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If You Could Ask Waggin Train/Purina a Question…

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  1. Robin

    Since I tend to doubt any of these profit motivated reps have pets of their own, and would be unlikely to understand the relationship between a beloved pet and it’s human, I would postulate the following: ( I need the actual numbers and percentages, so this is a guess.) “If 37 % of children who take Slickstones vitamins get permanently sick or die, would you give Slickstones to your child?” Yes or no? Why or why not? And go from there. Assuming again that these reps are only in it for the dollars, I would guess they will attempt to avoid the implication, but it’s worth a try. The question isn’t whether the food has been stringently tested and proven safe, ( and how exactly was that done? A few Beagles in a controlled feeding trial that didn’t die after 2 weeks??) the question is SOMETHING IS STILL WRONG WITH IT!

  2. Casey Post

    “What’s the number?”

    That is, what’s the number of pets who have to be sickened or killed by their products before they decide that it’s time to pull it off the shelves?

    Because we obviously haven’t hit that number, yet. Apparently, it’s quite a high number…

  3. Nina Wolf

    How much money would we have to raise to outspend you with lobbyists? How much money do you spend inculcating vets? We just want to know how much we need to throw at this problem in order to fight profit as the only goal.

    At what point do you decide a product is causing harm?

    At what point do you decide the harm a product is causing is worth pulling it off the shelves?

    Is there a profit/loss formula for deciding when to voluntarily recall a product?

    What other factors go into deciding if a products should be pulled, besides loss of revenue? Please give evidence of recalls done for reasons other than bottom line.

    Please discuss the backup you have for the claims made in your advertising for Beneful and other products. Do you ever run into truth in advertising problems? Have you ever been sued based on your advertising claims?

    Are you willing to open your manufacturing facilities to visits, spur of the moment, and without restrictions?

    Would you permit the photography of any and all of your production line by our reps on such visits?

  4. Judi

    How come a company as large as Purina, will not invest in the additional cost of using American grown and processed foods?

    1. Sherrie

      Love your question Judy

      1. Diane

        I was going to suggest the same thing Judi I also would like to know when they are going to come out with a healthy grain free food like the higher end companies do. They love to compare their Purina Proplan to the higher end foods, which is a poor comparison. Let’s see them jump on the grain free band wagon.

  5. Judith Pannebaker

    Whatever you ask them, I would like permission to reprint the article and answers in our weekly newspaper in the Texas Hill Country. We recently had a pet die from eating treats made in China and the vet is livid because he’s asked the box stores for years to remove the treats from store shelves – to no avail! Thanx

  6. Linda Melichar

    Why should we trust them or their products? They have not done anything different. They have not proven that they care about our pets and their health. My parents trusted Purina for years and I used Purina for my pets. No longer, we refuse to feed our pets anything from Purina.

    No longer a Loyal Customer,
    1st Generation
    2nd Generation
    Our current 3rd & future Generations will never be your Customers.

  7. Raymond Parker

    I would like to know why they insist on China for chicken. We grow them here, I’ve seen them. Would not the treats be much better from the US? Also, how do they sleep at night, knowing they are killing and sickening our pets?

  8. Rick Rankin

    Simply this…. Why can an American Company as large as Purina make a dry dog food and lg. breed puppy food with no grains or harmful chemicals with real meat like Orijen, Annamet, Wellness etc. and why can’t they use American grown and raised animals to produce their feed. As we all know even on the human side of it. China raises their talapia, shrimp and crawfish in human sewer ponds. If they care no more than that for humans, then why in the world would they even give pets even the slightest consideration at all??? Purina ought to all American made. It’s crazy that it takes a Canadian company to produce pet food, that I can personally trust to feed my dogs. I use to use Purina products for all of my animals….Horses, cats and dogs…. Now I am afraid to use any of their’s.

  9. Sonja Lund

    FYI, I went to Sam’s Club a week ago and found they are back to selling the Waggin’ Trail Chix Jerky. I was livid and talked to the Mgr.’s ass’t who gave me the corporate number. I indicated what I was calling about (removing the product) and mentioned I’d like for someone to call me back. That was a week ago!

    Please keep what you’re doing–can’t thank you enough.

    1. Mary Anne K

      I know you are busy but call them everyday. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. An alternative would be to post the phone number and we can all call them everyday!

  10. Linda Vick

    I would also like permission to reprint the article and answers. I have asked, cajoled and begged our local big box store to remove chicken jerky treats made in China from end cap displays and they refuse. It’s time that our local newspaper is informed even if it’s via a letter to the editor.

  11. Kristi

    Question for Purina: Why are you not offering a high quality, high end product to meet the HUGE market out here that is waiting for this product: Dog Food with ALL Certified Organic Ingredients, that complies with full nutritional requirements such as those researched and developed by the University of California, Davis, Veterinary Medicine Dept., with ingredients removed that are suspect or proven to be toxic or unhealthy, and containing “whole” foods (not chemical derivatives of exotic or unknown origin)? We want a product that is best for our pets without having to worry about your company’s integrity or margin of error, and we are willing to pay premium prices for it.

  12. Elise

    Why are dry matter percentages not available? Why aren’t carbohydrate and phosphorus dry batter or as fed not available?

    1. Peter

      AAFCO discourages disclosure of carbohydrate information on pet food labels, posturing that consumers aren’t interested in information: (AAFCO: 2003, p.178), “Carbohydrate guarantees are no longer considered as necessary or meaningful for purchaser information, therefore, their use is discouraged,”

      1. Eucritta

        Not meaningful?

        Well, that sure lets me know where my diabetic pets would’ve stood in their estimation.

  13. tallen

    Purina Puppy Chow is 1 star. I fed one litter of puppies one partial bag of Purina Puppy chow in 1982 and have refused to feed any Purina product since! I don’t care how good your advertising is, eventually people wise up. The rest of their products are junk too.

  14. Jo

    Ditto on Kristi’s question above, except add a request for CAT food of the same caliber…certified organic, all US sourced ingredients.

  15. Terie Vass

    I would tell them: My vet contact at FDA has always suspected jatropha based glycerin is sometimes used in place of approved product, and non food grade labels were found when FDA inspected and a truly bogus excuse was given. Why can’t you just admit this could have happened and it killed dogs? There is no test for that toxin so do you just figure no one will ever know? Why should we think it won’t happen again?

  16. Charlie

    Given the dubious history of food and other products sourced in China, can you (Purina) provide a reason for continuing to source these products from a society that places little to no value on life, especially life of animals perceived as food themselves?

  17. Joan

    I’m in the “show world,” and it is undeniable that a majority of the top-winning show dogs in the U.S. are fed ProPlan, and are in excellent condition with beautiful coats. Despite that, I discontinued feeding ProPlan when I realized the sourcing for its ingredients. High end dog foods sell. If you want to maintain a food like Dog Chow, which is heavily corn-based, well, buyer beware, I guess. But why not have a quality, U.S./Canada/New Zealand sourced food under the Purina name? And why source anything from China based on what we know about sanitary conditions and the purity of food/ingredients from that nation? I remember the Purina commercials “so complete in every way, all you add is love.” It is a shame that is no longer true.

    1. Reader

      I’m in the “show world” too and a quick way to do conformation conditioning is to use (first of all) a product that the dog will eat, under a variety of circumstances, that adds muscle and coat conditioning, and produces desirable stock. Breeders start puppies on Eukanuba (or Purina, Mars, etc..) for life stages (including weaning) and breed types (the newest fake fad). The breeder’s program introduces product to new owners! Big companies sponsor “breed events” for exposure and “good” name recognition, because of large market shares and competitiveness. By contrast knowledgeable show people, who do it for the right reasons, feed in an informed way. Smart ones do raw, and/or augment with whole foods. Because they care about the life time of the dogs. The hardest people to talk to about the “Truth About Pet Food” are the majority of breeders however, because the (short term) results they “seem” to get, also seem to prove the food they’re using is (sadly) the best. It’s crazy thinking.

  18. Roger

    Why don’t you list the country of origin of each ingredient?

  19. Hannie

    Do you have any pets? Would you feed them any of your products? How can you put profit over a dog’s health & well-being? I happen to think a dog is a pretty special animal………how can you put so much crap into your products knowing it’s going to hurt an innocent animal & sleep at night? Shame on you. I think you need to live by your slogan “all you add is love”……..& do it……..amen, bro!

  20. Sarah M

    will Purina make available the origin of their raw materials for Pet Foods? I would comment that I used to work for Nestle/Purina/Frisky as a consultant in the IT department and was involved in creating the recall system in use in the 1990’s.
    When the Recall of 2007 was in process, I called people I know at Nestle to find out what what was the status of Nestle products, and this person indicated that they did not have any pet deaths and then 3 weeks later he emailed me and said 2 dogs had died. He said it turned out they had some Chinese raw materials they were not aware of because they had bought some from a supplier(Las Vegas) who bought some from a supplier who bought from China. It was 3 layers down.
    I agree that Nestle/Purina reps are not going to divulge any negative information, and may not even know the truth themselves because companies keep this info hidden even from their employees.

  21. Libby

    I would ask, “Why does your company pretend to care about anything other than money? Why don’t you call your ‘pet food brands’ quack endorsed, money seeking, poison, and have done with it?”

  22. Gitta

    It is all about money. It is all about shareholders (they want to see profit!). It is all about keeping high paying jobs. If shareholders ain’t happy – nobody is happy. Who are shareholders? Mostly normal people who want to see their investments pay off. I’m guessing their pet owning demographics are similar to us regular folk. I’m guessing they are just as ignorant as the majority of pet parents. Not mean or inclined to criminal behavior. Some may not give a hoot about the “what” as long as the $$$ keep coming in. Most, I’m guessing, do have a functioning moral compass and would invest differently if they were educated.

    I would ask: why not develop a second line of jerky products. 100% sourced and made in the US. Let the consumer decide and track which product leads to reports of sick and dying animals. Is this product going to cost more? Most likely.

    I am sure Purina has noticed that more and more pet parents are willing to spend a LOT more money on high quality products.

    I see only two ways out: consumer boycott or a catastrophic event and an avalanche of lawsuits. Forget lawmakers. They are utterly useless. See the latest car scandal and never ending human food poisoning and food recalls.

  23. Marsha

    Why do they continue to use Chinese Products, when we have all the ingredients in this country? Do they understand that the pet owners in this country are paying more for great quality pet foods? And would they please quit using their slogan, “all you add is love.”? Because honestly they are showing that they are not adding “LOVE” with the ingredients they use.

  24. Shirley

    I would like to ask them: what is your definition of quality products? Are the quality of ingredients important to them?

  25. Brenda Boutin

    I pay pretty good money for pet food. Why can’t I find a safe and healthy dog food? If your pet food is so good, why do you resist having ingredient standards and country of origin? Why don’t you put some substance to your claims?

  26. Joan

    Purina is owned by Nestle, and yes, they need to respond to shareholders. I have spoken with many Purina reps at dog shows, and yes, they do feed ProPlan (not Beneful or Dog Chow) to their pets. Some of Purina’s foods are better than others– if you read the label on ProPlan Selects, it is a better food than Dog Chow or Beneful. However, using any ingredients at all from China is, indefensible knowing what we know now. I mentioned the “all you add is love” slogan above– it isn’t their current slogan, BTW. I think the current is “Make your dog a great dog” or something like that. Purina has funded a ton of research, that has been used by high quality commercial foods that many of us feed. I think we have to acknowledge that this is not a black and white situation– they are not “evil” but they need to understand that caring pet owners (I’m not a pet parent, I am an owner who loves my dogs and does the very best I can for them) are now educated, and need substance and quality to back up the slogan.

    1. Robin

      Excellent post, Joan.
      I also wanted to commend you on reminding people that we are indeed our pets OWNERS and the moment we fall into the completely inappropriate use of terms like “pet Parent” is the moment we also tend to lose RIGHTS we currently still possess to demand answers about the quality of the food we feed the pets we OWN. We are not their guardians or their parents. We own them, we invest in their well being, and because they are valuable property, we have more rights to demand that the food we offer them will not damage them.
      By being able to assign a VALUE to our pets, we can go to court, etc. By pretending they are some sort of furry child, we give up their monetary VALUE and will struggle with legally holding pet food manufacturers and even vets, responsible.

      1. Joan

        Gee, thanks, Robin! I take some heat for this, but “fur baby,” “pet guardian” etc. make me cringe. I can’t imagine my life without my dogs, but I value them for being dogs–they are not people. And, I’m their owner, not their guardian or parent. I probably pay more attention to their food than my own, and I know that their eyes are examined by an ophthalmologist every 12 mos, where my appointments may be more irregular, but they are dogs. And I love them for it.

      2. Peter

        But according to the law as it is applied in almost every state, pets are “property” that people “own,” and as such, have little to no value. Essentially, you cannot “assign value” to your “pet,” it is legally limited to what you paid for him/her. This is why veterinarians are free to exercise poor quality care with little worry of financial responsibility. You can’t recover anything civilly and certainly not criminally. This is why animal abusers get off with the slap of “misdemeanor.” This is why pet shops can sell puppy mill dogs and cannot be held liable for more than the purchase price regardless of how sick the animal may become. This is why Nestle-Purina can get away with murder: because as “property” that is “owned,” pet parents/guardians/owners whatever you wish to call them… generally cannot recover from them financially. Legally, pets are not considered “valuable property,” and have so little “monetary value” that consumers can’t enter the legal system to recover when injured. The concept of pets as “property” that is “owned” gives almost free reign to lie, cheat, steal, maim, and even kill them. Did “their deaths matter?” Yes, they did. And as more than just “property.”

        1. Jeri

          Great post, Peter! I completely agree. As long as animals are viewed legally as lawn furniture, penalties for killing them will continue to be low to non-existent. After all, as long as you are “compensated” financially for their perceived value in the eyes of the law, anything goes. Despicable. Yes, they are dogs — and sentient beings — not “property” which can always be replaced!

      3. Tracey

        The only time one is able to “assign a value” to an “owned” pet is assigning the cost to replace said pet. That logic leaves those who adopt their pets with no recourse for the pets that are, indeed, family members. We are making strides albeit slowly. towards changing the way the justice system sees our pets – your way of thinking encourages the courts to NOT move forward and recognize our pets as more than property.
        I would invite you to work towards change rather than status quo.
        As for Nestle Purina, they have no conscience. They have their profit margin. They spend more money on packaging and managing subpar (garbage) products like Beneful, Beggin Strips so they can appeal to the ignorant masses and the use that money to pay pennies on the dollar for damages. They are at battle with Big Heart and P&G for the pet product market – the one market that was not hit by the economic slow down. I wouldn’t ask them any damn thing.

      4. Reader

        To be a bit more precise the world of pet food has less to do with absolute nutrition (especially in terms of enhancement), as we think about human food needing to fortify our families’ health and welfare, and more to do with it being just another formula of “livestock feed.” Animal feed is designed for (on which PF is based) short-term sustainability. It isn’t that PF makers are “intentionally” making an immediately “dangerous” product (though accidents happen), but that it is a product designed and mass produced for the largest volume of animals, which is formulated simply to keep them alive. The food is only required to “maintain” the stock until it is slaughtered (or expires). In the world of Agri-business many animals don’t even last those average lifespans.
        It happens that people assign an emotional attachment (not having anything to do with economic value) to companion animals. We assume that by giving the animal “rights” it will also elevate the animal’s safety. And furthermore, that if we consider animals as extensions of our family, then PF makers will (or should) care more about them (because “we” do). Which would motivate them to do the “right thing.” Legally speaking, and therefore in the business world (which is all they care about), no matter how we view our companions, UNTIL the classification of food designed for companion animal consumption is changed, not much progress can or will be made in terms of reforming the industry as “we” consumers desire. It is a volume based business DESIGNED for profit and highest shareholder return. That is the only model! Even a certain amount of liability (production mistakes and errors, up to and including payouts) are factored into this model. So …when people ask about “numbers” (as in how many have to get sick for things to change?) those numbers are already factored into the plan, and are not personally disturbing to decision makers.

        Now the real question to be asked is a “philosophical” one. How can people make and sell a product consumed by a companion animal that does not serve the animal’s best interest (to the point of causing harm and suffering) sleep with a good conscience at night? That person would answer by questioning at what point do we define a companion animal versus any animal’s right to the highest quality and longest life span possible?? It is a slippery slope.

  27. Sandra Van Nostrand

    How can you sleep at night using ingredients from China? I only buy confirmed American sourced foods for my family (and my dogs ARE family)….no farm raised anything. Ugh.

  28. Martha Jones

    Can you truthfully say that the pictures of the food you show on your bags and cans of food depicts what is actually used in this food?? I can answer. NO!!!

  29. Jeri

    How about the simple question “What makes these treats safe to put back on shelves?”

  30. Deb

    Why do you use protein by-products in your foods? What do you feed your pet?

  31. Susan Olson

    Have any types of rat poison ever been found in these treats? Our dog Brumby died after eating them and he had three types of rat poison detected on autopsy. What poisons HAVE been detected so that we can test for those too? Also, how can they sleep at night knowing they are selling a product that has been known to have killed so many best friends? I couldn’t.

  32. Sandra Boggs

    What is it that you get out of creating foods/treats that cause physical harm and death to beloved pets? It can’t be money, because people would buy just as much, even more of your products of they were healthy for pets. Do you have a vested interest in making veterinarians rich, or creating return patients for them? You must. Your Purina NF that was supposed to help my dog who was diagnosed with early stage kidney disease nearly killed her instead! Now that I got her off of your poisonous food, she is more helathy than she has ever been in her entire life! What is it that you get out of doing that to a dog? Your Waggin’ Train Jerky damaged my other dog’s digestive system permanently, and his liver enzymes are elevated. What do you get out of doing that to a dog? Do you hate dogs?

  33. Anne Pike

    I would like (and DO) feed my four-legged ‘children’ the same quality food as my two-legged children and grandchildren. Why can’t that quality be bought from you? Would you be worried if you had to feed your children what you produce?

  34. Pacific Sun

    I think we have to get real about the questions we ask. These companies know what’s going on with their products. They spend big bucks on focus groups before and after a product is released. They pay people to monitor press coverage, monitor blogs and websites, and study market trends regarding their products. So the real question becomes, at what point would the industry agree that the product range MUST expand? From lowest price point to the highest price point possible? So far, there have always been people buying economy PF because of how they view pets.
    But the market share that’s truly being UNDER served are the consumers who are absolutely desperate for a product that’s truly dependable and nearly foolproof. But they are also the ones who are willing to pay for it!
    So the second question is just how much more would they pay for it?? Double, triple? What would it cost the company to produce it? And then how would they market a truly Class I product? Because by doing so, that means they would have to admit by default that products which are less than Class I, are inferior for a “reason.” Once they admit this (meaning the reason the lower price point exists), then they have to start explaining what the defects are and WHY they exist. Next question, will there be a class of consumer left, who is agreeable to feeding an inferior (defective) food because it costs less? So as that new educational process spreads, at what point do consumers deal with associated guilt, or the belief they’re not as smart or capable as other buyers (including friends and relatives) who buy better food. This division begins fracturing the market place, mess with loyalty and trust, with the danger of people switching to more economical home diets, based on left over food scraps, or even giving up pet ownership because they don’t think they can afford to feed the “right” way! The bottom line being, that the companies jeopardize losing sales volume and destroys blind loyalty. The PFI would have to go through a whole new (and expensive) learning curve.

    Except that the last thing in the world the PFI wants is anybody asking questions!

  35. Rick Rankin

    You know folks….It is just plain and simple this…. I truly think we would be much better off increasing our efforts at informing the public about these atrocities and concentrate our efforts more on getting the word out to the general public instead of just the truly avid dog lovers. I know myself… I do not use their products at all now for my horses, cows, dogs or cats, simply because of their lack of concern for my cat and dogs. Their other feeds may be fine but I made my stand against them period and have staunchly discontinued use of any of their product.

    I feed partial raw and partial dry kibble from Orijen and Annamaet and do you know why…. Because I care enough about my pets to read and stay informed and I was fortunate enough to stumble onto information from Dr. Mercola that got me digging and I am also fortunate to have people like you who informed me in time, otherwise I would still be feeding puppy chow to my lab pup and Purina One to my older Westies.

    I do think the who “He’s my fur baby or we are his pet moms and dads, bring a lot of eccentric thoughts towards the people who are seriously fighting the whole pet food atrocity issues and so that is a definite hurt to the movement just as outlandish overly religious people who do crazy stuff on TV hurt the religious movement….

    But for the people who are truly informed and base their fight on real evidence that is what wins the fight… Fact based information is un-deniable and works. Just in my local town… I have changed every single person I know who loves their animals like I do and they all now use good grain free food or feed exclusively raw. So factual information works…. Even griping to our local Wal-Mart has worked and being staunch about not buying there has worked here and they now carry four good grain free, high quality foods along with at least 10 American made, grain free snacks which I still won’t use. I make my own from whatever feed I am not using at the time from one of my alternate bags.

    We all just need to do the same to pet food companies and mass mail, mass internet ads about the toxicity of products that people are feeding their dogs.

    What makes it so rough though is some people just cannot afford the cost of good food and until the big name pet food makers get into making good dog food. We are all going to have to pay the 70 to 90 dollars for a 28 # bag of dog food because even the good food makers knows they can charge a premium price because they have a niche on the market….But you know as well as I do, that cost can be much lower if it is readily available everywhere.

    Poorer people love dogs too but bottom line is, they can’t afford to feed like we do. I am not rich either but I value my dogs and other animals enough so that if I can’t afford to feed them food that does cause cancer or kidney failure or cause them to die prematurely earlier, then my choice would be to not have them and subject them to all of those diseases.

    But not everyone is like me either or places that same value on their pets. But Purina, Alpo, and all of the other manufacturers are going to continue making substandard feed as long as the public buys it and the pet food police continue to allow it… They need to be bombarded daily by pet lovers and hounded and eventually change will come.

    Just like we have commercials about mistreated pets showing abuse and what it looks like. People like us needs commercials on TV showing dogs with tumors and dying from all of the many diseases caused by Purina and other big name pet food manufacturers. And those commercials need to be done by reputable Holistic Vets like Dr. Becker and others and believe me within weeks of those hitting the airways. All of the big name pet food suppliers would be rushing to get their foods done right….

    I am not afraid of a cap gun shooting at me….But a missile launcher or a bazooka brings fear to anyone…. Right now we have little internet sites popping caps at the big name guys but air it on TV and you have produced an atomic warhead that will have them all running for cover….

    Just saying….If you want results….You have to come to fight with a real gun to make the threat even remotely viable…. I love dogs as much as anyone in this world….. But it wasn’t until a by chance, I happened upon and ad on Dr. Mercola’s site that opened my eyes up and changed my whole way of thinking and feeding my animals… Thank all of you for that effort… But I can tell you that until this fight is nationally televised issue that hits every single home in the United States and even abroad… I can assure you that Purina is laughing behind all of this movements and it’s advocate’s back.

    Yes we put a slight dent in their bottom line revenue by not buying their products anymore…But I can assure you…We are but a mere fly on the wall or speck in their mass of uninformed people that continue to buy their products without so much as clue as to what is going on.

    So you want to win this war…..Then to put it bluntly to everyone on this site and the many others on the other pet food reform sites….”Step up Your Game” or you will be of little or none effect when it come to the masses of un-informed pet food buyers who will continue to enforce Purina and the others to just blow you off….

    Well that is about all I have to say about that…

    Thank all of you for saving the lives of my pets by informing me…. And believe me….I am being a true Differencemaker in my area informing everyone I know… So Ramp up Your Fight!!!!

    1. Pacific Sun

      I LIKE that term …. “Be a Difference Maker!” That should be part of the Mission Statement of the TAPF.

      It should be a bumper sticker or a motto on a cap or T-Shirt. Then when people ask what it means, we can just say …. read the Truth About Pet If they want to know more, then that opens up the conversation. I find that before you can change action, you have to change the thinking, but first you have to change perception!

      Advertising is so overwhelmingly convincing that people can’t “believe” a company would actually do harm to their pet. Normally the media loves a good, sensational, expose type story. They will jump on the band wagon of any group or issue that is being under served. But if you notice, nobody will touch the subject of the PFI. Because these corporations control the media.

      Not that I am a particular fan of, but the one time all powerful Oprah barely poked at the “beef industry” (which would’ve ultimately opened up mega-questions) she was shot down big time. If was only for the grace of her deep pockets that she could afford the kind of defense that saved her soul. They probably made a confidential deal for even more behind-the-scenes concessions. I think that was (unfortunately) a wicked precedent for this type of inquiry or investigation to be avoided, as a warning to others to not attack without irrefutable evidence.

      In the human-food tainted scandals, particularly with Burger King’s e-coli laced hamburgers (several decades ago), compensation was based on confidential agreements that agreed to no media sharing. So, even when children or at risk adults suffer from the food industry, it barely makes the media. There is powerful control over our society. Even when we “expect” government should be able to protect us … their hands are tied …. by the money that corporations spend on protecting their own status quo. Social media, while it’s still untainted, is probably our only communication channel left for truth sharing. Do it while you can people. It won’t always be so.

    2. Peter

      This site is by no means a “cap gun” shooting at pet food manufacturers, the proof of which has been confirmed by PFI co-opting the name for a propaganda site. This site fights ignorance, and that is not an easy task.

      I live in a wealthy community and you’d be amazed at how many people CANNOT ANSWER when you ask what food they use. They shrug and say… “well… dog food.” The big box store does well. We’ve converted a lot of pet “guardians” but it isn’t easy. The information is out there. But culturally, these people are conditioned to just accept what is on supermarket shelves, seem surprised at the recalls, and just buy the stuff again when it returns to market. They just can’t believe unsafe/unhealthy products can get to market, and they are deluded into thinking that their government exercises oversight.

      That legally, “pets” hold the status of merely “property,” not sentient beings which are important members of a family, means that pet food manufacturers will do everything that they can to maintain the status quo. Billions of dollars are at stake. Simply put… there is little to no consequence to Purina’s history. Simply put… if this was baby food, would the public allow this situation to continue?

      1. Pacific Sun

        Thank you Peter. You are a great contributor and I always enjoy reading your comments! Finally, someone who identifies with my analogy! Which is, if this were Baby Food there’d be lawsuits and media attention galore!

        You are so right that people don’t think it through. Every person born in the ’50’s who grew up with “Ralston Purina Checkerboard Square” feed products identifies the brand with confidence! (Google it now!) They always appeared to have a squeaky clean reputation. Partly because there weren’t many competitors. We went to the wholesaler and bought horse feed, so why wouldn’t we use the dog food too? Simple, right. Unfortunately people had little reason to keep up with their changes.

        On this site, I’m always thinking of new readers who get drawn in because they might be researching an issue. There’s a ton of articles to go through. It can be a year long process of education to finally be convinced of the horrors of bad PF.

        Therefore I’m trying to include in my posts, two comments for casual Readers to focus on, as they get more involved. So they’ll want to get more involved!

        1) Before you can change action, you have to change thinking, but first you have to change perception. That is the biggest hurdle. Becoming an “unbeliever.”

        2) Because PF is sold dirt cheap, it comes from salvaged garbage unfit for human consumption! It’s chemically treated, artificially supplemented, deceptively packaged, artfully labeled, and deceitfully marketed. The PF Industry is NOT held to Truth in Advertising expectations. There is no lawful recourse for harmful, damaging products. Companion animal (PF) is only a production variation of livestock feed , designed and produced for mass consumption, based on formulas established for livestock’s short term sustainability requirements. No PF company is “required” to document for public reference, quality standards, safety protocol, nor studies demonstrating the long-term nutritional advantages of it’s product.

        After time an owner will understand they honestly can’t do any worse by serving raw or a broad range of human grade, whole foods, (no fast food please) diets! You will see a remarkable change in your pet. Most especially aging pets!

  36. Adrienne

    I would like to know where Purina ProPlan gets their protein and other ingredient from. What country, and if in the US, from what source? Where does their vitamin mix come from? Are their meats, fowl, and fish USDA grade: In other words is it the same quality as allowed for human consumption?

    The list of ingredients on the label states meat (chicken, etc) as first ingredient, before processing. What is the actual placement on the list of ingredients for meat (chicken, etc) after processing?

  37. Karen

    WHEN did corn wheat and soy become appropriate calories and nutrition for our carnivorous pets?

  38. Rick Rankin

    You are right Pacific Sun… But man just think of the far reaching affects that could happen with just one commercial showing the end result of feeding food like Purina or the suffering a pet goes through before that beloved pet passes on from ingestion of a tainted Chinese Jerky product??? I know when I see those abused dog commercials… My heart jumps out and wants to rescue every dog, I see tied to a tree with a chain or hooked into an eyebolt off the side of a doghouse with nothing but a dirt hole to drink out of…. But realistically, I know there would not be enough space to care for them all so I support shelters which do a good job and I support vets who take in strays and nurse them back to health and then send them out for adoption.

    So I can assure you that one commercial aired on national television could rock the whole pet food industry and send them scampering for the hills to correct their atrocities that they have committed against the very animals that bring in their revenues…. But you know what? It is the very same in the human medical industry with all of the pill pushing doctors and surgery ready doctors and people like Dr. Mercola is slowly but surely blowing the lid off of their secret society and heavily funded doctors from various pill pushing industries….Pill that too just like with animals have more severe side effects and long term affects than the very disease that people are being treated for…..

    I mean when I hear an allergy pill, destroys your liver or can cause sudden death or seizure, or heart or blood pressure related meds have such severe side affects that I have to worry about dying from them more than the very thing the doctor is treating me with???

    MONEY…..GREED…..SEARED FEELINGS towards the very things that you are supposed to be caring for and yet we expect the pet food industry to care about an ANIMAL when doctors don’t even care about their HUMAN CARETAKERS…..

    So what is the answer????? Informing the masses….And then informing them again and again by word of mouth to everyone you know, sending articles to everyone on your emailing, Facebook, Twitter accounts….. And then somehow supporting a cause that has the Cahones enough to produce a commercial and fight tooth and nail to make sure that it is aired on national TV…

    That is the answer and although it may seem insurmountable, so was Everest until someone climbed it. You guys did well informing me and now you have a man who shouts it on the rooftops and tells literally people all over the world about what I know and I send out every new article I read or happen onto and I am afford that because my jobsites are located all over the world.

    So keep on pushing, keep on prodding, keep on shouting on the rooftops and EVENTUALLY we will have enough support to wage an outright televised war against the big Pet Food manufacturers and send then running for the hills to correct and make right all of the products that the American consumer buys for the pets.

    So once again…. Thank all of you for saving the lives of my own precious pets by taking the time to inform me…. And believe me….I am making a difference by being a true Differencemaker in my own area and beyond and you can too in your respective areas as well… Ramp up your fight my friends, Ramp it up!!!!!!!!

  39. Brooke Prendergast

    I would approach Purina in a completely different way. I would ask them if they knew how much money they were losing by selling this unsafe product. There are so many of us savvy pet owners now that immediately check to see where the products are made and if not in the USA from safe ingredients, put the item back on the shelf. That directly relates to lost sales and profits! Maybe this would wake them up!

  40. Pacific Sun

    Brooke has a good point. It’s about the money. The more they keep hearing that informed consumers are finding alternatives, the more they will try to catch up with the market place.

    Look, when phrasing questions, sometimes an analogy helps. Say your family member works for GM (General Motors). You know, it’s that person’s living; it’s their career. The family goes to a local car show. Your friends and neighbors approach you. When they remember the person who work for GM, and they’re looking at all those car products in the show room, it prompts them to tell you the horror stories of owning a GM car! Then they ask “you” why that is, why is it that bad, and why don’t you care how it’s made,, etc. etc.? Are you going to take “bad news” back to the office? Especially to your management? Probably not. Not even if you agree with it in theory.

    But you WILL share (if asked) positive ideas because that’s what the sales/marketing department builds upon. By contrast, let’s say you hear from your friends about good ideas. Ones that will lead to profitability. Management listens to that. The person says, “Hey you know what? I’d pay more money if the manufacturer would build in this or that kind of safety (spell it out). I want to know “why” my car is going to last longer than the competitor’s. “Why” it’s a better investment. For me to make a decision, give me facts and transparency. Because HOW I spend my money is all about the welfare of my family!!” Boom.

    You’re introducing yourself as an informed decision-maker, ready to spend your money. At the same time you’re giving the manufacturer a way to obtain & retain your business!

    It’s tempting to stress the emotional. As in “why did that defective car fail to protect my relative in an accident?” But business is built on objective criteria. What are the facts and the hard evidence? Because the decision-makers of any company learned long ago to be detached from personal opinion, bias and criticism. Or they just don’t last.

  41. Ellie

    I would like to know why the method of producing pet food is so protected from the consumer’s sight.
    I would like to know where ingredients are sourced from and in what condition they are in when they arrive for processing.
    What are the temperatures used to cook kibble and how many times must the ingredients be reheated?
    Are any of the ingredients sourced or in any way processed in China or any country outside the US and if so where?
    Why is it that pet food companies do not have to give an accurate list of ingredients?

  42. CEC

    1. Since Nestle Purina repeatedly cites to the public that FDA does NOT know the cause of these dog illnesses, how can NP claim their products are “safe” and NOT the cause?

    2. Since Nestle-Purina (NP) advertises on website their concern for pet health, why has the company not Voluntarily provided detailed laboratory testing for the FDA since 2008 (when NP spokesmen acknowledged those ‘new’ consumer complaints were not related to the 2006-2007 melamine-contaminated dog food harm)?
    –Nestle Purina had (and still has) much more money and other resources immediately available than FDA (e.g. federal government budget constraints; FDA needed 3-4 years to get US labs to help test.]]

    3. Why did Nestle Purina NOT do comprehensive internal product testing (in scope for all “unknowns” and in depth to trace amount levels) to find those FDA-banned substances long before the NY taxpayer-funded agency did?
    –Had NP done so & let the public know their active investigation activities, NP would have DEMONSTRATED their concern for pet health (advertised on their website) and obtained increased consumer confidence.

    4. In 2008, a Nestle Purina spokesman stated the then-current complaints had nothing to do with the melamine contamination of dog food (2007). Yet when the # of reports continued & actually increased, why did it not warrant NP’s increased concern and internal actions when it warranted federal investigation (i.e. FDA)?

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