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Greenies has my Number

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  1. Ann *

    This is very disturbing news to me. I have been daily feeding the “New” Greenie treat (to be distinguished from the “Original” Greenie which was blocking digestive tracts and harming dogs until they changed the formula) to my 2 “kids” for over a year now. Because of the past history of Greenies harming dogs, I was reluctant to feed them until my vet assured me that the replacement formula for the “New” Greenie is safe to feed.
    If the manufacturer is going to make misleading claims and not clarify those to you, I have bought my last box of Greenies. Obviously their reluctance to answer indicates they have something to hide.
    Thanks Susan for letting us know about this latest disturbing development in yet another pet treat product. Transparency and truth in advertising are only for those who operate in an honest manner. The others hide behind various excuses.

    1. Casey

      There’s a new dental chews that has been out for a year now. They’re called Whimzees and are from Holland. I would recommend those over Greenies for the time being and even permenantly.

      Just my guess, I’m thinking greenies is trying to say that their dental chews won’t give your pets added calories. This is so they won’t hurt pets that are on a strict diet as it is. But that’s just my two cents. I don’t know why they couldn’t just say that.

  2. Laura

    When I worked at PETCO I asked a nutro rep if they were gonna change the ingredients in greenies (since they were talking about just acquiring them) she said they had already for the better. I wasn’t impressed with what was listed on the label, or her answer, so i stopped feeding them to my pets.

  3. Diana Farrar

    I wish they’d quit calling me! I need your magic touch to make them stop. I routinely get a call about every 6 months from some new sales rep telling me what a great addition they’d be to my store. I always ask them to source their ingredients. They “have to find out”, then never call me back…6 months later another new rep will call me. And so on it goes! Maybe I’ll change my caller ID to your name. Hmm….

  4. Susan Mercer

    As Ann posted about her vet recommending Greenies, my vet also recommended them for my pets, particularly my cat who has a double heart murmur. She recommended I try the Greenies dentals for cats to help reduce inflammation of her gums to improve her oral health so she didn’t have to undergo a dental treatment requiring anesthesia. I was also feeding them to my dogs. After several months, I saw no change in their oral health and being uncomfortable with the ingredients, stopped purchasing them. I have perceived a certain arrogance just from the advertising of Greenies, and am appalled, but not surprised, that Susan Thixton was treated as she was. I make everything for my pets myself now. Whole food eating for me and my pet kids.

  5. Diane

    *67 will block your phone number! Try it next time, its great.

    1. Robin

      I don’t think it is possible to block your number when you call a toll free number. (800 or 888 for example).

      1. Theresa

        Yes, *67 can block your number even when calling a toll free number. I just did that today.

  6. Julie

    First, I find it highly disturbing and down right creepy they have your number. Thank you for letting us all know this incident happened.
    Second, the first time I ever saw Greenies, I said to myself, “What the h***?”
    They have the most bizarre green color and shape… “frankenfood.”

  7. Regina

    Susan, I think the person on the phone misspoke. You don’t twist what they say, you try to UN-twist what they say!!!!!!

    Yeah, I’ll take your untwisted version, Susan, thank you!!!

  8. Terri Janson

    I noticed on their “pill pockets” that they contain chicken by products. I took a free sample and my dogs did not like it. I wouldn’t feed it anyway with the by-products in them. 🙁

  9. Greg

    If I remember correctly the Temptations cat treats (another Mars product) that I bought a few times also had that statement, that it met the AAFCO requirements for adult maintenance. The packaging even stated you could serve them as a “meal”. It was interesting and in a pinch with a cat not eating maybe I’d even try it. Temptations are an oft-cited suggestion for crumbling over food when a cat is not eating.

    That said, once I found another treat seemingly less offensive that the new kitties would eat I didn’t buy Temptations anymore. I had to change gears since they basically turned up their noses at all the soft ones my earlier cat had liked so much. Now they eat a crunchy treat from Castor and Pollux. Best I’ve found so far that they actually like.

    It’s a little odd to see that notation on a treat package, but then, you know, the entire process of AAFCO and such is a lot more odd! If the treat has all the nutrients of the AAFCO food profile (not just supplemental), I think that says more about the AAFCO profiles than it does about the treats. No particular reason a food couldn’t be used as treat or vice-versa. That’s just labeling if they are formulated well. After reading the various goings-on of the pet food industry and AAFCO, though, I’m not sure that the latter’s stamp of approval gives me any particular assurance that any pet food product is formulated well.

    1. Teresa Stone

      My vet told me 15 years ago to only give my cat 5 or 6 Temptations treats a day, they have a high fat calorie intake. So that is what I have done and they have been fine.

  10. Thomas N Reedy

    Dental treats, regardless of manufac turer, are pretty much a joke & waste of money: they’re not nutritional supplements nor do they do all that much for dental hygiene. Dog Greenies are shaped incorrectly for maximum dental/gum contact and Cat Greenies are too small for any worthwhile tartar removal. They’re just treats.

  11. orfan

    Hmm. I’ll have to ask my local Nutro rep Sunday.

    In all my dealings with reps, only one company had a rep who was knowledgeable and admitted his company’s product wasn’t god’s gift to animals everywhere. And when I asked him about an ingredient, he called the nutrition head of the company for the answer. Haven’t seen him in a while. And it wasn’t Nutro.

    1. Regina

      I used to see this one particular Nutro rep, and he was always talking about how bad every other product was. He would actually make up lies about the other products in the stores that were better than Nutro. I guess he couldn’t defend his own products, so he had to tear down the others.

      One time I saw him go up to a customer with a bag of Avoderm, and, because this particular store was no longer going to be selling it, all of the Avoderm was marked Clearance. He actually told the customer that Avoderm was in trouble with the FDA, and got her to put it back and pick up a bag of Nutro. Shortly after that, the customer approached me with an unrelated question, and mentioned what the Nutro rep said, and I told her that anytime any rep tells you anything like that, ask to speak to the Manager and verify what the rep says. I told her that that particular store just wasn’t going to carry that brand any more.

      I actually reported the rep a number of times, and after so many complaints, I don’t see him any more.

      Nutro, and Greenies, I will never trust. If that’s the kind of people they have selling their products, I want nothing to do with them. If their reps can lie to your face, then everything else they claim is suspect also.

      So, the fact that Nutro refuses to talk to Susan . . . well, to me, that’s just further proof that they are liars. They just know that Susan will cut through the lies, so they don’t even want to waste their time talking to her!

  12. catherine

    if everyone emailed greenies customer service and told them they won’t buy their product unless…..they would succumb. really. it works. threaten them with not buying their product.

    1. Thomas N Reedy

      Catherine, that ploy doesn’t always work and the company generally turns around sending you an envelope containing manufacturer coupons for more Greenies.

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