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We Did Not Find The Requested Records

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  1. Joan Johnston

    This is really weird. Usually someone is getting paid under the counter by a company who benefits from such misrepresentation.

  2. Sage

    Hi Susan

    Can you use FOIA / Freedom of Information Act to demand of the FDA that they produce these records (or prove they don’t exist)?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      I did. Through FOIA request they could not provide any documents.

  3. Mary Meyer Johnson

    I sent Susan’s email to my Texas representatives and will post their responses when received.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Thank you Mary!

    2. Trouble

      I’m going to look up my state’s representatives via the link Susan posted, and contact them as well. But quick question, for Susan or for anyone else who can answer this I suppose? In the example letter Susan posted in this article, I noticed that some parts have links to different pieces of information/facts/data, etc on Congress’s .gov site… am I to include those links in the letter as well? Or are the links in the example letter for our reference only? Just wanted clarification on that first, before I contact my state’s reps.

      I’d most likely use the example letter that Susan posted above… It’s certainly a lot better than anything I could say to my state’s reps, as far as it looking somewhat formal/professional, giving facts and information, rather than just expressing feelings about how the FDA is doing things (I imagine that most government reps are more likely to take some sort of action, make change, or listen to a factual, information-based letter to them, as opposed to someone expressing their ‘feelings’ about the topic.. lol).

      Anyways, thanks in advance to any responses I get to my question. 🙂 I’m looking forward to contacting my reps about this, and seeing if I get a response back (hopefully I do).

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        Either way would work – you can provide the all the links if you like.

  4. Reader

    I don’t understand. If the FDA can’t supply facts (or evidence) to prove the safety of commercial PF (wet and dry), then why do they have all the facts they need to disqualify the use of raw PF?

  5. Dianne & pets

    I expect that in Canada, we could reword it and send it to the minister of trade, whoever looks after agricultural products and Canadian Border Inspection services. Can anyone think of anyone else?

    1. Jane Democracy

      Just so you know… there is no pet food regulation in Canada, the only time the CFIA gets involved is if the product is being exported.

  6. Cheryl Bond

    Once again, the FDA PROVES what deceitful little liars they are! Oh, how convenient that they “cannot find” the information. We all know thats bull****! Even if it were true, it would prove how incompetent they are! What! a Gov’t regulatory agency at the highest level, “just suddenly incompetently loses important legal documents” REALLY!?! FDA! I guess that’s the new normal in gov’t…files just can “disappear” and no-one is held accountable!

    Do they think we all agree really that stupid?! I guess they really believe (or know) that they can get away with ANYTHING they damn well want to! 😤

    1. Trouble

      Hey now… Maybe they’re not lying. Maybe they’re being completely honest when they say, “We did not find the requested records.”

      As soon as I started reading this article, the first question that came to my mind was, “Is the FDA stating, in a vague, roundabout sort of way, that…..these requested records can’t be found because they don’t exist?” That’s how I interpret the statement, “We did not find the requested records.”

      I guess I have to ask Susan: Has the FDA ever told you this before, when you’ve requested any sort of information (about anything in general, not just this particular piece of information)? Have you ever received the response that they couldn’t find the requested records? If you did… what was it that they said in the past that they couldn’t find, and did they ever eventually find that information for you, or explain why they couldn’t find it? If you haven’t ever received this response from the FDA before, then…. What do you think it means? Like I said, I’m inclined to think it means, “The requested records cannot be found because they do not exist.”

      If the records DO actually exist, I find it hard to believe that the FDA would be so obvious about their incompetency, or so obvious about their lack of organizational skills and record-keeping. It just seems unlikely that they would want to draw attention to their crappy record-keeping skills (especially with almost everything being digital/electronic records nowadays…lol. I would think that the FDA would have both a digital/electronic copy of their records, as well as a physical, paper copy of those records, just in case something should happen. It could be devastating for them if something happened and they lost important documents, records, data, information, etc… So I would think they keep their records in both formats – digital and physical/paper.

      To say they “can’t find the requested record,” doesn’t really indicate to me that they can’t find it as in they’ve lost it… But more so that they can’t find a record that simply doesn’t exist. I’m very curious to know if the FDA has ever used this particular excuse before when Susan has requested information from them about anything… Especially if it’s information they don’t necessarily want her (or the public) to have or know. Buuuut, you’d think that the FDA would want to show their information, their “science-based” data that proves that these ingredients that are used are totally safe and fine for our pets to eat. So if the records do exist (which I don’t think they do, obviously), I would think the FDA would be jumping at the chance to show those records off, basically to…prove Susan wrong in a way. In a very childish manner, it would be similar to, “Nanananabooboo, I’m right (the FDA), you’re wrong! (Susan and all of the well-informed pet owners, such as ourselves, lol.) This (the records) even proves that you’re all wrong, and we’re right!!” *FDA blows raspberries at us all* Because… that’s just how I imagine them all being. Childish and immature, irresponsible people, blowing raspberries at us. Lol.

      Anywho… I’m interested to know Susan’s thoughts on my personal take on the FDA’s response to her request for the information….And I’m curious to know if there’s anything that can be done to…sort of force the FDA’s hand as far as forcing them to find these records and show them, or forcing them to prove that the records either don’t exist, or absolutely, without a doubt, cannot be found despite all efforts to locate them – and at that point it’s the same as saying they don’t exist at all, lol.

      1. Susan Thixton Author

        That is exactly how I took the response too – the records don’t exist. Which poses a serious problem. FDA states they are science based, that their actions are based on scientific information. With no records, this proves they are acting on opinion that this material is safe. No science.

  7. Linda Horn

    FWIW, I wrote an actual paper letter and mailed it to my Congressman. It will be interesting to see what, if any, response I get. BTW, I sent a paper letter, because I’ve heard politicians are more impressed with an actual letter, since it requires more time and effort (and money!) to send than an email.

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