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It Shouldn’t Be This Much of a Fight

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  1. Yvonne McGehee

    Thank you so much for doing all this work on the behalf of all of us. I did notice in the last response to Senator Nelson, some typos, such as this one, “We ask for FDA to do their pet and acknowledge our consumer advocacy association.” Not that it matters to the content, but it may slightly diminish the effect to have a few typos in the letters. It’s hard to catch typos, but maybe someone can proof-read for you to help with this.

    Thank you again,

    1. SeeSea

      I noticed that typo also – “to do their pet” should be “to do their part”. That’s unfortunate, but it’s most likely that the entire letter won’t be read by any legislator, or FDA, or staff. They typically just scan over these type of letters, and only read each word if it is legally prudent to do so.

  2. Marsha

    I sure hope that the two of them are able to help.
    But I am just now sure about Senator Nelson.

  3. SeeSea

    FDA, like so many other government agencies, are good at their game…. psychopathic deflection. They respond with so many lies that now you spend time arguing their lies.

    I think Association for Truth in Pet Food needs a volunteer legal advisor. It seems somewhere in the USA there is a pet lover who is an attorney who could assist with this dialogue.

  4. Bonnie Chavarria

    Susan, your response to Senator Bill Nelson was brilliant, factual, clear, powerful and concise. As far as the typo computers often insert typos where there are none so that can be explained away. You are a voice for the voiceless, our beloved family pets. We will prevail. My fur babies send appreciation for your relentless efforts to provide the direction that consumers must have a voice.

  5. Leandra Little

    Thank you so much Susan for all you do. Please extend my thanks to Senator Nelson. I am a constituent as well and appreciate his help in lending his voice to ours on behalf of the animals. Please keep the pressure up on the FDA Senator Nelson.
    Leandra Little
    Holmes Beach, Fl 34217

  6. Lesliek

    Would it be ok for us to send a copy of this to our own Senators & Congressmen ?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Yes! Anyone that wishes can copy and personalize the message to their own Representatives in Washington. Thank you to all that do.

  7. Kent Petersime

    Thanks Susan for everything you have done for the love of Pets. I’ve been a member of yours for quite a while and have followed you closely. I pray that your Stamina holds up against our Mostly corrupt Government with either no action or lip service to your letters. I’ve been sending letters to the South Carolina Representatives and Senators in Washington on our Constitutional rights and have at least a hundred letters, not counting emails and at least 99% is stamp mail. Once in office they have their own agenda and the promises are like a cloud in the sky passing by. I wish you Luck and all the best in your fight.

  8. Peter

    It would be hard for the FDA to accommodate this request, given that they have been given authority to “administer” the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act (1938), which is intended to ensure safety of food, drugs, and cosmetics. But for pet foods, the FDA has decided that federal law is… well, its just not federal law. FDA Compliance Policies offer a loophole for pet food manufacturers to bypass provisions of the FFD&C Act.

    FDA is taxpayer funded, too…

  9. chuck

    Let’s us all keep pushing for these politicos up state to act reasonalble and think of their animals and family rather than what other politicians they share martinies with at lunc.

    If they have the brains to be elected , they should have half that brain power left to be reasonalble and agree with each other. Vote for the good of the animals not maintain the same tired thinking rather than consider their own rethinking of this matter.

    Someone get the word to the capital that animals are helpless and need all the help any human can offer for the animal’s survival.

    Thnx Susan.

  10. Caroline Snyder

    The FDA is, essentially, owned and operated by Monsanto.. and so, by default, Michael Taylor, head honcho and former VP of Monsanto, surrounded by former Monsanto staff. Monsanto’s Round-up-Ready and Bt Corn, together with GMO Soy/Sugar.. fuels the likes of Nestle Purina with its toxic raw materials for pet food and agricultural feed. They will stay quiet on the issue.. period.. with powerful corporate interests at the helm. Your State Dept of Agriculture is way less likely to be influeneced in this way! Is BENEFUL by Purina KILLING or SICKENING Dogs? Post YOUR Story!

  11. ellie

    Just one small part of what our monstrously huge government has become. Totally out of touch with the citizens who supply the money to fund these agencies. Government agencies were originally established in order to protect the people of this country. Now they are so out of control that citizens cannot even communicate with them. Who is serving who here? They can’t even give Susan a proper acknowledgement.

  12. SeeSea

    Government doesn’t care and won’t improve much in the next decade. There likely won’t be much improvement in the next century by your government. So, the solution is ….. make your own healthful decisions about what you feed your pet. Nobody is forcing a pet owner/lover to buy Purina or Beneful. Do you eat BK or McD? If not, why not? For all the $$$ that people waste on crooked charities (see 06/09/13) and non-essentials, spend your money wisely. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET, and encourage others to do the same.

    My husband and I are USA poverty level income category, and yet we consume organic foods, and our large dog is fed completely raw (primarily meat, fat, organs, bones). I am also the volunteer coordinator for a local raw foods co-op. Efforts others can make are these: purchase clean pet food; encourage family, friends, neighbors, colleagues to feed their pets clean food; donate bags of high quality kibble to shelters.

  13. sherry ekelburg

    Hi Susan, I am the person who was asking for help about the claim for purina and filing a report to the fda. I also asked Mary Straus for help understanding how to read the guaranteed analysis chart. I feel like an idiot now because I was wrong about thinking that there was too much, but was really ok. But it goes to show how hard it is to read their labels, and it isn’t right. Any normal label will go by a serving, not a kilogram! I spoke to my assemblyman about the supplements being too much. Now I have to apologise to him. But I will give him this information, and hopefully he can help out and contact the fda.

  14. Kim Jarvis

    I know that Bill Nelson will do all he can to help, but don’t hold your breath about Rubio. I don’t know if he knows how to think for himself or if he’s just not allowed to. I have written to him about different things on several occasions & all he does is spout the party line.

    The FDA is owned & operated by the pharmaceutical companies, big agribusinesses, major pet food companies (Purina, etc.) & Monsanto. They really don’t care about us or our pets.

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