as transparent are they are, if they had any doubts about “what the truth is … .”.

      Here’s the problem. Most people don’t even recognize anymore, the purpose behind real food in a PF meal. Meaning the value of supplemental food ingredients. Not added because people think they’re yummy, but contributing a NATURAL source of vitamins and minerals! Yes, it would take a few minutes to thumb through their very thorough website. But its very easy to navigate.

      So when going to any PF website, I always visit this page (if it exists) . If you can’t get to a Typical Nutrient Analysis statement, then that’s a problem. You’ll notice JFFDs provides the calcium, and the ratios, and the Caloric Information, and the Guaranteed Analysis. Yes, you do want carb in a diet. When will people get it straight that you don’t just plunk a raw T-bone steak in front of your dog, and hope for the best. Nutrition comes from many sources. And diets are meant to be rotated! In the wild, dogs are opportunistic scavengers, eating not only meat but the (fermented) contents of what the prey animal ingested.

      I respect this company, and Dr. Chavez, too much to let a comment like this go unchallenged. By the way there is a Certified Nutrition Consultant on staff (w/phone number). Before making a wild statement, I would at least have the courtesy to have my questions addressed first.

      This comment makes me suspect a raw food fanatical feeder at large. Or a competitor. And no, I don’t sell the product. Yes, I do feed raw, homemade, and commercial. Yes, I’ve spoken with the company. And used their customized recipes. And met Dr. Chavez.

      Trust me, there are way too many problematic PF companies out there … to be slamming this one. And I know JFFDs would want to help you resolve your doubts,

      1. jugat

        This company sells wheat macaroni for dogs and calls it proper nutrition. While anyone who knows anything about dog nutrition will tell you that dogs can eat/survive on wheat, It’s certainly not a proper diet. They also claim that their cooked food is safer than raw and the advocate strongly against raw feeding. I guess they are not cooking their food at a high enough temperature to kill listeria. Their diets are very high in carbs and fiber. I’m just warning everyone to read their labels and decide for yourself.

        1. Pet Owner

          What worries me about feeding RAW 100% of the time (as opposed to rotation) is, you get a batch of bad meat, and you’re sunk. Companies have been lucky so far, because raw isn’t sold in volume yet, to compare with the standard commercial market. But it’s going to happen one day. Also excessive protein in the dog’s system is just wasted.

          The world isn’t perfect, nor is anything we do. The point of my post is all about rotation. JFFDs has a place within the rotation, so does raw, etc., etc.. People eating carb, cheese and sodium rich macaroni know it’s not the best diet either. But nobody eats it daily.

          Feeding my dog pure meat (in any form) not cut with a carb or starch (meaning a binder) creates runny stools. And that’s hard on the dog. JFFDs minimally cooks their food. Better than high heat cooking. A compromise (perhaps) for people who just can’t do raw for lots of reasons.

          If you subscribe to the USDA notices, you’ll see there are at least 5 – 7 problematic issues with food meant for people per day! Pretty scary and the real problem is cleaning up our own food chain, providers’ manufacturing plants, and minimizing imports.

          Look at what our ancestors/grandparents fed dogs, and it was basic, mixed, not excessively tainted with pesticides, etc., etc., and dogs died naturally of old age. I want my dog to be satisfied, nourished, and not suffer in this life.

      1. Janie

        But that’s for human consumption isn’t it? The guidelines are not as clear with animal products. Also, the term “nutraceuticals” is being over-used by many who are hopping on the bandwagon. Nutraceuticals are a food containing health-giving additives and having medicinal benefit. Vitamin premix are frequently synthesized in labs as opposed to food. like curcumin, probiotics…

        1. T Allen

          Per Wiki: A Nutraceutical is a pharmaceutical-grade and standardized nutrient.[1] In the US, “nutraceuticals” do not exist as a regulatory category; they are regulated as dietary supplements and food additives by the FDA under the authority of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.[2]
          A nutraceutical is the same for animals or humans. They are custom formulated for the disease, condition or species of to be supported.

          1. Janie

            You would be absolutely correct if you were referring to human products, but the FDA has specific definitions for animal feed. It is a completely different set of rules for the Animal & Veterinary section. . Also, compliance is very complicated. FDA is not in charge of enfocement of laws.

          2. Susan Thixton Author

            Janie – JFFD manufactures pet food the exact same way a human food is manufactured. All ingredients, including all supplements, are human edible. This is not a ‘feed’ – it is a ‘food’. As well – FDA is the ultimate regulatory authority over pet food/animal feed. State Department of Agriculture (link you provided) is the secondary regulatory authority.

          3. Janie

            Got it! The industry is very confusing as you know.
            Thanks Susan

  7. Tryniti

    Wow, I’m impressed by how transparent they’re being. And it sounds like they are still a trustworthy company. That being said, I only feed my dog raw food from New Zealand, so this didn’t affect me personally. I think that if it had, I’d still feel the same though.

  8. paponypal


  9. SweetKimy

    I am affected by this recall. I rotate JFFD with Lucky Dog Cuisine and I add raw frozen Primal nuggets to equal just over 1/3 of the weight of each meal. Within each of these brands, I rotate the proteins and flavors.

    My dogs have not had the JFFD recalled products fed to them for more than 2 meals in a row, but all 3 recalled flavors are in their rotation. I have noticed some loose stool, and one of my dogs (who house trained herself) has had some “accidents” in the house when I’ve been at work. This is completely out of character for her, so I knew something was out of sorts and had increased her probiotics. I had not pinpointed it to be JFFD food. Other than some GI distress, my dogs appear healthy, so I’m not overly concerned at this point about their wellbeing.

    I have discarded the remaining 18 packages of food that are on the recall list, and have emailed JFFD with my personal information. I expect that I will hear from them in a few days with a full refund for the recalled products that I purchased.

    I’m thankful that I rotate brands and flavors. I learned that from the massive 2007 recall. Otherwise, I wonder if I might have a different perspective right now. I do plan to reorder when the refund has been issued, and I’m still confident that Just Food for Dogs is a wonderful company!

  10. Pet Owner

    I get the USDA Recall Announcements. About 99.9% is food for people. Everything from undeclared allergens to a Romaine Lettuce issue (at this time). Nothing can ever be 100% safe, but the point is, how is it caught and what’s being done about it.

  11. Rob Davis

    Glad they are recalling but I can’t find the notice on their website or FB page. If it is there it must be hidden. I have reached out to them via FB today for further clarification.

    1. SweetKimy

      Rob, if you order from JFFD online, you should have been notified yesterday. Do a search in your email. I got a message at 12:39 yesterday from with instructions about how to handle the recalled products. I think it may be the same information that Susan has shared here.

      The Truth About Pet Food email came at 13:37 yesterday and Dog Food Advisor sent one out today at 00:06. At least that’s when I received them. I’m only mentioning that because it shows that JFFD didn’t waste any time with warning those of us who place online orders with them.

      I’m very impressed with the way things are being handled. It does, however, seem like they should have an acknowledgement with info about the situation available on their website and FB page.

      1. Rob Davis

        I just got an email from the company on FB and they were confirming and stated how they were proceeding with direct customers and then broader audience. Sounds like a good recall plan especially when you know who your customers are. Since they use human grade ingredients the concern next would be for human supply as well of green beans. I had not ordered from them yet. I’ve been looking at them but just never tried yet. I use another brand I won’t mention here so as not to take away from the issue. Thanks!

  12. Christine

    I’m also very impressed by their response. They’re now on my radar, for sure! Thanks JFFD for doing it right!

  13. SweetKimy

    I just thought I would let y’all know that I have received a reply from JFFD about the pet food I had purchased that was recalled. I sent my email on 1/15/18 at 15:21 and I just received their reply today (the 17th) at 16:52. In the email they expressed concern about my pets having GI issues and explained how the credit process will work.

    So far, I’m satisfied with the way things are being handled. I am still feeding the packages of food that were not part of the recall, and plan to reorder when the credit has been issued. I do plan to keep JFFD food in the rotation for meals for my dogs.

    BTW – They also have a chicken/fish formula for cats. I’ve only fed it to my more adventurous cat, but he loves it.

  14. SweetKimy

    I’m proud to report that I received an email from Just Food for Dogs at 13:47 this afternoon (the 19th) with a credit for the full amount that I spent on the recalled flavors of pet food, including the meals that I had already fed to my dogs. The credit came in the form of a gift card code to use on their website.

    The entire process from the time that I first contacted them about my order until I received the credit took only 4 days. Considering how many concerns they must have been trying to resolve during this time, I’m surprised that this all took place so quickly.

    Good job JFFD team!

  15. Robert

    Is this food balanced? I see lots of rice in it

  16. Laura

    Susan, you are the master. I used to work for NB, I remember your emails. Maybe its changed but I was told you can’t label pet food as human grade, that no matter the ingredients and manufacturing quality if it’s intended for pets than it cant be termed “human grade”. Is this true, was it once true? LOL.

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