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Is Mars Getting Out of the Pet Food Business?

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  1. Pacific Sun

    If the question marks posed in this story were eliminated, that would be one thing. But I think it’s safe to assume that no corporation makes a move unless it is financially advantageous, or at least, defensive. The real mystery is why would Spetrum Brands want to assume a pending liability?

  2. alphadog

    It is all about the money, just like everything else.

  3. J King

    Interesting — I just googled both Eukanuba and Spectrum Brands and found this:
    from over a year ago!! Nothing on either of their Wikipedia sites to indicate that one had acquired the other. I guess transparency is really a thing of the past…
    And Spectrum already had the European versions:
    If I were feeding Eukanuba pet foods, I would have to ask myself if the fact that the brand was now being overseen by a former battery maker (Rayovac) gave me any more or any less confidence in its products?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      The link was regarding the Spectrum purchase of the EU Iams/Eukanuba. I was not aware that Mars had sold the North American market Iams/Eukanuba until I received the photo above late last night.

  4. lili

    Maybe some enforcement of law is coming. Publicity from the lawsuit could be very damaging for their human food brands, creating fears (justified!) in consumers’ minds as to what the ingredients are and the practices are in the human food factories.

  5. Pat

    Maybe, just maybe, they have realized that pet owners, led by you, Susan, aren’t going to let up in their quest for healthy food for their animals. Keep up the good work!

  6. Melissa Sturm

    Are you basing this whole story on one sign posted in a California Vet’s office. If that is the case then that makes me wonder about the credibility of the rest of your reporting. The industry definitely needs advocates for our pets, but make sure you have credible information before posting such a provocative headline and story and you report with facts. There could be many possibilities for why the vet will not be able to get Iams and Eukanuba from their current supplier–like just a supply-chain change. The real question in my mind is why is a vet even selling these brands!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I know the source – and trust I would not be given fabricated information. The source stated: ““cannot order anymore Iams Eukanuba diets. They’ve been told that the brand will be discontinued as of December 31st.” Might not be credible for you, but it was for me.

  7. Lynn

    I hope the public is aware that Mars is also advertising Casars dog food and my pet is now under the care of a vetinarian and near death from eating their food. Even though a recall was issued alot of the stores are still selling the same product that made my dog sick and advertising it as on sale to rid their shelves of this product. I think the Government should definately be made aware of this practice.
    Respectfully, Lynn.

  8. Jude

    I would think that Mars would still be liable for the personal injury lawsuit even though they sold the company. It should go back to the time it was initiated and the people suing Mars could go to their physicians for verification somehow of the damage done by the pesticides.

    Did the FTC also fine the company for the misleading advertising or just tell them to cease and desist?

  9. Craig W

    My sources tell me only Iams Veterinary Diets are being discontinued. No word at all about the commercial Iams or Eukanuba formulas.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Craig –
      Your sources might be right – note the response I got from Mars tonight (posted above). Very strange situation however, I heard from another person earlier this evening confirming the companies were selling (not just the Rx foods). The second person stated ‘selling’ not sold.

  10. Chris

    Anyone else having issues with sharing this article? Every time I copy the link it’s one that opens the article regarding the sale of iams/euka from 2014….

  11. Jon

    Hmm … it seems your source was incorrect about Mars getting rid of IAMS and Eukanuba lol.

    Mars still owns and sells both. In fact IAMS just went through an packaging change, so its highly unlikely they are discontinuing if they put money toward rebranding.

  12. Reader

    They also sell Royal Canin (OTC and prescription).

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