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Abady Dog Food Recall

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  1. Kathi Galotti

    Thank you for this information. I have been purchasing Abady Classic, large and mini snacks for over 25 years without any problems and I will continue confident that Abady still maintains their excellent products.

  2. BC

    I am soooooo tired of the mea cuppas-
    How freaking hard is it to produce Samonella free food??

  3. Jerry Pardue

    It would be much easier to make salmonella free dog food if the manufacturer would make the investment in human food grade ingredients and not just charge human food grade prices for those products. Even that would not be effective 100% of the time but making that choice and doing some in house testing might reduce the incidence rate to zero.

    1. WD

      If you were to eliminate any foods that ever had a recall from your list of acceptable foods then I must assume by now you are only eating pine needles and earth worms……. Recalls happen….get over it! I’ve used Abady foods for over thirty years and have had nothing less than excellent results. This is the only recall this company has had since it opened its door in 1978! Not a bad track record if you ask me.

      1. Kathi Galotti

        I am of a same mind. I switched to Abady based on a friend’s recommendation. My dogs have thrived on it and most have lived into their teens.

  4. June

    I’ve used Abady dog and cat foods for over 21 years. I’ve never had any problems with the food and have only seen remarkable results. I’ve personally seen the care that goes into the Abady feeds and would never consider feeding anything but Abady. Thank you for the information and keep up the amazing work that you do!

  5. UrbanCollieChick

    Human grade foods test positive for salmonella and E coli all the time.

    And those bacteria come in different strains as well.

    It’s not surprising. Those bacteria are found in the guts of all animals. When enough of them come to the same slaughterhouse, and enough animals are killed and gutted, their feces are bound to splatter.

    Even with tight controls and cleaning regimens, sometimes bits of undesirable matter get onto the meat.
    Inspectors can only test so much, and you can’t exactly SEE the bacteria.

    Most of the recalls are more to protect humans than pets. On average, pets handle this sort of thing better than humans do, though it’s not impossible for a pet to fall ill from it from time to time. Depends on the general health of the pet and the particular strain of bacterium.

    Other potential issues include Campylobacter, Listeria and possibly even Toxoplasmosis; the last one was what made doctors advise pregnant women not to clean litterboxes in case the family cat caught and ate a mouse including the guts.

    Which always made me wonder, why only when pregnant? Were we getting toxoplasmosis on a regular basis all the rest of the time?


    1. Linda H

      Because the danger is mainly to the baby. I’m pretty sure this is the diseases that can eventually cause blindness to people contracting toxoplasmosis in utero.

  6. Adm

    I have used Abady Classic for about 5 years. It is the best food made. Orijen is total garbage compared to Abady.

    1. Kathi Galotti

      I have used Abady Classic Maintenance & Stress for my dogs for over 25 years and never had a problem. One dog lived to be 16, the others between 12 and 15.

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