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Royal Canin Dog/Cat Heating and Cooling Mats Recall

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  1. Tim Carney

    Made in China…….Yeah!
    I wonder what those people feed the dogs they butcher and eat?

  2. ellie

    Guess it’s time for the “Elite breeders” to take a look at the food they are feeding their dogs. If the company does not take enough time to look at the safety of the non food items they sell I sure would not trust them to feed my pet.
    Made in China. Surprise.


    Thank you, for that post Ms. Thixton,

    I was going to purchase one for my Eskie’s arthtris.

    I won’t chance it and I’ll look for different one for him and “READ EVERYTHING” that it’s made of.

    I have two memory foam pillows he uses one on the floor beside his bed and one on my bed for when he hops onto the bed with me..


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