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Gracie Update

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  1. Hannie

    What a cutie…….give her kisses from us…….xoxoxoxo

  2. Denise

    Gracie says thank you very much!!!!

  3. Sandra Short

    Thank you for the update Susan! She sure is spunky. Love it!

  4. Michelle

    Such a cutie baby! 🙂

  5. judith zimbalist

    So glad Gacie is doing well. I’ve asked several times with no reply. Has Wild Calling cat food been cleared of the charges that it sickened several cats. Is it safe to feed in your estimation. is there any reason not to use it if one chooses…I’d appreciate a response. Thank you….

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Judith – Wild Calling is believed to be the reason two cats got sick, per the pet owner nothing else could have been the cause. The pet food was tested for pentobarbital by Virginia Department of Ag and results were negative.

    2. Pacific Sun

      I hope that the presence (or not) of pentobarbital isn’t the newest threshold for whether or not a PF is “okay” to feed. There are plenty of other things that can be wrong. Even from production batch to batch. People know their pets, best. And if a PF is suspected, or is refused by the pet for unexplained reasons, … then it’s the PF! Regardless of what the manufacturer says. I think Wild Calling was the company that wasn’t exactly transparent with Susan. And that’s not good.

  6. Karina

    Awww, Gracie is such a sweetie…cute video. I’m glad she’s settling in nicely!

  7. Joy Coleman

    I love the metronome tail! What a happy baby.

  8. Dyan

    That made my day!

  9. Sally Roberts

    So cute !!

  10. Terri Christenson Janson

    She is adorable!!!!!! Thanks for the smiles! 🙂

  11. Peg Higginbotham

    Susan, I know that I speak for many others when I tell you what an angel you are. We all love our pets as family and we look to you to help us keep them healthy and happy. Your work is greatly appreciated.
    Peg Higginbotham, Powell, Ohio

    1. Rita Stanley

      Peg, I agree with you 100%. Susan has literally been a lifesaver to us and our fur babies.

  12. Pacific Sun

    Gracie appears to be the perfect addition to your family!

  13. Debbie D

    Well isn’t Gracie just as cute as a bug in a rug. And yep she’s a talker. Seems she likes to talk more than listen..Typical female (wink). LOL

  14. Batzion

    Hey there, Miss Gracie. Thanks for letting us know you’re doing so well (in spite of the cat). It’s obvious your mommy takes very good care of you. You are so darned cute, and opinionated, too! Much love, little one. Batzion

  15. Lauren Thibodeau

    She’s a cutie!

  16. Eve

    Hi Susan: see I highly recommend these for emotional imbalances (which can lead to dis-ease) but for Gracie and the kitty cats choose (1) Combo CALM & CLEAR (instils inner peace and self-reassurance/trust) and EMERGENCY (stress, fear, anxiety,trauma) and TRANSITION (adaption to change in one’s environment) You can buy the 3 and add 3 drops of each into their water bowls and from that water bowl add a teaspoon to kitty’s meals and a tablespoon to Gracei’s meals. I have used Flower Essences on animals for over 20 years and they are safe, gentle and most importantly they bring emotional balance and harmony and can reverse disease. Much love Eve…ps Gracie is barkingly-beautiful XX

  17. Carol

    My dog came into the kitchen when she heard the dog noises. Then she started licking the laptop. I guess she wanted to say hi.

  18. M.L.

    Good thing she is not bigger that tail could be dangerous! Super cutie!

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