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Super Zoo – Pet Food Industry Trade Show

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  1. jennifer hahn

    Thank you Susan, for your time and energy spent. I wish that more people who care would aslo dare…..dare to tell the truth to all who will listen, and change how they see and buy food.

  2. landsharkinnc

    And many of our pets paid for this with their lives!

  3. Angel

    Strange, all the pictures in this email are upside down.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Not sure why they display upside down for you.

  4. Eve

    Hi Susan it should have been called Super Poo cause rhtats all it is rendered crap. It seems to be some pet owners dont want to have control and responsibility what they put in their pets mouths but come crying later of dire consequences. Sure O too blindly fed my pets commercial processed pet food and when I was informed at what the heck I was doing I stopped immediately feeding raw natural diet. The first few years of their lives I cannot change but I made ot my duty of care to do what is right for my pets bacause I truly love them no matter what . Ps Susan I submitted my submission and received a call from the Senate Committee body personally letting me know I made a difference I am excited and expressed gratitude for their intervention. Without your notification Susan I would not have known. Thank You”🌞

  5. jan b-b

    good question Batzion!! I have a good friend who has fed his cats and dogs vegan for over 20 years – has has HEALTHY cats! and I heard yesterday that Blue Buffalo will be bought out by……..shoot, now I’ve forgotten who the biggie is who is buying Blue……….Carnation??? wish I could recall!

  6. jan b-b

    now I remember – General Mills is reportedly buying Blue Buffalo…………how sad!

  7. Kore Exhibit

    Awesome that you were able to meet the people you just new online, personal connections are even all the more enjoyable when you know you like the company! Silly how there were just a few actual pet food products. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on your experiences.

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