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Possible Triumph Pet Food Recall

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  1. Nora

    Sounds pretty alarming! Any idea what “foreign material” actually is? Thanks. Nora

  2. tinab158

    I spoke with Cynthia at Sunshine Mills/Triumph this afternoon.
    She confirmed there is a “warehouse recall” for the 13.2oz cans of Oceanfish cat food (with the date of 3.8.3016) due to an unknown “foreign material” issue. There is nothing on their Web site or Facebook page regarding the recall.

  3. Dave

    I verified this with a Sunshine Mills rep just now. He said the recall involves 13.2 oz. cans of Triumph Oceanfish Cat Food that were produced on Aug. 3, 2016.

  4. Sharon Johnson

    “Out of an abundance of caution” as the phrase goes, I quit feeding Dave’s canned poached Salmon to my dog, which he LOVES, and is manufactured by Evangers. Why? Because in other instances when co-packers ( or whatever they’re called) clean production lines between runs, they’ve used water to spray down the equipment and did not actually sanitize the equipment. It took far to long for that particular co-packer to figure out other brands were being contaminated too.

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