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Pet Food – Funding Human Food Safety

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  1. Anne

    USDA also Licenses Puppy Mills believe this or not; so yeah “a scheme”! however the USDA and FDA are not “Pet Food companies like IAMS is”; so the actual Ingredients in each batch of Pet Food is “key to Pet Health”;and for the record Susan I think you know dry Pellets have “Grasses and Grains; such as Rice Bran; dry Alfalfa; wheat millings; barley grasses etc”this is because in the wild when a Big Cat “gets his prey such as a gopher
    the first thing the Big Cat does is “eats the Grass in the gopher’s stomach”; the Big Cat does this to “get plant enzymes to the intestines
    so you see “Grasses are a nutritional requirement; so dry pellets have these I advocate a mixture of dry and fresh or canned fish or poultry;
    I tell people used canned chicken; I also say: use food grade beef stew
    poor people can buy canned beef stew for their Pets with Food Stamps
    thanks to the USDA lol 🙂 One can buy canned chicken stew for Cats!!!

  2. Dianne

    I was reading a piece that says in actual fact, wolves avoid eating the intestines of their prey. This was borne out by extensive field observation of a wolf expert. I know this isn’t cats, but perhaps the same applies.

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