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How Can This Be Allowed?

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  1. Sazure

    A reason to not support the horse racing industry – this cruel sport and the end for most horses has been well documented for decades. Yet horses are churned out year after year in hopes that the next 3 year old will be the winner.

    1. Bella Sullivan

      Isn’t this story from nine years ago?

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        What would make you think this story is 9 years old? No – it’s not 9 years old.

  2. Fefe lee

    Why are these places not shut down? Why is it that cruelty to animals alive or dead is considered ok by the profit makers that donate or Kickback money for those to keep their mouth shut about their organization. I think all that reveal and expose these places and rally around to shut them down.

  3. Cindy Castile

    They should be fed to cuyotes

  4. Cindy Castile

    Those people should be fed to cuyotes and grizzleys

  5. Karen

    In my opinion it is more a failure in licensing. It’s okay to be a slaughterhouse and an animal removal service under one roof, if that is all the company does. If the company wants a license to make pet food or wholesale the bulk product….. the company should have completely separate facilities for the slaughterhouse and the carcasses.

    I would also add that since this would be a boutique dog food item…… it is disappointing that the boutique pet stores selling the food did not investigate better. Usually one of the big claims for any of these pet stores is that they carefully research what they sell, which these sellers haven’t done.

  6. Jane Democracy

    It would be interesting to send this food for DNA testing to see if it is actually of bovine origin and not a mix of different species… If it is a mix I do not see how the FDA could get around not enforcing the labelling laws…which could then expose the other…

  7. chris

    I like the coyotes and bears-why taint them to feed them bad people. People need to do their research for where the raw food comes from . There is another raw food supplier that is blue ridge beef that has been shown to be another dead animal removal business yet people think that they are getting good raw food. Keep looking people, your pets deserve that much.

  8. Dawn

    This just makes me ill. The people that work there must be sooooo damaged. Wonder what the rest of their lives look like. Bless the undercover investigators. I can’t imagine seeing and hearing what they’ve seen and heard. How does the FDA turn a blind eye to this? They certainly are keeping a very pinpoint focus on what they’re investigating. It wouldn’t take much to expand the scope of their testing. They don’t want to. That’s obvious. Who the heck can you trust?

  9. Peter B.

    All nice and dandy and I agree this is horrible!! but lets be honest no one cared enough to not buy this garbage and feed it to their pets because it is cheap, they have been doing this for decades now. and sadly there are more places like it, the funny thing is if it is this cheap you really have to be a nincompoop to not realize that there is a huge problem with the quality.

  10. Lana Boley

    I really had no idea.. what concerns me though is the treatment of live animals there. Keeping up with facts about pet food is a job in itself and to understand it all.. places like this just SHUT IT DOWN!

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