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Congressional Questions to Safety of Beneful Pet Food

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  1. T N Reedy

    Thanks Susan, now we’re getting somewhere. I told you a long time ago that Senator Durbin would come through for us and for all animals. Glad to know that Senator Feinstein has teamed with him, or visa versa. As a note to all of your readers, contacting your federal/state representatives really does help.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Honestly TN – I believe because of you sending writing Senator Durbin over many years, I could tell by the wording in the letter sent to FDA, they are truly beginning to understand what consumers are facing. So thanks to you! I believe you have played a huge role in nudging them along to take action for us.

  2. Peter

    Uncomfortable timing… lots of “promotion” sales and coupons for Beneful in our area. Per pound in those mega-bags sold at the major retailers, it is embarrassingly cheap.

    1. Jane Eagle

      Yup: it’s cheap because it is a bag of garbage.

  3. Dianne Anthony

    Letters written!!

  4. Dianne Anthony

    My letters have been sent. Thank you.

  5. Andrea

    I sent a copy of your example letter to Senators Patty Murray and Maria Cantwell. Also sent one to Rep. Derek Kilmer. All in WA state.

    1. Peg

      Today is the 8th Anniversary of the start of the biggest Pet Food Recall in history.
      God Bless the angels

  6. Hope Williams

    Excellent Susan! Not only this communication but the perseverance that you give to leading the charge to get bad products off the market . I’m continuously saddened by the folks who never read labels and that play russian roulette with their animals lives. Despite this you continue to fight. Thank you x 1000!

  7. Lise P

    My letters are also sent here in FL!

  8. Sharon

    What an excellent letter. Just want to say thank you for all that you do for our furry family members!

  9. B Dawson

    It’s amazing that these extraordinary measures are needed to investigate Big Corp pet feed when it only takes a single complaint for FDA to test Primal’s frozen raw. From FDA’s recall (emphasis mine):

    “FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – March 13, 2015 – Primal Pet Foods is voluntarily recalling a single batch production code of Feline Turkey Raw Frozen Formula 3-pound bag. FDA tested product in RESPONSE TO A SINGLE CONSUMER COMPLAINT. PRIMAL Pet Foods was alerted by FDA that the testing of two bags of this lot resulted in a low thiamine level. Neither FDA nor Primal have received any other reports concerning Thiamine in Primal products. No other product manufactured by Primal Pet Foods is involved in this voluntary recall.”….

    Time to stop supporting corporations who don’t give a darn.

  10. marcus

    WOW – Very disturbing. Most telling statement for me – Incredible that consumers are allowed to be treated this way.

    Pet food is allowed to display misleading images of actual food on their labels such as prime cuts of meat and fresh vegetables when nothing near this quality of ingredient are inside the bag or can (stated as “freedom of speech” by FDA at the most recent regulatory meeting).

  11. Linda

    Letters sent in CO.

  12. Terri Janson

    Bravo!! Susan!! We are getting somewhere finally!!!! 🙂

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