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6 Months

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  1. ellie

    Why would the FDA feel responsible to the people who provide their paycheck? Just more of the same out of control government waste.

  2. Leandra Little

    It is simply an outrage that the FDA and AAFCO think we can simply be ignored. Because of “strategy” like this, more and more people like me will stop buying commercially made pet foods. My animals are in the pink of health and I no longer have to be concerned about recalls. If the providers wish to protect their clients (rather than just paying lip service) as much as they seem to be trying to protect their bottom lines, they should realize that home-cooking is becoming more and more the ONLY option for knowledgeable pet owners. And the word is spreading. Thank you so much Susan for all the work you do.

  3. Stephen GOO

    Time for an On-Line Petition ..

    To show “Our Elected Officials” that Pet Parents can Bite Too !

  4. Kent Petersime

    Anybody have a ship large enough to put our entire Government on. We could ship them out in the ocean and let the ship rust. Their is NO support from anyone from any agency in Washington. If you do call or write if you get a reply it’s always a rubber stamp letter. I only wish we could get through to those knuckleheads just how important it is for them to set standards that will protect our pets from fillers, and contaminated food from China. I’m pulling for you Susan every step of the way, but as you know this is a lot worse than pulling that last tooth.

    1. ellie

      I totally agree with you. Our government agencies have become self contained monuments to corruption and waste. They serve no useful purpose anymore except to bleed the tax payers and provide political payback to the backers of certain politicians.

  5. Nan MacArthur

    Commenter Stephen Goo is correct…time for an online petition! is the best petition site by far, with over 24 MILLION members worldwide. In addition to Americans and Canadians, pet owners WORLDWIDE will respond. AAFCO and the FDA will be forced out of their closet, and their position and lack of concern for pets health will be exposed for the rest of the world to see.

  6. joan

    What can we do?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I wish I knew. Both agencies are digging in – refusing to allow consumers a voice. I am working with both of my Senators in Florida for help with FDA. That might help – I don’t know. But AAFCO is an independent group (even though they are State employees). The only thing I know to do is keep screaming. Squeaky wheel.

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