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For Canadian Pet Food Consumers

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  1. SK

    Just fyi – looks like these meetings are purposely being held in more rural areas where there is farming and more livestock in the immediate community. Might be tough for some to get out there if they’re living in big urban areas. e.g. Guelph is about 1.5 hour drive from Toronto, but in February if there’s a snow storm or something, it might be hard to get out there.

    1. P Blinch

      Edmonton and Abbotsford are hardly rural. I do not know the other towns.
      I hope there is some attendance at these meetings.

  2. Barbara Fellnermayr

    I have registered to attend the meeting in Abbotsford. These meetings are being held in rural areas because that’s where the cows, pigs and horses are! The CFIA regulates animal feed, not pet food. I have confirmed that these meetings will be discussing feed.

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