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Do You Buy It?

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  1. Geff R.

    Welcome to corporate America. Nothing but lies. I was very fortunate during the recall. My baby’s brand was the 1st one that I heard of having deadly issues. I read the article moments before I was going to open a brand new bag. May have saved his life.

  2. Lynn

    As far as the corn/grain debate goes, there is a difference between surviving and thriving. I think most of us want our pets to thrive. My cats are different animals on a raw diet. I have since adopted a Paleolithic diet for myself. Being grain-free is awesome. I’m just like my cats now. I lost weight, my skin cleared, and I have a ton of energy now. I prefer thriving too!

  3. Ken Kalligher

    I so predicted what would happen to Natura once it had been sold. About 1 year after sale: Recall. Now these junk foods. So, why should the giants compete, just buy up the smaller guys and convert. Seems simple, particularly when there are so many uninformed and gullible customers.

  4. Peter

    Common sense would tell you that these agribusiness conglomerates are mounting these “information” sites to counter the type of information disseminated to the public by TAPF. To anyone with common sense… it just makes them look desperate.

  5. Ellie

    I don’t believe anything that places like Purina or any of the large pet food companies say. Their internet sites are just more advertizing for the company. The only ones they are looking out for are the board of directors and stock holders.
    I do know of a lot of people that do listen to them though. Since many of our veterinarians are in on this scam we have “leading’ vets telling people that corn is a high quality protein for our pets. It is bad for humans but good for pets?
    In this society people are greatly misled on multiple topics if they do not take the time to educate themselves about things. Do your own research and use multiple sources that are not part of the conspiracy.
    It seems to me that it would be common sense to realize that grains are not a natural food source for our pets. I have never seen feral and stray dogs and cats out in the farmers field looking for some corn or wheat to eat!

  6. Tammy Baugh

    I am not at all surprised that Innova has made a new pet food. After all they just recently had a recall of their Innova pet food. I just bought some. And I wondered why my cats wouldn’t eat it. I then returned it to the store.What I think is funny though is of course people will buy their new pet food, not even thinking about the recall on the old one!

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