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FDA, It’s Wrong!

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  1. Sherrie Ashenbremer

    OUR FDA IS USELESS, They may as well not exist. Why do our tax dollars pay for use less people like this. I could go on and on about how terrible the FDA is

  2. Mark Morton

    Worthless damn government! Everything connected to the Federal Government, except the military, is a total waste of money; and most of it is totally unconstitutional!

    1. Sally

      I agree with you Mark !! I was thinking that exact same thing !

    2. T Allen

      Do not exempt the military from that statement. If the US public knew the amount of fraud, waste and abuse in the military it would be shut down.

    3. Jill R

      If you had any idea what our military is really doing you would retract your statement. The US military takes 79% of our taxpayer dollars to fund our industrial/military complex. Can you imagine what those dollars might do if they were spent on schools, or a REAL health care system, or maybe even FREE EDUCATION instead of saddling all our kids with thousands (hundreds of) dollars of debt? Our military is also flying all the planes that are in the middle of this horrendous scheme to save the earth by covering our skies day and night with toxic spray. Think I’m making this up? All the information is out there. Check out and be prepared to be shocked. Our military is a joke.

  3. Dianne

    If there is no legal definition of a slaughtered animal, how do they decide if an animal put into human food is slaughtered or not? Shouldn’t this also come under something similar to GRAS. Generally regards as safe, or generally regarded as slaughtered?

  4. T Allen

    Susan- Do you have a list of people in Congress or other important offices that have been receptive to these concerns and/ or non-receptive? Do you have a document that we can send to our reps that outlines these concerns (including the required pages of references)? Not a real good time with elections but it’s time to start putting pressure on States to make changes which will eventually lead to Federal changes. Monsanto is starting to feel the pain, so are food producers with GMOs and pet food companies are taking notice. The new Beneful commercial (with her eating cheese sticks) makes me sick and I’m looking to help bring them down!

  5. Andrea

    Seems the FDA has been more concerned with stopping people from importing kinder eggs into the US, than the safety of our fur babies’ food. It’s deplorable!

  6. Laurie Matson

    The FDA is protecting the Pet Feed Industry, no doubt about it. Because they are such a filthy rich industry, they are paying the FDA off to work FOR THEM!!! It is so obvious it makes me sick. All Government is corrupted, every single agency is!!!

  7. Peter

    We must remember that the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was created, and responsibility for administration of the act was imparted to the FDA, in the late 1930s because people were dying. In 1933, Kallet & Schlink published “100,000,000 Guinea Pigs: Dangers in Everyday Foods, Drugs, and Cosmetics,” describing that the FDA was held in “regulatory capture”: created as a state regulatory agency to act in the public interest, but instead advancing commercial or special interests that dominated the industries it was charged with regulating. We still have this “failure of government.” Rregulatory capture ultimately encourages a business model wherein large firms impart negative economic and moral social costs on consumers (the third party in the relationship). The FDA has undertaken a specific and direct effort to undermine federal food safety law.

    1. M Jones

      This could be a long reply, however, I’ll try to make it short. Bashing the government bureaucracy and the military won’t solve the problem. People should keep in mind that there are many agencies within the government and you depend on the people running these agencies to do the job they were hired to do. Some are good, some are bad just like any other entity. As a 35 year employee of DOD and frequent dealings with others outside of DOD I can tell you that politics is the worst culprit, everybody practices and it’s the same in business. Think of the present crop of candidates that bash government and claim too many regulations. The FDA has regulations, but doesn’t enforce them, so do others. My point here is until voters stand up and know who and why they are voting nothing changes. If enough people stood up claimed change and knew the facts something might happen. Has a petition ever been generated to make sure the regulations are enforced and sent to the Executive Branch? My understanding is they have to provide an answer if the petition has 100K signatures. We can never change some of these agencies until a suit is filed in Federal Court, which obviously cost a lot of money. Any lawyers read this newsletter?

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