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Pet Food Regulations Quiz

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  1. Anne

    Thanks Susan: You cleared up a lot for me about “The Truth about Pet Food”: this is an important mission: to make sure our Pet’s food is “healthy and nutritious”; I say “Artificial Colors in any type of Pet Food can cause many types of “diseases”: I avoid artificial colors at all costs; some companies use “natural colors like “beetroot”
    Appreciate your information; Anne USA 🙂

  2. Nick Verna

    Thanks for the great quiz. I hope this opens a lot of eyes although I believe that, unless you’re getting this out to the masses somehow, you’re preaching to the choir. Since large corporations have worked long and hard to achieve the industry’s sometimes vague and usually unenforced laws and regulations at both the federal and state levels with little regard for our pets, how can reporting problems to them help? I mean at best won’t they result in a hand-slap to the offending party? And you say we need to take action. I (personally) need more detailed direction than that. Do you guys at “Truth about pet food” have some specific ongoing battles that we (as pet food/treat consumers) can learn about and maybe assist with? There was a lot of work put in to the corruption of this industry, so I’m sure that any steps to undo it will be met with a less than enthusiastic response from those in positions of power and control.
    Nick Verna

  3. oscar

    I always thought it was the EPA that dealt with pet products.

  4. Doris

    In regards to pet food, USDA = United States Department of Assholes. Like wise, the FDA—you guessed it.

    I began cooking for my companion animals almost twenty years ago, after I began to learn about the commercial pet food industry. However, I read and save pet food ingredient labels. I have determined that a manufacture could put vitamins and minerals in sawdust and by AAFCO standards it would be declared “complete and balanced” nutrition–what a joke!

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