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Rad Cat didn’t die…it was murdered

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  1. Karen Lucas

    So horrifying but we have a government that prefers to do away with regulations so that huge companies like Mars and Purina can make more money and we and our animal companions and our livestock are of NO concern to them.

  2. jan Beardsley-blanco

    you are so correct, Susan – they MURDERED Radcat…………………as i imagine they did years ago to Fegnion. let’s hope Radcat will rise from the ashes as Fegnion did – to come again! my cats have done well on it – and if the powers that be wish to eliminate all raw pet food, well, they’ll have to come after the many many consumers who make their own cat and dog food. My kitties loved Radcat Turkey – and until she passed over, my Sara, allergic to many proteins, trhived on Radcat Turkey

  3. sazure

    I grew up with a mother in traditional medicine and went holistic as soon as I was of age to do so. As well for my cats and fish. I have a background in both sciences, and nutrition yet studied holistic nutrition and therapies.

    I used to buy RAD catfood at my locals vets and wondered what happened to it. This story reminds me of an Amish farmer who used to make salves for skin cancer that had been passed down for generations in his family. They were not connected to the outside world and he didn’t know of the recent FDA regulations (well not so recent) whereby herbs, homeopathic and other remedies can no longer state on the label what they are used for. (I studied herbs for decades – it is a hardship for most to have to look up each herb or combination of and determine their use.)

    He is in jail now for LIFE!!! No opportunity to make changes to the label as he and his family requested, no appeals – his life tossed aside in the interest of big pharma business.

    If one does not live in a medical “freedom” state even a licensed M.D. with advanced training in Toxicology and Environmental Medicine such as my former Physician (for chemical injury) using natural therapies can lose their license.

    The hypocrisy is that both allopathic medicine and the traditional pet foods kill animals, more then any natural source of therapies or food.

    I studied pre vet sciences long ago. I can read labels and know the MSDS and other sources of information. What goes into most foods is beyond disgusting but harmful – even rubber hardener is used. (I have a background in chemistry and chemistry of art products – interesting to find many of the same chemicals in pet food.)

    That said, I make my own pet food. Raw diets balanced with supplements from source I trust (raw low heat processed food additions to the raw meets – all the best organic).

  4. Cannoliamo

    Why have a protocol if it’s not mandatory, legally binding and the results / procedures available to audit? Something here smells really fishy if an independent audit isn’t available to support a challenge or discrepancy in results. Re-sampling with statistical data analysis is always more reliable and statistically valid than using a single sample or single test. If there is contamination, there HAS to be a source that is discoverable. Is anybody in FDA or the state testing labs available for a response?

  5. Hope

    Our country is controlled by a political party that focuses on power and money not the good of it’s citizens let alone the citizens’ pets. Until this changes the influence on government agencies’ directions and management will continue to be power and money as the priority for a few large pet feed companies. This has been the growing case for quite a while and I find it both discouraging and unbelievable. We must fight back! I hope that the raw food companies will finally see that they must unite now that Rad Cat has been murdered per Susan. I thank Gaia for Susan and Truth About Pet Food cause without her there would be no push back. I hope the pet food industry–especially the raw food companies–follow Susan’s lead, finally!

  6. Janet Blume

    I’d love to see RadCat start a legal fund! Let’s help them sue the crap (pun intended) out of them!

  7. PeterSPoulos

    This is shocking and troubling news to me. Rad Cat has been a mainstay of my cat’s diets; I have been serving Rad Cat to my cats for years with excellent results. Rad Cat is a terrific product. I have also heard many testimonials greatly praising Rad Cat. Three vets at my clinic comment on the excellent health of my pets, a fact I attribute in great part to their diet. I will definitely follow up with a letter to the FDA.

    On a related note, IMHO I have no doubt that the leadership of our government and its agencies are corrupt to the core, and this sad and twisted episode is yet another example of the plight we face in this country.

  8. Dianne & Pets

    If the pet food safety laws are rescinded, does that mean they can no longer test any pet food?

      1. Dianne & Pets

        I am somewhat confused, if pet food safety is no longer mandated, why test? If the raw food is mostly meat, doesn’t that remove the FDA from the picture?

        1. Susan Thixton Author

          I think if you read the other post I linked – you’ll understand. What was deleted was Section 1002 (a) of the Food and Drug Administration Amendments Act. This section of law was written after thousands of pets died in 2007 and it required FDA to provide pet owners with pet food ingredient definitions, establish standards of quality of pet food ingredients, and update pet food labels to provide pet owners more information about the product.

          1. Dianne & Pets

            I had read I, when you originally posted it and again today. Your explanation above clarifies the issue, Thank you.

  9. Fred St Clair

    I found this on the Rad Cat web site:
    “Some rumors have begun that the FDA shut us down and that is a complete fabrication. We had one of the cleanest facilities and our inspectors and third party auditors complimented us on this during every visit (including the FDA, USDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture). We have never had a sanitation violation in any of our facilities, ever, including from recent visits from the FDA. Our shut down was pure economics – cash not coming in fast enough. It’s simply fallout from having to recall 340 lots of food in August. And, from money being withheld from insurance and from us having to fight for payments from some distributors.”

    So what is going on? I would think if they were being forced to shut down because of regulatory actions they would say.

  10. B

    It also hurt their business by not sharing this with Pet Food Express when they asked what was going on with their recalls. They refused to share any information & basically told them not to worry about it. They responded to that by removing RadCat from all their stores. If you had nothing to hide then be open about it.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      ‘B’ – have you ever been threatened by the FDA and or Colorado Department of Agriculture? Threats demanding your silence? Wonder what you would have done in their shoes facing NASTY threats?

  11. Lisa Sleszynski

    Such a sad day for the company, and all the kitties who relied on them, not only those who loved the food but it was one of few choices extremely healthy choices for kitties with CKD or other illnesses. 😢

  12. Sue M

    I hope at least they can recover the money owed to them by Animal Supply. I feel so bad for them. Pretty scary times for small manufacturers and retailers. The “money gods” are angry.

  13. Vicki Pearce

    Thank you for the click here links at the end of your article and for all you do for raw feeding pet lovers.

  14. pamroussell

    This is so upsetting–I’m outraged! Rad Cat has been a stellar raw pet food company, and I only hope they can afford to file a lawsuit against all parties involved.

  15. Dianne & Pets

    It is an important distinction, the hidden agenda and refusal to properly follow procedures resulted in Rad Cat shutting down because they were left in a financially untenable position by the actions of the FDA, USDA and Oregon Department of Agriculture.

  16. Carol

    I am so very upset by this news that all I can do is cry. How am I going to explain to my 17 year old CKD kitty that I can no longer feed her her favorite food?

  17. Karin Seritis

    This is for Susan Thixton~

    I found out about this as soon as it was announced. My boy cat Beemer is addicted to RADCAT chicken and turkey, which I’d just e-mailed to the manager of Western Farm Supply in Santa Rosa, who has half a refrigerator set aside for RADCAT. Beemer hits me up all day long for it. The manager e-mailed me within the hour of my sending this, to tell me that RADCAT had sent him the announcement of their closure shortly after he read my message (this was on the 15th). I emptied my freezer and bought 22 larger tubs of their food yesterday and today to get us through this, until I can figure out a replacement. Anyway, I am beyond upset at what the FDA did to them after reading their account. The FDA & USDA have been doing this to a lot of small businesses that are in competition with their ‘friends’ in BigAgra and BigPharma, small firms who are selling everything from raw milk to CBD products. They have even SWAT-teamed some of these businesses over made-up violations concerning made-up pathogens, etc. What I see here is their standard MO, and is a complete violation of the RICO act. This is racketeering at its finest, and is completely out of control.

    My question to you: who do we write about this? Would that be the head of the Federal FDA? Would you recommend writing President Trump? I need to do something.

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      Hi Karin –
      In the article above I have a couple of examples for you to write to – your State Department of Agriculture and FDA. Please write everyone you can think of, it won’t hurt.

  18. Kenneth Kalligher

    So Susan, I posted the following on Facebook today in response to someone’s comment on the demise of RadCat. I know the raw industry is in the crosshairs of the FDA and the traditional industry. I am uncertain whether or not the raw industry has, as a group, formed any associations that can represent the raw industry so I raise that question. Your efforts have probably also contributed to the FDA pressure, nevertheless this will not stop and they need not only consumer outrage, but representation.
    My comments on Facebook: It has been apparent to me for many years that the growing raw pet food industry would be facing increasing pressure both from the traditional mega producers of dry and canned and highly preserved foods and the federal government via the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. It was not hard to see that these giant organizations were coming under threat by educated pet owners and the growing raw food options that were becoming available and the continuing deaths of pets perpetrated by the traditional pet food poisonings.a The growing pressure from consumer groups such as Susan Thixton’s TAPF and many others threatened the cozy relationship the industry leaders had with the FDA. So, what to do, well, simply, scare the hell out of consumers about the dangers of raw pet food. Never mind that millions of homes daily buy raw products from all local grocery stores and process it at home ostensibly on the same kitchen countertops. Eggs, shrimp, chicken, hamburger, vegetables, fruits and on and on and on are loaded with microbial pathogens, which are cosmopolitan in distribution. Hardly ever do the food handlers and preparers in homes stop to wonder about the dangers that they themselves create, but “raw dog food” DON’T TOUCH, DANGEROUS! So tell me why the handling of raw dog food is any more dangerous than handling grocery store raw food. Delis, restaurants, caterers, street vendors just to name a few all handle these same pathogens. This is an effort to “get” the raw food pet industry; and it is far from over. I wonder if the raw food pet industry has formed any coalitions or initiated any lobbying groups or retained any law firms to represent their interests. I never see them fight back and if the samples were truly handled with the careless disregard outlined in this piece it would just make sense that there would be a maelstrom of legal activity to challenge these State and Federal agencies. Everyone is aware of the armies of lawyers of these traditional giants of the pet food industry and the phony organizations like AAFCO that protect them. The outrage and outcry from individual consumers reminds me of the old saying, “If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound?” There is no one in these organizations there to hear the typically weak outcry from consumers. It is not that it doesn’t matter, but without organization there is no one to hear the tree. This attack on the raw food industry will not stop! It is working and why stop when your attack works. The raw pet food manufacturers need to fight back, it is not too late, but time is wasting and once it gains steam and more successes it may be too late. Get going!

  19. tcat1

    This is terrible news and am so sorry for all the kitties who depend on RadCat who are sick with CKD and other diseases. I have been feeding my girls ZiwiPeak Rabbit & Lamb for a long time and all of a sudden, it just disappeared from the shelves. When I called to ask what happened and if they are getting it back (keeps on posting a future date, but when the date is reached, they just keep forwarding it over and over). Was given this very strange and vague answer from Chewy that “ZiwiPeak had to meet the AAFCO requirements before it could be released into the US.” Well, got off the phone and thought about it and that doesn’t make a bit of sense to me because all of their other food with different meat is here without problems. Wouldn’t have thought twice about feeding my girls their other meats but have one little Ragdoll who has beginning renal failure and IBS, so can’t just spring another food on her without horrible repercussions. After reading this article, makes me wonder if something happened with this company and the FDA and/or AAFCO. Thank goodness I had about 3 weeks worth of the Rabbit & Lamb, but then ran out and had to feed an alternate which I’m not happy about because it is of lesser quality. If there was any possible way I could feed raw or make my own, definitely would, but for several reasons, including a physical disabiilty, am not able at this time unfortunately. Just makes me sick to know that I’m not giving them the best food. Does anyone know what happened with this particular food? Did write directly to ZiwiPeak but never got an answer to date. Thanks.

    1. tcat1

      OK, so when I just went back to my email, got a response from ZiwiPeak saying that they now have Rabbit&Lamb on their website but no explanation was given why it disappeared. Makes me wonder.

  20. Peg

    I have a really stupid question
    Why is Colorado Ag testing food manufactured in Oregon for the FDA?
    Isn’t there some legality question there somewhere?

    1. Susan Thixton Author

      States often work in partnership with FDA on testing products sold in retail. Actually FDA pays states for their testing efforts (your tax dollars). And Colorado tested it because it was sold retail in the state (and because it was raw).

      1. Peg

        Thank you Susan
        Now I understand

  21. Lori

    I’m sick by this and I loved Radcat. I have a cat that has severe allergies and is FHIV positive This is the ONLY Thing that allowed him to put weight on and actually thrive. He can not eat any other food. I have been scrambling to make my own with chicken breast but its without organ meat and he won’t eat it. I loved this company and its horrible what the government did to it to destroy a viable business. They don’t want us healthy, they want us to be in a perpetural state of semi sickness to make big pharma rich and other companies that only care about money. Purina is a joke. So are most of the other companies I’m so sick of it and I wish more people opened their eyes to what POLITICS is doing. Politicians are a joke, they are not for the people, they are ALWAYS for themselves. Government is nothing but a big corrupt organization that is tainting our lives on a daily basis. It sickening. I hope this company comes back. They were the best and I was grateful to find them. Now I don’t know what I am going to do to keep my cat healthy.

  22. Ms. B Dawson


    According to a pet food industry trade rag, investors are looking to revive Radcat.

    1. Kenneth Kalligher

      What pet food industry rag? Are these current investors or a group on new investors?

      1. Ms. B Dawson

        Pet Product News, Nov. 14th edition.

        I had only read the head lines (“Investors Might Revive Shuttered Raw Pet Food Company”) when I quickly posted my initial comment.

        Actually reading the article it elaborates: ..”However, the company’s owners hope that a crowdsourcing campaign—and perhaps a new investment partner—will help get Radagast back on its feet.”…and …“We have been contacted by multiple individuals looking to invest in the brand and some others that are interested in carrying on the brand themselves,” she said. “It takes time to talk to all of the parties that have contacted us, but we are confident that we will find a good partner to help bring the brand back to all of the kitties that rely on it.”…

        I wasn’t certain I should post the crowd funding link here, but it should be on their website.

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