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How Crazy is This?

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  1. Connie

    Won’t happen. Until we can get rid of the stupid “corporations are people” thing going on in the US, we will NEVER have a government regulatory body that has the best interest of the people at heart..

    1. Debi C.

      Too true Connie.

  2. Kathy

    Hi Susan!! You do amazing work and I thank you from me and all the pets who cannot say thank you with their voice!

    I work in a pet boutique and we carry a lot of high premium food butut I am getting really concerned with all these recalls…we had to send back all teh California Naturals Kibble due to the 2nd recall.

    I would like to get involved and become a voice for these wonderful pets we love so much who are so much a part of our famililes and our lives!!

    Please advise as to how I can get involved and hopefully make a difference!

    I will look forward to hearing from you! Thank you so much!


  3. Laurie Matson

    I have that same crazy wish you have Susan. It’s too bad it has to be considered “crazy” though. Everybody is against the consumer and tax payer, The FDA,EPA,Congress,Main stream Veterinarians, I’m sure I have left some out but you get the idea.I am sick to death of how things are handled by our Government Agencies (or should I say NOT HANDLED)but It seems our hands are tied most of the time. Do you ever wonder what the Obama’s dog Bo is fed? Do they care what he eats like we care about ours? what do the people at AAFCO feed their dogs and Cats? These days money and elections are truly more important than the lives of people and pets. It’s sick.

  4. Linda

    Accepetable changes will only come after a mass epidemic and deaths involving the pets belonging to our legislators. In the meantime, Susan, please keep doing what you do so magnificently!

  5. Interested Pet Owner

    In these ongoing discussions, everytime an article like this is published, a tiny detail continues to be overlooked. I always compare issues with Baby Food and Pet Food. There’s a huge gap there, correct? Why? Because nobody would stand for jars of baby food making children deathly sick. Much less jar after jar being recalled! If 50 complaints about the product made the news, it would make parents hysterical, etc. Pets (seem) to be of no value. Pets are 1-step removed from livestock. True, there are policies against knowingly feeding dangerous and toxic elements to livestock, but that’s because of the risk to humans when transmitted through Animal Feed food (livestock killed for human consumption). Nobody really cares about the impact on the animal itself, but they do about what the effect does to humans (as long as cause and effect can be proven). Animal Rights groups have become the extremists. Yes, they would defend the notion of all animals being fed humanely, safely, optimally, etc.. Except that they are seen as too extreme a group to be taken seriously or more accurately, on a practical basis. Nobody “cares” how or what chickens are actually fed, they just want a safe and nutritious chicken dinner. Certainly the agribusiness interests fund our legislation and policy makers, etc. If you figure that even the 2007 massive recall, which outraged everyone, did not make people more demanding of quality and safety control, then there isn’t much worse that could move them to improve conditions. Yet, if babies were to be affected on a relative scale, then that lack of oversight would be seen as wanton negligence and downright criminal behavior. Forget even the cruelty element. So unless the mentality between the two, can be equalized, there will never be much governmental accountability or responsibility. It’s just too far under the radar. As mentioned before, many times, more exposes are required, yet gaining exposure for them, is conflicting with the corporations that pay too many salaries and are too influential within our society. Will there ever be a solution, then? That’s what we, the concerned pet owner, needs to figure out.

    1. Tammy Baugh

      First of all I believe it was Beech Nut did go through a time when they had some glass in their jars of baby food and had to recall it. I think some babies did suffer and may have died as a result. Though you are right on they acted a lot faster in the case of humans eating tainted food, than thet ever will care to in the cases of our beloved pets, I think it’s just as much all our individual faults for not looking into the stuff going into our pet foods before we buy it and just relying on the government or AVCO or anyone but God Forbid we look into it and react approiately! If Benifil is killing Dogs, well let’s not buy that and so on. We must never put an ounce of faith in the government, after all they are insisting it is perfectly ok to release a scientifically engeneered strain of mosquitoes into our air to what sting people and give us a new and irreversable form of aids or worse somnething we don’t even know what it is? How will the government officials like to get bit by those mosquitoes how about their children pets and babies? Note how I listed them all in what order? Any governmen that would do such a thing, cares not an iota for it’s people and the idea of it proves it. I saw this on the care2 site about a week ago.

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