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Australian Consumers with a Win

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  1. Loui

    Thank You Susan for this vital information. I am from Australia and am extremely concerned about our pets rights regarding commercial pet feed. It is also to be noted that our supermarkets giants and no so giants import the commercial pet feed from USA and is most worrying to see the label says so. The no-frills supermarket chains are of sickening concern to me. The feeds I have seen are labeled with a big fancy logo saying proudly made in USA from USA approved products OMG!!!! Years ago I found my cat left something on her plate which I noticed to be a huge piece of melted metal I was furious and demanded investigation but as soon as I gave them the metal I never heard of them again. They tried to compensate it with a $10 cheque which I denied and left me several tins of the same brand of cat food. AGAIN I found problems dead maggots in the tins. I tossed them all out and refused to play russian roulette with my cat. Instead I started feeding her human-grade mince, chicken wings and baked veggies. My beautiful Silver Point Persian Tina to this day (20 yrs later) it still angered me that the pet feed industry plays ‘risky business’ with our pets. My girl has since passed but hurt me deeply that it could have been worse. I would imagine too that the RAW Pet Feed such as toxic kangaroo meat which is profoundly pumped into all pet feed here is banned. The dangerous sulphites added and the meat is not only unethical being the largest wild animal slaughter on the planet next to Canadian seal clubbing and whaling pet consumers blindly believe the bureaucratic rubbish that its actually good and healthy for pets -well it is one of the worst meat you could ever feed your pets on numerous levels it is also banned in UN because of the dangers involved with consuming this meat. Ever wonder why the kangaroo meat turns black sitting in the supermarket shelves? when you seek the answers you will find yourself avoiding it like the plague.

  2. Kelley

    Ummm WERUVA????? Did we forget about that one? That was huge and people just brushed that under the rug like it never happened. Not ok. Have family in Australia they haven’t forgotten or maybe people only care about dogs and not cats?

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