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Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs Recall

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  1. anniesezso

    What does “elevated levels of naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone” mean? If it is naturally occurring how does it become “elevated?” I ordered one case of this recalled food to supplement my regularly fed Caru, from your approved list, because the Caru protein content seems low.

    I want to know if this Wellness product could be lethal, so I plan to have a can of the contents tested. Iowa State University is the closest university specializing in veterinary medicine to my home, is this the correct way to go about testing since they are heavily funded and supported by Big Ag and the federal government?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I suspect “elevated levels of naturally occurring beef thyroid hormone” means they used high levels of beef thyroid glands in the pet food – which could be very problematic for the pets consuming the food. With testing, you could explain the recall information to the lab – ask them for suggestions on what to test the food for.

      1. anniesezso

        Thank you for the reply Susan. I guess i couldn’t imagine using enough of one body part (thyroid glands) in the mix to get to an elevated level necessitating recall.

    2. Reader

      I don’t think Wellness is on an “approved” list. However a wide range of PF brands and recipes are categorized in the Petsumer Report where the ingredients and attributes are described. From Susan’s various articles, and from the footnotes provided, a reader can make a determination about whether (or not) the product is useful.

      And even a listing doesn’t preclude a future recall.

      1. anniesezso

        Wellness isn’t on the list, but as I said above Caru is. I feed Caru and add either home cooked beef or chicken to boost protein level and flavor, but wanted to have something on hand for the occasional times I don’t have anything cooked ahead. Bad choice.

    3. Christine

      There was one complaint of illness to the FDA from the Blue Buffalo can being recalled for the same reason, so it’s possible it could cause trouble for another dog. We’ll be interested to hear what you find.

      1. Kim

        Would guess that BB and Wellness use the same plant…?

        1. Anonymous

          You would guess correctly. And it would be called Simmons…

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