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  1. Iva Kimmelman

    I am thrilled and proud of you and your team for all you continue to do for our pets!

  2. Ann

    Susan, I was similarly dismayed back in mid November when I signed the online petition to ban all chicken jerky treats imported from China. I noticed that most of the signers at that time were by signers in other countries.
    When I reviewed the petition today to list the link below, I saw that the current signers are primarily from the US. Perhaps these online efforts, both retail and otherwise, make their rounds from country to country and back again. If so, I would expect that you will experience a pickup in US petowners purchasing the list.
    I would encourage all who have not yet done so to sign this petition. It is not inclusive of other harmful products from China, but it is a start:
    Ban all poisonous chicken jerky treats imported from China – The Petition Site

  3. Emily

    Well, I am the person from Mexico! It is discouraging that none of those brands are available here. I have to rely on someone to cross the border to the US and send the food to me! Just shows to what length pet owners will go to to ensure that their pets have healthy food, I guess!

  4. Gitta

    I’d think it is mostly flattering!!!
    For some of the countries listed, I am wondering if they end up with foods and treats that have been recalled/silently pulled from shelves in this country. Many other recalled products are exported. I would not be surprised if the same happens with pet food.

  5. Anne

    I appreciate your work and advocacy. Why the folks from asia and Europe, who don’t buy our brands, are buying your list I can’t imagine. Don’t be discouraged. Perhaps they are relatives of U S residents. You could charge us a membership fee like They were free for a long time but as their list grew, and they went full time into it, it was necessary to charge for the info. You certainly deserve it. We all don’t have time to do the research and advocacy. If all of us were members who paid a modest fee, perhaps it would offset the cost of research and publication. Thanks for all you do.

  6. Yvonne

    I’m in Singapore now and there’s really little or no information on what kind of food is safe. The brands that sell the “all natural” food are like 3-5 times more expensive than the conventional brands. I have a frenchie and I’m beginning to find out just how tough it is. I recently bought some lamb puffs (ingredients stated lamb lungs) yet he had an allergic reaction to it. One thing for sure, I will not buy anything made in China.

  7. Pacific Sun

    The beauty of the TAPF is its accessibility for everyone! Particularly for folks who can’t afford extras for their pets, but still want to do the right thing. Many people who “Google” a topic, especially controversial subjects, now find that the TAPF will be among the top 5 hits. Thus Readers being introduced to this site, can look for other topics, learn to follow regular articles and updates, and begin an educational process. Paid Memberships sometimes turn people off. They inadvertantly create “expectations.” If or when people disagree with what they’ve “paid” for, then that creates complication. This site is based upon exceptionally well researched journalism (but in the end, is also “educated” opinion) which in some cases invites public debate. The advantages include expanded discussions, new discoveries, and even more education! The more people are involved the better! We can all learn from one another. However, a way to support this invaluable advocacy is by making a clean donation in appreciation for all the work. Knowing that the author remains financially independent from industry and consumer influence, advertising and commercial committments. Another way to support the work is through the 2014 List (select PF companies who’ve returned the Pledge and demonstrate a history of strong transparency and customer relations). And a second way is with an annual subscription to the Petsumer Report (which lists the ingredients of 3000+ brand/formulas, and links to ingredient definitions). This is a great “researching tool” for people just becoming familiar with the TAPF.

  8. Ellie

    If I am not mistaken some of the pet food produced in this country is sold in countries outside the U.S.
    Sadly, the pet food that poisons our pets is being exported to pets outside our borders.

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