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J.J. Fuds, Inc. Issues Recall of Pet Food Because of Possible Health Risk

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  1. Carol Halbert

    SHARED!!! <3

  2. Peter

    Simply put, Listeria monocytogenes can be present in pet foods manufactured with contaminated ingredients. As they are with allergens, dogs may vary in their sensitivity, but repeated exposure can be diagnosed as a “disease,” “Listeriosis” presents intially as flu-like symptoms, but as it advances progress to limb or facial paralysis, and brain swelling (meningitis). It needs early diagnosis, during which time, treatment with antibiotics and intravenous support may be successful… the infection can be fatal within days after exposure.

  3. Linda Leonard Hughes

    Real People Food for pets is the way to go! I have been feeding good home made meals for my two Cotons now for the past seven years and they are seven and nine years old and still love to play and run around in the snow! It is worth every bit of work to see them healthy and happy!! Susan keep up inventing your great dog dinners!!

  4. BC

    As PetSsmart says “pets are family” – then only human grade/quality by suppliers to mfg… Is absolutely required since we prepare their food in our homes- in our kitchens- with family members exposed..

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