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Enough Denial…Surrender

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  1. lynn swanson

    I am beginning to wonder what pet food companies you can trust any more. Profit seems to be the drive with these companies , and at any cost. I will no longer buy this brand or its sister brand ever

  2. moon glough

    imho: i’m for giving evangers the benefit of the doubt. their pet food has been on the market for many years with no apparent problems. except for the beef, none of their products has been found to be faulty, and they have many other products.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’m not trying to be argumentative, I honestly would like to understand your feelings. Can you explain what you are giving them the benefit of the doubt of? Does it concern you that a euthanized animal was found in two batches of pet food – two different products – manufactured six months apart? Honestly, I am trying to understand.

      1. Dog Lover

        I agree, I’m sorry but why are you giving them the benefit of the doubt? Why do they deserve it with all that’s known. A pug DID die because of their food and 4 other pugs got I’ll. The FDA has stated twice that their suppliers aren’t USDA inspected (indirectly accusing them of lying) The FDA descibed truly horrible, discusting conditions at their plant. Lets not forget the owner was accused and found guilty of stealing power and gas and then bribing the witness. So I just can’t see giving them “the benefit of the doubt.”

        P.S. Susan Thixton I greatly appreciate all that you do for our beloved pets. I wouldn’t know nearly as much as I do about pet food if it weren’t for this website. So on behalf of me and all my friends and family I’ve recommended your site to, thank you. 🙂

    2. Casey

      You… may want to do some research, there. Evanger’s has a long history of shady dealings. Their duck food contained no duck. Their facilities have had problem after problem. They lie and lie and hope that people will stay with them because their lies are so good.

      How you could possibly trust them to feed your pets knowing that they’ve killed a dog and are now shrugging it off is not something I understand.

      1. Dog Lover

        Exactly Casey, neither can I. Evangers (and everything they make) is officially on my never feed list… Sadly it’s a long list

    3. Jenifer Persuhn

      Did you not just read this article?? Did you miss the part where it says NONE of Evanger’s meat comes from a properly inspected and licensed facility, and NONE of the meat is considered human Grade as Evanger’s claims it is?? Just because it has been on the market for a long time doesn’t mean SQUAT! Thank GOD no pets have gotten sick or died before now, and maybe this is a NEW thing. They switched meat suppliers to a cheaper one that uses euthanasia drugs on sick animals, with the intention of lowering PRODUCTION costs, all while covering up this change, and still charging the CONSUMER outrageous prices for their food that they claim is so good and pure, but in all reality is KILLING animals so they can save a few bucks??? SERIOUSLY?? You want to give them the benefit of the doubt?? OMG! I seriously HOPE you do not own any pets!!!

    4. Lynn Marie Utecht

      Are you kidding me??? Evangers packing plants should be SHUT DOWN NOW. Period. And they should have a hefty fine to pay for all the inspections and government time. AND they should NEVER be allowed to operate again.

    5. Deb Binder

      Maybe if they had stepped up and created an environment of trust. Instead, they have just tried to create diversions by using smoke and mirrors. Even if their food is now safe, I won’t give them a penny of my money. I vote with every purchase I make, and I always vote for when companies try to do the right thing

    6. lesliek

      Are you kidding me ? Do some research before deciding to make paid remarks for an extremely questionable company . These issues have been going on almost since the Sher’s bought the company . Their food made my dog very sick years ago & cost us $15000 in vet bills. Yet when I asked for a refund with test results showing too much copper , they called me an extortionist . I am aware of 2 other families with similar problems with them at about the same time. Their ongoing legal issues , employee problems , failed inspections & FDA investigations obviously show they have not improved. Hopefully they won’t start following me around the internet again with threats. They didn’t even have the brains to post from ip addresses not connected to them or the company .

    7. Cheryl Bond

      Your comments are beyond willfully ignorant! If you are OK w/ ANYTHING that is going on w/ Evanger’s manufacturing plant! than I can only assume you are someone tied to this company. You are NOT fooling anyone! Best you put your tail between your legs & slip away quietly before you are exposed here. Buh-bye!

  3. Leanne S.

    Evanger’s is doubling down, just like Donald Trump. I guess outright lies have replaced spin-doctoring.

    1. Jenifer Persuhn

      Really? You are going to use this article as a place to slam our President? That is really sleazy! First of all, your comment has no place here, and absolutely NO relevance to the topic. Second, it just shows your lack of compassion and intelligence for what the article is even talking about.

    2. Dog Lover

      I’m sorry what?! OK can we keep politics out of it for once? I for one I’m thrilled that Hillary Clinton didn’t win AND that Donald Trump did. Do I agree with everything he does and says? No. but there’s a lot i do agree with. Certainly more so than the other candidates that’s for sure. Can we give him a chance (like we did for Obama he got 2 terms for goodness sake!) before trashing him and calling him Hitler? (to everyone who calls Trump Hitler. GO BRUSH UP ON YOUR HISTORY AND LEARN WHAT HITLER DID!! then compare that to what Donald Trump (who’s 70 years old) has done. That’s all I’m going to say because, as I said I just don’t want to talk politics but I had to say something. God bless America!

      1. Dog Lover

        I’m sorry I used this article as a place to rant on my political views. Reading my message again I can see that is not what I started to write about but my emotions got the better of me and I apologize for that. I am very proud of my country and just hate all this trashing of the president no matter who it is but the fact that we are free to disagree is part of what makes America great and I should have kept that in mind. (I do stand by my Hitler comment though.)

      2. Josh

        You “don’t want to talk politics” but your ringing endorsement of the cheeto on a dog food site speaks to how utterly clueless you are.

        Btw, you brought up hitler, no one else

        1. Jeri

          Seriously, Josh???

        2. Dog Lover

          I know that I brought up Hitler. I probably shouldn’t have. (I said I stand by it because I don’t disagree with what I wrote.. but I do disagree that I wrote it.) Yes, I said my emotions got the best of me and because of that I brought up the Trump Hitler comparison. I do think comparing the leader of our country, our FREE country, to Hitler (which many, many people have done) is just dangerous. Seriously Cheeto?.. Why do you feel the need to insult his appearance? (BTW he’s not orange) Did I insult anyone in my post? I’m not endorsing Trump. Did you not read that I said I DO NOT agree with everything he says or does. I just believe he deserves a chance. Now this is the last political thing I will post. I didn’t come on here to share my political views. Trust me I’ve used this website for 3½ years now and this is the first article I’ve ever posted on. (And the reply to Susan Thixton responding to moon glough was my first post) Again I apologize for getting politics involved. I wasn’t the first to post about politics but I take full responsibility for my response. The last thing I want to do is undermine this incredible, valuable website by engaging in a subject not relivent to the topic.

          BTW Insulting me is low and I choose not to stoop to that level.

        3. Susan Hayes

          Good points, Josh!

      3. Terri christenon janson

        Yes. Thank you

    3. Susan Hayes

      I agree completely! They have no shame!

  4. Lynn Marie Utecht

    What I really don’t understand is why the FDA hasn’t SHUT these plants DOWN!!!????

    1. T Allen

      From what I understand closing a plant is very hard to do because of the loss of jobs etc. The company calls their Senators to complain they are being harassed and politics gets involved. FDA can shut them down until they fix problems and then they reopen, then have to reinspect and shut them down over and over again. The problem is Congress won’t fund (or staff) the FDA (or USDA) sufficiently so they can’t focus on just just one company/ plant. And it’s not one plant it’s most of them!

      1. Cheryl Bond

        It’s amazing to me how DEPLORABLE! conditions can be, yet still, there is all this red tape in closing this plant down! Because this is probably known throughout the industry, one can only imagine what goes on across the board in many of these manufacturing plants!

        There should be, in the LEAST! HUGE fines! Imposed daily, that would be so devastating accumulatively that they would be racing to get their act together, or it would cause them to go under; all the money in fines should then be used to help pay for more regular enforcement of this & other plants.

        Furthermore, at this point in time, w/ all the recalls that happen on an ongoing basis throughout the year, Co’s that TRULY care about their products, should be having their own salaried quality control people that quarterly surprised inspect the plants that they contract to make their products. Maybe that’s really the only way to
        Keep things on the “up & up!”

        Wouldn’t it be nice if the FDA would be able to post their video inspections of all of these plants online for all the public to see! Imagine that going viral on social media!

  5. Hannie

    As I said before, many yrs ago when I learned they were rerouting utilities to avoid paying for them was the biggest red flag for me. I never bought any of their products after that. I don’t think this company is out for anything other than the big bucks they can make from dog food, esp when you can add anything you want & call it healthy…….

  6. Robin M.

    On Evangers….this is just one of several issues I have discovered with them. I personally bought several cases of their canned sardines as part of my raw feeding program. Either the cans contained a tiny piece of what might have been sardine and a LOT of liquid, OR, and this is more worrisome, the cans contained big hunks of thick flaked PINK fish meat, resembling cheap salmon as opposed to sardines. I’m back to buying people sardines at the supermarket.
    I don’t trust what Evangers states is in their cans based on my own personal experience and have told everyone I know.

  7. Bill

    Susan. That is not Joel. That is Bret. Please don’t let your personally feelings ruin a very trusted reputation.

    1. Bill


    2. Susan Thixton Author

      I don’t know them personally – my apologies for posting the wrong image. I will remove the image.

  8. Hope

    I’ve tried giving Evangers the “benefit of the doubt” in prior years but this time, NO. As a health food store for pets we returned all beef products made by them weeks ago and have discontinued selling them from our shelves. This is an important message to our loyal customers to not buy Evangers canned or other products–which we used to call foods.

  9. Virginia

    Thank you, Susan. Amen to surrender. As to Evanger’s shenanigans, I am hoping that the FDA will do DNA species identification on their cans of gourmet Pheasant and Buffalo. With all their corner-cutting behavior, I have a hunch that these ultra expensive varieties may not be exactly what they seem.

  10. Susan Thixton Author

    No more political comments – please.

    1. Dog Lover

      I am truly sorry it’s not what I intended to post. Please remove my comments if you like and I promise not to post any more politics.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        It’s ok. Politics are a heated subject. I want everyone to be able to express their opinion, but my goal is to keep the opinions on topic. Once they go to politics, it can get out of control and off topic quickly.

        1. Dog Lover

          I completely understand and agree. Thank you.

        2. Jeri

          Susan, a question: at one time there was going to be a DNA test run on Evanger’s. Now I know they have since come out and “found” horse meat so I”m wondering if there are current plans to go ahead with that original testing that a consumer was going to do or if there are plans to test anything else? Just wondering, not pushing one way or the other. Thank you for all you do.

          1. Susan Thixton Author

            That’s still coming – in the works right now.

  11. Woofielover

    First, no company pays the medical bills unless they’re guilty. Hell, even the guilty ones fight it tooth and nail. Evanger’s rush to pay immediately was both an attempt to squash this from becoming the sh*t storm it is now and an acknowledgement of the likelihood that their pet crap was somehow implicated and they knew it.

    Second, this IS personal. How can it not be? I don’t use or sell any of the crap made by this crappy company (I did my research a long time ago) and I still take what they did personally. I don’t know the pug family but I’m a true animal LOVER and the pet industry is my industry that I also love. Companies like Evanger’s are nasty smears on my industry because of their callous and greedy actions. They’re offensive to those of us who care a great deal about animals and their pet parents. Many of us cried when we heard of the trauma and loss this family suffered for absolutely no reason other than fraud and greed.

    As for Susan’s involvement, anyone questioning her agenda is either new here or a shill. Those people should look up the definition of the word “advocate”. If Susan were being sponsored and financially supported you would find thousands of indicators other than this one ongoing story about this manufacturer. Not to mention a ton of pop-up ads and banners for companies like we see on a certain advisory site and most blogs. It’s ridiculous to say those things here and is but a weak attemp to deflect blame where it most assuredly belongs – with Evanger’s. And no one but Evanger’s.

  12. Dianna

    So – Evangers actually hired a branding company to save their image?? If only they would take the time, energy and money they’re spending on saving face and put it towards REAL food instead. How frustrating, senseless and cruel this company is! Perhaps a class-action law suit might wake them up? I will be making sure my kids don’t feed their cats any of this company’s garbage.

    1. lynn swanson

      i totally agree. unfortunately i purchased 10 cases of the sister companies cat food. I hope they take returns

  13. B Dawson

    Here’s what I want to know….Who is the unnamed supplier with whom Evanger’s had a 30 year relationship? Why are they remaining anonymous? A simple search of their business history would reveal much about what Evanger’s knew and when. I understand that the investigation is on-going, but will FDA ever publish their name?

    It’s much easier to claim victimhood and say you were lied to when the accused is nameless. Knowing the supplier would also allow retail stores to directly confront sales reps with a name and demand to know is they contract with that company.

    1. Anonymous

      You have hit the nail on the head. Chances are, even Evangers doesn’t know the name of the supplier they “fired”. Unfortunately in the pet industry, raw materials go from “farms” (term used loosely since its probably some animal carcass dump and not a real farm) to a distributor and the distributor sells to companies like Evangers. The distributor provides specification sheets to companies like Evangers that provide very little information, listing only the distributors name, and a vague description of the raw material and does not provide the actual name of the “farm”. In turn Evangers trusts their distributor to vet the “farm”. This is in the interest of the distributor (so that Evangers cannot go directly to the “farm”) and in the interest of the “farm” (so they cannot be outted in cases like the one at hand) and in the interests of Evangers (they claim to rely on their “supplier”). Chances are that Evangers dumped the distributor, not the “farm” (the actual provider of the tainted meat) and the “farm” continues to supply meat to other pet food companies out there. And chances are that Evangers doesn’t have a quality control person who goes to verify conditions at the “farm” and wouldn’t be allowed if they asked- remember, they rely on the distributor. And if Evangers insists on seeing the farm, they would not get product. So yes, shame on Evangers for not advocating and trusting someone else down the chain.

      This happens every day in the pet industry. Copackers and manufacturers do not give transparency to the end purchaser (Evangers) and if a company like Evangers wants to purchase raw material they either accept the spec sheet they are provided and trust the distributor/copacker with the very minimal information given or Evanger’s doesn’t get product. And Evanger’s needs the meat to make the food. It’s all about money and seeing how long it can go on before something like this happens. It’s a risk analysis. The reason this doesn’t happen as much in the human chain is because the liability for a human life is worth millions. The liability for the poor pug’s life is worth hundreds, if anything. Evanger’s, like all other pet food companies, make this risk assessment every day. Pets are property. The liability for loss of life is small compared to the huge savings of not having a quality control person verify the sourced material and not dig deeper into the raw materials. No human food product would take this kind of risk and big companies, no matter how processed the food, verify all raw materials and all spec sheets since the loss of human life and the resulting litigation in front of a jury would cost more money than having the precautions in place to avoid the issue.

  14. KathyG

    This has to be the shadest company I have ever seen, the further you dig the worst it gets. All the lies, the arrest, the incorrect labeled proteins, the electric and gas thief, the money laundering, but the thing that by far is the worst to me in the FDA reports are the nasty conditions these producst are made in. Being in the food business for over 30 years it disgust me to think of no proper working coolers in this factory. I keep watching for a lie to cover this up from the FDA safety report but Evangers has not even tried to justify this charge as there is no way to. I don’t care what type of meat you buy, even if it is the top of human grade, the freshest produce offered, the best supplies money can buy…if it is not hauled in refrigerated trucks and kept at correct temps in “proper working coolers” bateria starts to grow immediately as soon as that meat reaches 41 degrees. I would “NEVER” run the risk of feeding products like this coming from such nasty conditions and taking a chance there long, hot cooking temps were killing all the bateria in this food, not even to mention the poisions the heat can’t kill in their so called human grade meats!!

    Condensation!! FDA stated it was on ceilings and tarps hanging on the ceiling which was dripping in products…why would tarps be hanging on the ceilings?? Evangers stated this was not true as all products were covered, there is no way the cans on the lines were covered, if so how are they filling them with product?? Condensation forms from improper ventilation systems while steaming food, not change in outside temps. This means all the germs and bateria from floors, moldy walls and unstanitary conditions is forming above their lines and dripping right into the cans of food they are selling…nasty!!! No handwashing sinks for their employees…another big nasty!! Hands should be washed between every task and change of meat handling! Now, the lastest statement from Joel…the Hunk of Beef tested positive for horse meat…OMG!! FDA states it was under 2%, the remaining was Bovine (beef) This tells very plain facts, horse meat was in that plant, not the main protein in that run of Hunk of Beef, but it went into something they produced, another huge chance you are taking buying these products…by the way, is there now human grade horse meat??? To be noted in this run of Hunk of Beek at such a low level means the work counters were not sanitized before moving onto the next meat type which is cross contamination…another huge nasty! But what does it matter at this point, employees can’t wash their hands, bateria filled condensation is dripping into unrefrigerated bateria filled meat, horse meat has just run down the production line and packed under who knows what kind of protein label. This is one scary situation and Evangers, Against the Grain and ANY food I can find that is co-packed in these discussing conditions are on my DO NOT USE list forever!! I will not even comment on the lastest from Joel about the adulterated pet food didn’t technically kill the Pug as this is the most heartless statement I have ever seen, just inhumane and coming from someone who claims he loves pets!!! Susan I agree 100%, Evangers…it is time to throw in the white towel!!!

    Now the saddest part of this ordeal is the sweet little Pug who lost her life. Little Talula, I know you are missed by your Mom and family every day. I know how much she loved you and I am so thankful she kept pushing through such a hard time. Little Talula…you, your Mom and family have made such a huge impact on me and the health of my beloved dogs. I look at dog food different, I take the time to reseach and reseach deep everything I buy for them. I am grateful to you and your Mom…you may have saved my dogs life, they will eat better and much safer because of you. There is no telling how many dogs you could save and how many pet parents are reseaching now and better equipped to buy safer for their beloved family members. You are true little Hero Talula and my heart and prayers go out to your loving family!

    1. Batzion

      Your comment is one of the BEST I’ve read on any subject EVER. I’m madder than mad at this company and sadder than sad for little Talula and her family. My goodness, you have a way with words. Bless your heart, KathyG.

      1. KathyG

        Thank you very much Batzion, I’m just like you madder than mad about this situation. I very seldom comment but felt I needed to voice about this, our beloved pets, our babies health are in the hands of dog food compaines…we trust them with their lives and to witness such betrayal from Evangers followed with the blame shifting game and lies on top of lies is inexcusable.

  15. Casey

    I think it’s safe to say that if the Pugs’ owner had not gone the extra mile and gotten all of the testing done on her end, this whole thing would have been “disappeared” with the general public left none the wiser.

    Which makes me wonder how many times this has happened before with less savvy owners left with dead/sick pets and no answers?

  16. Sandra Stanley

    Susan, Thank you so very much for all of your thorough posts, information, and knowledge! You are amazing and the best! I have learned so much from you.

  17. hcchorus

    It is outrageous that they set up a website defending Evangers and attacking you. At this point, anyone who comes on here defending Evangers like “Moon Glough” above are clearly family, employees, or paid shills of their PR company desperately trying to create doubt. It would be fascinating to see the IP addresses of the various shills who have commented positively on Evangers and never on any other story before or since.

  18. Ian

    Susan, I can’t locate the reference to you on the site … did they already remove it, or is it in one of the videos, or did I miss it somewhere?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      They removed it.

  19. B Dawson

    I’m posting separately two response letters sent out today by my distributor. While they called last week about the expanded Evanger’s recall, they are just now sending out manufacture’s responses that they received in late February.

    Here’s Wevura’s letter:

    Weruva Announces Indefinite Suspension of Beef SKUs Manufactured by Evanger’s
    In a letter dated February 24, Weruva announced an indefinite suspension of production at Evanger’s. Please see the contents Weruva’s letter below.

    Dear Valued Customers,
    My wife Stacie and I founded Weruva out of our apartment in 2006 with the purpose of providing the highest quality and safest pet food for our companion animals, including our rescue kitties—WEbster, RUdi and VAnessa—the W-E, R-U and V-A of Weruva. Stacie and I continue to work toward that mission every day, and as the sole owners, we stand by all things Weruva in their entirety.

    As many of you know, Evanger’s produced five (5) items for Weruva (Kobe Master, Kobe Yume, Kobe Gyro, Kurobuta Hero and Kurobuta Pagoda). Though we have no cause to doubt the integrity of the products, we have indefinitely suspended production of these items.

    We thank you for caring deeply about this issue and voicing your concerns. Please know that the Weruva Family will continue our mission of providing the best and safest products.

    Yours Truly,
    David Forman
    President and Co-Founder

    1. Lynn Utecht

      Did these other companies who contracted Evangers out to pack their food not inspect Evangers plants at least quarterly??? This letter rings hollow in my ears…

      1. Anonymous

        They probably did inspect Evangers and received the limited tour of the clean part of the facility before being whisked away. And they probably showed them the same spec sheets they received from their supplier/distributor with limited information about the “beef” they were receiving. Shame on Weruva for not going to inspect and insisting on an inspection of the raw materials from Evanger’s distributor.

        In the end, it;s a risk analysis. And unfortunately, the life of a pug and the slight damage to their brand is worth the risk of not vetting their supplier for the last upteen years. How many people stopped buying Blue Buffalo after it was discovered they used by-products after claiming they weren’t? Even a massive outfit like Blue didn’t bother to go check the raw material supplier. And the class action that followed didn’t even leave a dent in their profits. And people continue to buy Blue the same day they will one day return to Evangers.

        Shame on us as consumers for trusting Blue, Weruva, Evangers and any other company out there to really examine the raw materials. And shame on us for not seriously taking a stand against animal feed. The fact that dog food does not need to be human grade and does not have to pass the same human quality standards as our food is appalling. And until our food and our pets’ food are on par, these types of situations will sadly continue to occur.

    2. Woofielover

      This is the Kobe line, the only line Weruva had made at Evanger’s. This suspension is the ceasing of production of that entire line as a result of discontinuing their relationship with Evanger’s. Prior to announcing this suspension, Weruva took the time to test cans and review the chain of custody on all ingredients used by Evanger’s in their cans. If they had found anything, there would likely have been more announced than just a suspension of the line.

  20. B Dawson

    Here’s the Party Animal response from my distributor:

    February 28, 2017
    Dear Valued Distributors and Retailers,
    For a decade, Party Animal has taken great pride in producing organic-based products so that pet owners can be confident in feeding their four-legged children.
    We are committed to the purity and safety of our products, and want to assure you with total confidence that our products have not been affected by the current recall experienced by another manufacturer. We know that this manufacturer’s recall concerns our valued channel
    partners who have come to trust Party Animal to provide the highest quality pet food available.
    The premium quality of Party Animal’s entire product line remains unchanged. Party Animal continues to have the most strict manufacturing standards, and produces the highest quality pet foods with the purest ingredients available. Party Animal has established itself as being an organic-based pet food company since its inception 10 years ago.
    In order to ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, our raw materials are sourced independently and stored separately for our recipes. For example, our organic beef is hormone-free and antibiotic-free, and stored a certain distance away from non-organic beef in order to prevent any likelihood of confusion and co-mingling of raw materials. Furthermore, our organic beef does not contain steroids or other growth stimulants, and is sourced from a beef supplier that is certified organic by the USDA – National Organic Program. Additionally, the machinery used to manufacture our full line of products is entirely separate from the machinery used to manufacture the hand-packed food that was associated with the recall in question.
    The current manufacturer’s recall was unfortunate, and serves as an example to why we founded Party Animal in the first place. We believe that organic ingredients and strict manufacturing standards are essential to protect pets from harmful chemicals and sub-standard ingredients in their food.
    As pet parents ourselves, we wholeheartedly understand that the products you offer your customers have to be consistently superior. Furthermore, transparency with our customers and vendors is a central part of our mission.
    Party Animal is a family-owned company, and we are proud to say that it has never been part of a pet food recall. The quality and integrity of our company has always been at the very heart of what we do. Rest assured, all of our products remain healthy, clean and safe.
    Should you have any further questions or concerns, please visit our website, or contact us at (855) 727-8926.
    Thank you for your continued support of Party Animal.
    Dary Abrams
    CEO / Co-Founder Party Animal, Inc.
    Shawna Abrams President / Co-Founder Party Animal, Inc.
    8491 Sunset Blvd. #370, West Hollywood, CA 90069 P: 855-727-8926

    1. Lynn Utecht

      Again- loses all credibility with me. Did Party Animal not inspect Evangers at least quarterly? And as it looks like Party Animal did not inspect the two Evanger plants- what company could stay in such a run down environment- how do they know the beef was kept separate?? And-there was no refrigeration-so is that up to Party Animals standards?? Shame on you Party Animal…

  21. Terri christenon janson

    Evanders quality control FAILED! It failed. End of discussion. I homecook every 2 days for my 6 and will continental after 5 years of doing it. Don’t trust any commercially made food.

  22. oneblankspace

    This company also markets a vegetarian cat food. For those of you who only know dogs, cats are obligate carnivores — they cannot produce the protein (Taurine) that their eyes, brains, and hearts need to function properly.

    1. Dog Lover

      That’s a good point. A pet food company who makes vegetarian cat food (or dog food) is looking out for their bottom line, not the health of our pets.

    2. Susan

      Cat food being vegetarian?

  23. B Dawson

    Pet Product News just sent out an announcement that Evanger’s is hosting a Q & A in their booth at Global Pet Expo, calling it “The hottest ticket in Orlando next week”.

    According to the email, “Darrel Luedtke, FDA Veteran will be available to answer your FDA-related questions surrounding Evanger’s voluntary recall next Thursday and Friday, March 23-24”. The only thing a quick search turned up on Mr. Luedtke was a 2006 FDA Inspection report where he is listed as a Consumer Safety Officer in the Chicago office.

    I’m not going to Global, but if any of you other retailers on this list are, Evanger’s is booth #801. I would love to hear about any conversations that occur!

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I’ll be there.

      1. Lynn Marie Utecht

        This will be interesting. Thanks for going Sue!

      2. B Dawson

        Oh, would I love to eavesdrop on that conversation! Any chance you could record it and post it? It would be a great rebuttal to that ridiculous youtube video the Sher’s have up.

        If you happen to investigate the Pet Sustainability Coalition, I’d be interested in hearing your thoughts on that as well. If it’s more than just marketing/window dressing, maybe there’s some allies to be found in the industry.

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I have had discussions with Pet Sustainability Coalition. In my opinion it is nothing more than an excuse to recycle waste into pet food. We didn’t agree on much of anything in our conversation.

  24. B Dawson

    Too bad. Just more fluff marketing and buzz words to suck in consumers.

    I’m sad that West Paw and a few other names on the list would be part of it.

  25. j.j.

    IF YOU FEED KIBBLE, it’s not rocket science, read the INGREDIENTS!!! it’s well known that a lot of that kibble crap is useless, inedible by product that’s been cooked to shit so bad that the dogs body doesn’t even recognize our as food anymore (unless it’s from champion petfood – the only trustworthy kibble, IMO. But, either way, it’s still kibble😵).
    KIBBLE IS ABSOLUTE TRASH!!! If you really even REMOTELY care about your pet, THEN STOP FEEDING KIBBLE. That’s the equivalent of us eating McDonald’s every meal forever.

  26. Cheri Serlin

    Evangers is the best quality dog food! Our Shih-tzu loves the grain free chicken with pumpkin and sweet potato. We also give him the canned chicken, duck, & rabbit to mix in with the dry. The company is not responsible for the tainted food but rather the packaging facility, which other dog food companies also use.

    1. Jeri

      Please tell me after ALL that was found by the FDA in THEIR warehouses and factories that you don’t actually believe they aren’t responsible. They lied to consumers about the food being human-grade. They KNEW it wasn’t. It’s simply not possible to believe otherwise as they paid the invoices which are clearly MARKED “NOT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION”. Their factories are a disgrace. THEIRS. NO ONE ELSE’S. Your loyalty is better served by making your pet the object of it rather than a pet food company.

    2. lynnutecht

      you can’t be serious??? Evangers IS the packing company. Have you not read this article and researched it yourself?? You are feeding a very bad food….

    3. lynnutecht

      Sounds to me like an Evangers owner/investor posted this…

    4. Ian

      uh, Cheri, Evangers IS the packaging facility !!! They also made food for others.

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