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A Win for the Pet People

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  1. TNReedy

    Susan, your assessment of Petco’s & Petsmart’s respective decisions assuredly was based on markedly diminished sales. The bottom line, however, was why they took so long to act. Now, what about Amazon and other online pet products outlets including Petco’s and Petsmart’s?

  2. Linda Leonard Hughes

    Finally! maybe some headway and maybe a light to some goodness!? Everywhere we turn their seems to be heartache! Hopefully this will begin to work! Let us all Hope!

  3. Lisa Widenhofer

    Took too d*** long, but Susan and pet parents keep up the good work of spreading the news and not buying the crap they want to sell us.

  4. Peter

    A decision based not on concern for pets or their customers, but on marketing, as Petco tries to “take credit” for something that should have happened years ago. The final push was likely the realization by their legal team, that the company would become entangled in consumer initiated litigation for continuing to sell products which reasonably can be assumed to be potentially toxic.

  5. Ann*

    My dog was permanently harmed by the China chicken jerky and will never fully recover. While I could criticize Petco and Petsmart (where I bought the chicken jerky treats on sale in 2012) as “too little, too late”, I think it is more important to look forward and not backward and to see their decisions as very good ones for all pet owners. I view it as an acknowledgement that the battle to improve pet food has won an advancement and is good for everyone. I am thankful that it was not successfully swept under the rug and the outcry against this practice has resulted in changes, not only in marketing but in corporate/government thinking that pet owners can be treated in any old way and nothing significant will happen to them. I think the point has been made – if it happens again, expect the same or bigger responses. And we pet consumers will be vigilant.
    Thanks to Susan and Mollie for all of their work in making this happen.

  6. Dog_Obsessed

    I agree that this is way delayed, and is probably more about decreased marketing than doing the right thing, but it is still a HUGE step in the way of pet food safety.

  7. Carol Wright

    A daughter-in-law lost a dog and cat to this junk. I have never fed my fur babies any of this. I cook and feed raw. I have two very healthy pets. C

  8. Terri Janson

    I am thrilled! Finally…I make all my treats. A friend that works with me at the store asked if my dog which is a full sister to hers ever had any seizures. I said no. Then asked if she was giving her dog jerky treats. She said yes. Well she is NO longer. Don’t know what kind they were. NONE of them are good.

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