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Does $200 Million Tax Revenue Buy Selective Enforcement of Pet Food

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  1. Reader

    People come and go through this site frequently.They “arrive” …. because they’ve been Googling in response to some pet care crisis. They read the articles for a while. Decide on a new PF or home cook. And move on. It’s not until an article shows the direct consequence of killer food on an animal that people really wake up. This is not something out of anyone’s control. It is a matter of breaking a law intended to prevent just such tragedies. Evangers’ was bad enough. What more does it take for people to speak up. (And yes, Greyhound Rescue is very involved!). But here are two industries colluding with the government (gaming and the pet food industry) so people can profit from the direct effort ….to ignore risk!

    As readers of this site, what are we going to do about the situation. Please suggest a letter and contacts where protest can be sent. And by the way, everyone should be copying their media.

    1. Peter

      It is even more than you suggest. We must examine the societal phenomena, wherein consumers simply allow themselves to wholly abandon common sense as they shop for pet food. Consumers surely, on the whole, KNOW that pet foods are not prepared from the ingredients such as they appear both in pictures and as descriptive terms on the label. We really do KNOW that the chicken in that can doesn’t look like it does on the label… or, that trace amounts of “wholesome” and “real” and even “organic” quality ingredients really aren’t there or are in such trace amounts… that its just marketing borne of an exploitation of trust… trust that has really never been earned. WE as consumers are collusive in this shameful situation.

  2. Woofielover

    Well, Evanger’s is worth less in tax revenues and they’re still operating. It doesn’t matter the state, our country is corrupt and money-focused. We all suffer for it in our food, water, soil and air. If humans are treated this way why would we expect more for our animals (though I personally think they’re more important than most humans!)?

  3. D. Haven

    “What is more important to the state of Florida – the health of animals and enforcement of law or $200 million in tax revenue?…”

    Money of course. Money is the only thing anyone cares about besides themselves.

    Speaking of the health of animals, the Greyhound racing industry is sickening. Those poor animals are locked in cages when not muzzled to race and are as scared and timid as can be. My mother was part of their rescue group and vocal advocates bringing those poor creatures home for a chance at life. I wish humans would use one another as they use animals.

    1. D.Haven, Yes money is the bottom line, and when a breeder loses a Greyhound, I wonder if their grief is more about losing money than losing the dog.

      Some humans do use other humans in even worse ways than animals. Slavery is alive and well in 2017. Some products that we use and eat are produced by human slavery. I don’t have a list of companies, but it can be obtained with a search.

      Much gratitude to your mother for helping to rescue the Greyhounds.

  4. Darlene

    D. Haven, I agree money is the end all for most people and businesses. But as someone who has adopted ex-racing greyhound since 1996, and been involved in their adoption from rescue groups for almost 20 year, please don’t believe they are all ”scared and timid as can be”. I had many fosters and many I adopted who were anything but timid. Adopted out many more who were wonderful, normal pets. Yes, had a few shy ones, but one never knows if that trait is from genetics or treatment at the track. Like all industries, there are good and bad people, and while I don’t agree with racing dogs or horses for sport, I have met good people who worked in the industry and who cared about the dogs. I’ve even known trainers who hid dogs, at their own risk, for later rescue, that owners slated to euthanize because no longer profitable.

    As far as 4D meat, it has been fed to greyhounds for decades and who knows how many have sickened and died due to eating such garbage. But the same goes for our beloved pets who eat this same toxic meat in pet food we buy everyday and believe is safe.

  5. stormidnight

    It’s money, has always been money and will always be money, until the money stops. Unfortunately, the masses are ignorant and pound-foolish. God bless the animals they bring into their lives. Do the best you can for yours, educate when you can and know that on the other side, this means very little. It’s suffering, but short term, thank God. It’s crazy here on earth.

    1. Stephanoe

      I wholeheartedly agree!


    Susan,I do not know what I would fo without your selfless work…
    Your pet food list is priceless!!
    My babies get Primal brand Raw!!!

    1. Robin, I think even Primal has had recalls. I give my cat Rad Cat raw, and even that company has had recalls, but I continue to feed it. There really is no safe pet food, even if it’s human grade, since there are recalls on human food all the time. We take risks with anything we put in our mouth, and in our pet’s mouths. I’m thankful that Susan is such a warrior in trying to inform and protect us. She puts herself at risk in doing this selfless work.

      1. D. Haven

        I agree with you, Sandy.

  7. shelby

    Susan, what can we do?! Who should we contact?
    This MUST stop!! I want to help.

  8. Pat P.

    The work of Susan’s is invaluable, and I am certain that my pet’s lives have been lengthened and improved because of it! Yet, many humans are lazy, ignorant, selfish and greedy, enough so, that their pets, even those claimed to be children, are, actually, neglected. The pet parent won’t spend the additional money needed to provide better care or take the time to cook or travel to a different store, even when doable.
    I don’t comprehend those people, any more than I do the mindset of animal abusers.
    Even though you can’t change as many as you would prefer, each animal that has a healthier life can thank you, along with his/her guardian. You may reach less than your goal, nevertheless, a worthwhile, lifesaving one–much more than most can claim.

    Greyhounds are subjected to so much abuse. It is extremely disheartening. The racing industry should be permanently banned. Activists have been fighting this for years. The state of Florida is very corrupt, in general. Just look at its criminal governor, elected twice, despite being involved in the largest Medicare fraud in history (with the largest fine), in addition to other known crimes.

  9. Fred Barton

    “But…Florida Department of Agriculture has chosen not to arrest repeat offenders in the greyhound racing industry, has chosen not to issue a stop sale, has chosen not the condemn or confiscate any 4-D meat pet food. ”

    That’s because racing greyhounds are not considered pets. In Kansas its even a law. They are classed with cows sheep and pigs specifically so they don’t get the same protections as companion animals. If state governments were to expect greyhounds to receive the same level of care in the kennels that you give your dog or cat, the industry would be out of business. That’s right, it’s all about money. Greyhounds are commodities brought into this world for the sole purpose of making their owners money and their treatment reflects that fact.

    I am a Board member of GREY2K USA Worldwide, an organization that fights to save these marvelous creatures all over the globe. (you can learn more about us here: I have fostered and adopted rescued racing greyhounds since 1995. I cannot imagine abandoning any of them when they become injured, old or sick and yet this is routinely what happens to them at operating tracks.
    Fred Barton
    Board Member
    GREY2K USA Worldwide

    1. Reader

      Thank you for what you do.

      And I apologize up front. Being sorry about how this is going to be my day to rant. But we have all these “fancy” people running around the country shouting about rights and oppression. As well as a Snowflake, Cupcake generation crying over paper cuts. Which I get. (Not to be demeaning about a human rights issue). But when it comes to a population of living creatures that have NO say or means of protection. For something that CAN be corrected AND stopped. To be reminded of this brutality. Keeping a particular breed (a sight hound) that purposefully lives for speed … confined. In between races. Is pretty SICK. I hope any profit ever made by one of these exploiters who bets on such nonsense, only brings bad them as much misery.

      Thank you for reminding people about an embarrassing and sad pastime in this country. Michael Vick was made to pay for his (by comparison limited) animal brutality. And yet the State of Florida gets to profit from it. Wow. What a mistakenly civilized society we live in.

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