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Dogs Trained to Drive

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  1. Bon

    Yes-this video is really getting seen–they sure can’t do much worse than some of the nutcases I see on the 91 Freeway-lol

  2. Madeleine Fisher Kern

    Now that they’re being taught to drive, it seems right to grant them full personhood instead of property.

    1. lucy mckernan


  3. Amee Rech

    I absolutely LOVE this!! Does this mean they can finally go out and get a JOB too? {wink}

  4. Holland Shoaf

    The end result/goal of these dogs are to actually drive on the roadway correct ? If not then what are the people trying to prove ? If they are then I will promise you their will be accidents so allow me to say “animal abuse”. Stop what your doing and put your goals back under your fantasy hat !

    1. Amee Rech

      Holland, I believe they are showing (and well) that: there is a world of possibility in shelter dogs, they are not “broken”-just homeless, they are still full of life and the ability to learn and love! <3

      1. Holland Shoaf

        I agree, your assumption ” may ” be correct. I like the idea but what if some numbnut would actually put a dog driving on the road ? My mad scientist theory has been validated in the past !

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