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How ‘They’ Act when the Worst Happens

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  1. Heather Ohare

    My 6 and a half year old maltese died a tragic death from what me and 2 vets believe to be from Barnsdale Chicken Strips. All the same symptons as from the other Chicken Jerky treats. Total kidney failure, nothing could save him. $2600 and post traumatic symptons that I have suffered, trying to save his little life. I will never, as long as I live, forget this very traumatic experience, feeling guilt as well, in giving him food that was obviously killing him, only after 2-3 months, first time ever.

  2. margo

    this too happened to my dog who was only going on two years old we took her to the vet that night and they could find nothing wrong no heart worms nothing she died the next day and the vet said he did not know what she could have died from and i always feed her Purina from Walmart and dog treats so mabye that is what could have happened to our dog we had at least a 1,000 in her and more than that she was our little girl and my grandchildren loved her

  3. Nina

    I am wondering if there are any test results yet. It seems there are so many accusations, with no concrete proof that the dog food is causing these tragic deaths!All I have read is saying that yes, there have been many complaints…but most were to a website, not the FDA. Also, I am reading that the majority of dogs affected were eating this Beneful food for years before symptoms showed?

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