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FDA and AAFCO have Allowed Illegal Pet Food for Twenty Years

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  1. Eve

    Brilliant wake up call to the FDA Susan☺ Im in Australia and when I inform pet owners of this tbey don’t beleive me so I dide t them to your website.

  2. Pet Owner

    Best article (and video) you’ve ever written. It’s important to name those brands for when people do searches on problematic PF, they’ll be referred here. And learn why that PF is bad.

    First issue: when the FDA tries to defend their actions by saying “processing” makes the practice safe, please refer to the subject of Endotoxins, meaning “high heat” cooking does NOT destroy all pathogens in canned PF. And obviously, by the issues identified, it had not made that food safe!!

    Second issue: while we’re focused on the FDA at this point, I think those who are selling these materials to PF companies, now need to be identified! So that all the companies they do business with can also be named.

    Third issue, is to continue lobbying for the use of (and labeling of) human grade ingredients (particularly protein) in order to make Pet Food (not feed), so that those brands will be known too.

  3. Linda Hamilton

    God Bless you Susan. I pray for your continued dilegence and I pray also (and especially) for your safety.

  4. Marlitt Arnouville

    I will buy my pet food from the tractor supply store, no brands that carry junk!!

    1. Jessica C

      We should all remember that all pet food ingredients come from the same sources- commodity brokers that buy the cheapest, stale, (even mold and insect infested) feed grade ingredients, so they can make higher profits. The ingedients of every pet food on the market would make you cringe!

      No more for me. I buy fresh foods (meats/organs) from the grocery store for my dogs! Even cheaper than dog food, and they eat so little!

  5. Donna Muse

    Thanks again Susan and I sent it on. So very glad none of it ever applies to me!

  6. Margie

    Susan Thixton – thank you for not giving up and using your voice to let the world know about these terrible foods ingredients that are hurting and in some cases killing our pets. For those of us that want to affect change, YOU are the example by which we measure ourselves. I want you to know that you are greatly appreciated.
    Thank you, from the bottom of my heart,

  7. Robin

    Susan your like the superhero in Black panther
    Keep doing what your doing!!

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