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The First State to Address (part of) the Problem in Pet Food

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  1. duncan

    Good for Ohio!

  2. Rosemary

    Yeah maybe the rest of this country will follow Ohio’s lead!

  3. Pet Owner

    Would this Fox 8 news story (and practice) be applicable to investigating other States? Maybe this effort could launch in all States in the rest of the Country, and create National awareness!? I am sure people would be horrified to know the facts in this situation. How can we organize?

    1. Natalie King

      Post it everywhere you can, send copies to your local Newspaper in the “Letters to the Editor” section and hopefully they will publish it. The more publicity this type of honest, newsworthy and items of public interest material can get out to the Community – the greater the awareness. Knowledge is power – and Knowledge is also ensuring that your beloved Family Pet is fed safely.

  4. Julie

    I recently relocated back to Ohio and I am in shock….happy shock!!! I will be emailing my gratitude, posting and tweeting.
    I have a request…please everyone…listen to Susan and act. Everyone who has ever left a reply of outrage to one of Susan’s brilliant investigative reports, please channel that outrage to get the momentum going on this and email, post and tweet. Please show our support.
    Representative Lanese, as we know from Susan, is entering some dangerous dirty territory with this bill.
    Thank you Susan.

  5. Natalie King

    I have shared on both Facebook and Twitter down under in South Australia, so I hope lots of pet owners read and respond to the suggestions.

  6. Sandra Murphey

    Who will enforce this? We know we can’t trust the FDA and AAFCO. Does this apply to only pet food manufactured in Ohio? What about all the pet food made elsewhere, and shipped to Ohio?

    It’s a welcome start. I just attended a talk by Joel Blackwell, author of “Personal Political Power” (in California) He’s called “The Grassroots Guy”, and has helped many groups/organizations get what they want, from politicians. His book outlines successful strategies in getting laws changed. Although the book is directed at California, these guidelines can be used anywhere by an organized group focused on pet wellness.

    I’m curious about what influenced Laura Lanese, other than the news report. I wonder if she herself has pets. I do hope that many of us will write and thank her. Mr. Blackwell said that personal letters are very effective, so we can help to create awareness by writing to the reps in our states.

    As for organizing, The Association for Truth in Pet Food represents our voice with lawmakers. Becoming a member is a first step in supporting changes in the laws.

  7. Marsha

    I think it is a great start. Hoping it passes and that other states that manufacture dog and cat food follow.

  8. Sandra Murphey

    Just FYI, I visited Laura Lanese’s FB page, and found this. She’s an example of what we’d want from our own reps.

    Last week Rep. Rick Perales and I introduced HB 523 and today we had proponent written and oral testimony by a variety of groups. Pictured on the right is Vicki Deisner with Animal Welfare Institute as she was providing testimony yesterday. She originally brought this to my attention. We had testimony in support by a dozen plus interested groups including Sharon Harvey of Cleveland ‘s Animal Protection League, Mary O’Connor-Shaver of Rescue Me Ohio, and Corey Roscoe of HSUS. Social workers are in support as well because they know how strong the correlation is and currently make not report animal abuse for fear of violating privacy laws.

    This bill will address two issues revolving around animal abuse and domestic violence. The link is very strong and we know that most of the recent mass shooters, school shooters, serial killers and even the Westerville police killer had histories of animal abuse. The goal of this legislation is to identify these animal abusers before they escalate their level of violence and to protect animals as much as we can. The statistics are alarming and if we can intervene in time we might be able to prevent tragedy and protect both human and animal life. Social workers and veterinarians will be required to report animal abuse.
    The second part of the bill requires the reporting of child and elder abuse committed by members of the military to the base Family Advocacy Programs. Most members of the military live off base and if an incidence occurs off base it is reported to civilian authorities. Our bill will require it to be reported to the FAP so that the military can intervene and help the perpetrators and the victims. Rep. Perales has served as a base commander at Wright Patterson AFB and knows first hand the importance of this piece of the legislation.

  9. Sandra Murphey

    I’m wondering how these statements play into this proposed bill, if passed. Seems like a loophole.

    “There is not one pet food ingredient that is required by its AAFCO/FDA definition to be similar to the same ingredient in human food.
    There is not one AAFCO/FDA pet food ingredient definition that requires the ingredient to abide by federal law.”

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      AAFCO writes what is termed “model bills”, not actually law. Model bills are then accepted or not accepted as state law by each particular state. In this case, Ohio is trying to by-pass the AAFCO process and include these provisions within their own state law. The AAFCO system won’t override Ohio state law – if this bill is passed. Hope that makes sense.

      1. Pet Owner

        If it does pass, will be a good precedent for forcing other (non compliant) States to follow suit.
        And it would aid our potential campaign for shaming other States.

        1. Julie

          Exactly!!! Just as Susan said…a Start. Another commenter asked “Who will enforce it?” Maybe no one; BUT, it does set a precedent. As a resident of Ohio, I’ve been busy today. FYI.. The attorney involved, DanaMarie Pannella, specializes in animal law.

          1. Pet Owner

            Thank you for all your work!

  10. Terri Christenson Janson

    Wonderful news!!!! Bravo Ohio!

  11. Sue

    I think that is wonderful news, I only hope that the rest of the planet does the same thing. Canada, which is where I’m from, is apparently just as bad as the rest, so come on Trudeau make it LAW that each province has to follow the same prodigal as Ohio! Well done and pray it passes as law!

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