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Claudia’s Cuisine Voluntary Product Withdrawal

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  1. Dr Amy Nesselrodt

    I could not find these particular products on the PetSmart web site but I did notice that quite a few of this brand’s treats have artificial colors, various forms of sugars and other ingredients I would not recommend. The treats are VERY cute and look like something we’d eat, but your dog does not care what they look like and “looking cute” is not a reason to choose a treat for your dog. Be sure you read labels!

    1. Purple Peke

      I totally agree with Dr Nesselrodt. Many of the decorative and cute dog treats contain sugars, shortening, artificial coloring, butter and many more bad things for dogs.
      I own a dog company and bake better cookies and treats for dogs. I never use dairy products and all my bakery is gluten free. Coloring is from vegetables and no preservatives are used. Shelf life is not long for our products, but they are better than other dog treats on the market.

      This is not an advertisement for my company, although it reads like one. I am just a very strong advocate of education is the key for dog parents. I have been educating dog parents for a decade.

      Please read product labels and buy American.

  2. howard moore

    my dog loves carrots, frozen brussel sprouts,cabbage cores barely knows what a dog treat is

  3. Purple Peke

    Me too. I cook fresh every day for my dogs. They love veggies and apples.

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