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Pet Night on Capitol Hill

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  1. Jude

    Good for you, Susan!

  2. Batzion

    Susan, you need an expanded realm of influence because people need to know who you are and about the work you are doing. Have you considered translating the material you post here into YouTube format?

  3. T Allen

    Very sad that HABRI has chosen to side with Big Pet Food (money, money, money) instead of at least being neutral. I will let them know that they no longer have my support and I will spread the word among the other animal professionals I know as well.

  4. Duncan

    That *was* strange. Wonder what the reason was? Maybe this organization merits watching–it ought to have been helpful.

  5. Jane

    Thanks for being such a persistent and tireless advocate, Susan! They clearly don’t know who they’re up against – or maybe they do and that’s why they pulled such a crazy stunt to block you! 🙂 It sounds like HABRI is in the pocket of Purina et al. Just another marketing tool (more people with pets = more pet food sales). Which makes your work all the more important!

  6. Jeanette Owen

    Oh – they are just “one of them”. Sad

  7. Thank you for never giving up and continuing to fight for us and our fur babies – I also believe you need more public exposure so more of the general public knows about you to give you more support. Every chance I get, I spread the word!

  8. Jackie Earnshaw, CPDT-KA

    Thank you so much Susan, for all you do. I will be looking up Answers Pet Food too.

  9. Hope

    Bravo to you and Jacqueline! You 2 are definite crusaders for our pets and those of us wanting to do very right by all of them. Thank you Susan!

  10. Holly Rist

    Could big pet food be a financial supporter of HABRI?

  11. Cheryl

    You go girl! Great job, as usual.

  12. Joyce Lombardini

    I tell every pet parent I meet about your work and share your website. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for taking the ‘heat’ time and time again to fight for safe food.

  13. Jeri

    Look no further. Here is a list of HABRI donators – trustees and steering committee members: Purina, Banfield (allied with Mars), and PetSmart are among them. Mystery solved, Susan!

    1. intj

      Petsmart just bought Chewy. I use chewy and am shocked to see the bad info they are giving. They are telling everyone that Thailand is much safer and stricter than the USA on pet food safety!
      They have this info currently on TikiCat/Weruva sales pages. Grrr.

      1. Jeanette Owen

        I cannot believe Chewey’s sold out to Petsmart! Tears!!

    2. intj

      Good point and find Jeri!
      Disgusting behavior.

    1. Jeanette Owen

      I’m surprised companies who “test” on animals is not included. Sickening

  14. ian

    I was not familiar with HABRI so looking them up online I see that in the last IRS filing on record with Charity Navigator, Mr Feldman’s compensation was $232,796 so clearly he doesn’t want anyone messing with his livelihood. Also it stated that “the person who possesses the organizations books and records” is American Pet Products Manufacturers Association which according to Wikipedia “represents more than 1000 pet product manufacturers, importers of pet products and suppliers of products for non-pet livestock as well.”

    So, I guess, yeah, they don’t want you talking about pet feed while they’re trying to lobby for whatever their own interests actually are.

    1. intj

      Damn, forming a stoopid non profit is a fantastic way to make money in DC area (I live here, so I hear this all the time)

  15. ian

    HABRI does mention on their own website that “Founded by the American Pet Products Association, Zoetis, and Petco” …. if you are not familiar with Zoetis, their website states “In addition to producing vaccines, parasiticides, anti-infectives, medicinal feed additives and other pharmaceuticals, our complementary businesses include diagnostic products, genetic tests and biodevices, as well as services such as dairy data management, e-learning and professional consulting.”

    So HABRI was founded by a big pet retailer, a manufacturer’s association, and a pet medical manufacturer. Yeah their mission is clearly to advocate for more pets in the nation and why more pets are good ….. for their business and industries they represent. More pets = more business. I’m not surprised they did not welcome an independent pet food advocate and champion who is not tied to and paid for by the pet industry.

    1. Cindy

      Thanks for all of your research on HABRI, it is very revealing!! It almost sounds like a pet product lobby. They had their function in the perfect place–the Rayburn Building. How convenient.

  16. Mel

    Thank you Susan. I have been following you for years and TRULY appreciate your work. I converted my pets to a homemade raw, variety filled diet of real food years ago (strongly researched, and based on recipes from veterinary nutritionists such as Dr. Karen Becker – I would like to suggest to others that they do the research, as home feeding can be detrimental to health if not done right). Any way, I just wanted to say thank you. Although I would love to share your articles, etc., far and wide, I must refrain, as I could lose my job – I am a vet tech (sad, huh?). However, I am working on my CVT, and hope that in the future once my employment options are broader, I may find work with a holistic or homeopathic vet, and share your insight and that of others like crazy. Thanks again!

  17. sue Meigs

    HABRI sounds like another lame excuse to capitalize on the “pet/human bond.” How many times did they say, “We love them like family?” That claim, to me, means you are mearly tugging at the heartstrings and lack… well… the “meat!”
    Good on you Susan and Jacqueline! Thanks to all!

  18. Pam Roussell

    Outstanding Susan! Thank you for not backing down to these intimidation tactics!!

  19. Terri Christenson Janson

    Awesome Susan! Unbelievable about “Mr. Interference”. Good work! Thank you!!!!

  20. intj

    He looks like a total douchenozzle.

  21. Yvonne Donner

    Just like big pharma!!! It is all about the money! They will go to any extreme to further their agenda! Truly sad.

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